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8/15/14 - Meet and Greet Logs
Logs for the M&G (/say only)

First half (player intros):
Reigen]: Allllrighty then. Let me ramble for a moment.
12:05:20 [Reigen]: Hi, I'm Reigen and Im a Cothaholic and welcome to the...whateverth kinda annual in a way Meet and Greet.
12:05:57 [Reigen]: If you don't know what a Meet and Greet is, the assassins targeting me would like you to know it's a way for everyone to get to know each other, meet new people and ask questions to the team.
12:06:55 [Reigen]: There are four questions, which I'll repeat here, that you can have macroed/ready to typed. Don't worry about length, it's hard to keep some answers to one or two lines.
12:07:02 [Reigen]: The questions are:
12:07:09 [Reigen]: 1. What is your Forum Name?
12:07:17 [Reigen]: 2. When it comes to wounds for your character, how much do you think is possible with magical healing?
12:07:27 [Devin]: .macro
12:07:29 [Reigen]: Keep in mind when I say your char, I mean, how do you treat it on your characters, no tothers.
12:07:34 [Reigen]: 3. Though some freak occurrences involving duct tape, a cat and a wacky crime-fighting duo, this character has somehow managed to become King or Warchief. What's the first order of business?
12:07:50 [Reigen]: 4. If you could make any edit to the lore, removing or adding 'fanon', what singular change would you make?
12:07:58 [Reigen]: Singular meaning one.
12:08:57 [Reigen]: Kretol!
12:09:01 You wave at Reigen.
12:09:06 [Kretol]: Hello, Reigen!
12:09:17 [Kretol]: I suppose that means I go first...
12:09:22 [Reigen]: Hello, Kretol. Praise be and Orcs master race and all. Yup!
12:09:29 [Kretol]: Very well!
12:09:34 [Kretol]: Hello, my forum name is Kretol!
12:09:34 [Kretol]: Regarding wounds to a character, I think it's hard to say. Can't really apply logic to magic/magical healing, so... I think anything aside from death or dismemberment would be possible to heal.
12:09:42 [Kretol]: My first order of business as Warchief - eliminate Mathias. Then I'd put Grak as my advisor role and have him do most of the work (heh, this sounds familiar...).
12:09:53 Reigen gently pats Matthew.
12:09:54 [Kretol]: If I could make an edit to the lore... we were talking about this yesterday, but I think it'd be interesting to change Garrosh's lore and actually continue on a redemption or 'learning' arc instead of constantly having him flip flop with his attitude.
12:10:11 Matthew frowns with disappointment at you.
12:10:21 [Reigen]: He almost has Jaina beat.
12:10:22 [Kretol]: Perhaps he'd even learn patience...
12:10:42 You nod at Reigen.
12:10:44 [Reigen]: Grakor!
12:10:49 [Matthew]: Patience is a virtue.
12:11:18 [Reigen]: Keep in mind, if anyone isn't ready, they can skip.
12:11:30 [Grakor]: I'm about half-ready.
12:11:31 [Gavin]: .
12:11:42 [Reigen]: Do you wanna go, or come back to you at the end?
12:11:45 [Gulrag]: I'm back.
12:11:52 [Grakor]: I'll go ahead, shouldn't take that long.
12:11:59 [Grakor]: My forum name's Grakor456, I'm one of the local server admins, generally overseeing disciplinary actions.
12:11:59 [Grakor]: As far as wounds go, the lore is rather whacky about this. I usually do most things as not permanent, but not an immediate fix either.
12:12:33 [Grakor]: When I become warchief, first order of business is sending a pack of highly trained ninjas to assassinate Matthew Hunter. (I don't know, Grakor is completely not a leader ICly.)
12:12:43 Matthew frowns with disappointment at Grakor.
12:13:24 [Reigen]: Not a raptor army?
12:13:26 [Grakor]: And I pretty much agree with Kretol as far as lore changes. The last several expansions had some rather...odd lore with regards to the orcs and Garrosh. Continuing his arc in Cataclysm rather than his unprovoked face-heel turn would be nice.
