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Full Version: Cancer and Me
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Haven't been very active lately ( Zulrin, if you don't know me ), basically because i've been diagnosed with Throat Cancer, I won't go into to much detail, but it isnt severe, Hopefully I'll be back on track in a few months or so.. But.. I don't exactly when I'll be back, I will be playing on and off, on my laptop in hospital. But thats about it. So.. yeah.. :(
Holy crap, mate. You just take care of what you need to take care of, and good luck in the struggle. Been there, done something similar, so if you just want to play and interact without people getting all in your space, then just let us know.

Again, good luck.
Thanks alot, really appreciate it. Everything should be fine.. I hope.
Hope you get well! :)
What they said.
Best of luck and I can sympathize to some extent, hon. I found out a couple weeks ago that my Uncle had been diagnosed with lung cancer and is undergoing chemo. Hang in there.

Got the results back from a few tests today (21 March) as far as they can see it isn't malignant :D

Will be resuming cancer treatment to remove the cancerous cells.. which I won't be able to start for another four weeks :roll:
Green tea! Juicing! Acupunture. Whatever you have to do, but I will say a big HURRAH for you, thank the deities it's benign.
Haha, thanks alot mate for that link to the juicer, seriously, thats the kind of support I need from people, not people stroking my hair.. going .. "Awe" :P