12:13:37 [Matthew]: I would think the first order of business for Warchief would be finding some good orc lore figures for once...
12:14:08 [Grakor]: That's me.
12:14:13 [Rigley]: I think there was that one guy in Thrallmar. Yeah, he seemed kinda important.
12:14:17 [Gulrag]: Red Axe.
12:14:18 Gulrag lets out a hacking cough.
12:14:34 [Gulrag]: Though yeah, time travel, yadda-yadda.
12:14:47 [Reigen]: We'll continue along this way tooo.
12:14:51 Reigen points at Aranea.
12:14:56 [Aranea]: Hey! My forum nickname is Aranor
12:15:01 [Aranea]: I think it is fine for wounds dealt by normal weapons (like sword, axe, bow), magic damages to be healed would need to know spell which caused damage. Damages caused by Dark Magic are unhealable.
12:15:12 [Aranea]: Picking new King/Warchief.
12:15:19 [Aranea]: I would change bombing of Theramore, mana bomb wasn't cool.
12:15:36 [Reigen]: ...I think you missed a marco there.
12:15:37 [Matthew]: Remember Theramore. In the future. When we get to Mists.
12:15:40 [Rigley]: Polo.
12:15:51 [Reigen]: Or didnt update it.
12:16:00 [Matthew]: No, I think they're saying "I would pick someone else to lead"
12:16:09 Aranea nods.
12:16:11 [Reigen]: Oooh.
12:16:17 [Reigen]: You two are in my way.
12:16:21 [Reigen]: Gosh.
12:16:26 [Gulrag]: You're just short, Rei-rei.
12:16:27 [Reigen]: ...Uh. Perky. Pug?
12:16:40 Lothar the Pug shows off his dog tag. It says Lothar the Pug!
12:16:46 [Reigen]: Do you have opinions, Lothar?
12:16:51 Lothar the Pug doesn't care for wounds. He rolls on the floor.
12:17:00 Rigley nods at Perky Pug.
12:17:00 As King, Lothar the Pug demands brushies.
12:17:01 Mar quietly snickers to herself.
12:17:29 Lothar the Pug thinks everyone in lore should have a pug. And that Varian should go fishing with Matthew.
12:17:46 [Matthew]: Thank you, Lothar.
12:17:47 [Reigen]: Uh...huh.
12:17:48 [Reigen]: Uh.
12:17:52 [Reigen]: Gavin?
12:17:55 Perky Pug says: Bark bark!
12:17:56 [Gavin]: Howdy, I am the Lurker called Avitz on the forums.
12:17:56 [Gavin]: For Wounds. This is Gavin, he feels no pain from cuts and stabs in fact it could make his attacker's day worse! But as for the healing of those with a heart beat, it varies on the class healing...
12:18:04 [Gavin]: ...I think of Shammys and Druids as the sort of accelerated regrowth, obviously much faster than just waiting it out on a bed somewhere. As for the light? Its the magic of Miracles that could bring someone back from a pile of dust if they--
12:18:17 [Gavin]: Felt Holy Enough. As for their extents, I would totally say they're capable of healing nearly everything - But it should come as a very, -very- large cost for the healer, be it mentally draining or otherwise...And feeling like hell for Gavin here.
12:18:24 [Gavin]: If Gavin was king...Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. His first act would probably be to chisel his face on every single statue in Stormwind City and probably force Celen to be used like some sort of tyre swing at the lake in Stormwind. PS: Never let Gavin rule.
12:18:25 [Gavin]: If Gavin was king...Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. His first act would probably be to chisel his face on every single statue in Stormwind City and probably force Celen to be used like some sort of tyre swing at the lake in Stormwind. PS: Never let Gavin rule.
12:18:32 Gavin flails.
12:18:34 [Gavin]: As for Lore changes...Hrrrrrrrm. Can't think of much...Maybe say...The destruction of Booty Bay in the Cataclysm - Gavin would have much more customers to berate then!
12:18:35 [Reigen]: First failure of the day, folks.
12:18:38 Sapna claps excitedly for Gavin.
12:19:15 [Reigen]: Scrap goat! I mean. Celen.
12:19:22 [Celen]: 1. What is your Forum Name? My name is Stealthscout, however, thanks to a player named Vinyael.. I am now neamed Nubscout.
12:19:24 [Celen]: 2. When it comes to wounds for your character, how much do you think is possible with magical healing? Well, since the last Uldum event, you all know I really like realism, unless I am very impatiant OOCly I make quick work of it. But if you ask me I am
12:19:29 [Celen]: Named*
12:19:34 [Celen]: trying to make the healing as specific and as logical as it gets. So, if you have a paladin who isn't that great with healing and he tries to stop a cut wound, I would just write he closed the blood vessels or something.
12:19:35 [Celen]: 3. You should not make Celen a Warchief, really. Reigen and Gavin knows how bad the world would be. First command? Uhh... Celen would actually want Peace.
12:19:40 [Celen]: 4. If you could make any edit to the lore, removing or adding 'fanon', what singular change would you make? Totaly going to make GavinXKrinialXCelen adventures actually lore changing, it would be hilarious.
12:20:25 [Reigen]: Tykeral!
12:20:33 [Tykeral]: Uhhhhhh.
12:20:34 [Tykeral]: Hey-a! The name's KomodoTheCashew but Komodo is perfectly fine.
12:20:38 [Tykeral]: Wounds? I think of it as just speeding up the process of healing. So you still get the scars and all as evident with this character. Broken bones are gonna hurt to heal up as are dislocations.
12:20:45 [Tykeral]: Tykeral would be too drunk to know what to do, so the Alliance would already be under worse lead than it already is. BUT he'd probably be nice enough to give more funding to orphans or some crap like that. free booze? sure
12:20:54 [Tykeral]: What lore does this lore noon want to change? Arthas doesn't die. He probably had some of the coolest character developement and overall story. BUT THEN he just gets killed : / I think he should comeback. be a warlord
12:21:50 [Matthew]: You implying that Varian Wrynn isn't the best king the Alliance ever had, you worm?
12:22:03 [Matthew]: I will ban you.
12:22:08 Tykeral glares angrily at Matthew.
12:22:17 [Matthew]: ...
12:22:19 [Tykeral]: Done a lot of good for the wolf people >: /
12:22:19 [Merus]: Varian sucks
12:22:20 [Matthew]: What just happened?
12:22:21 [Merus]: He did this
12:22:52 [Matthew]: ...I am so confused.
12:23:10 [Ereneas]: .
12:23:32 [Matthew]: Welcome back, Reigen.
12:24:21 Ereneas clears his throat.
12:24:25 [Ereneas]: I'm WindZealot. I'm that one kid that does things that make Reigen want to smack me in the channel of Shame. One of the reasons I ain't in Mumble right now.
12:24:37 [Reigen]: I DID NOT CALL ON YOU.
12:24:40 [Reigen]: But fine.
12:24:59 [Ereneas]: ANYHUES. On the topic of wounds!
12:25:03 [Ereneas]: I personally believe that wounds...shouldn't be able to be erased all at once unless the magic in question bears unbelievably potent healing properties. Downtime is needed, y'know!
12:25:20 [Ereneas]: …First order of business as Warchief? Make Blood Elves get treated better and execute all Garrosh supporters. Then try making *gasp* peace! Peace with the Alliance!
12:25:28 [Matthew]: Gross.
12:25:37 [Ereneas]: …Hey, it's better than killing your pugs.
12:25:48 [Ereneas]: As for the lore edit?
12:25:49 [Ereneas]: ...Get rid of New Life. I can safely ascertain that NOBODY likes that cinematic.
12:26:04 [Reigen]: THANK YOU.
12:26:06 [Ereneas]: That'sallfornowandReigenisanub.
12:26:07 [Reigen]: You're forgiven.
12:26:14 [Reigen]: Annnd you ruined it
12:26:18 Reigen nods at Kirinal.
12:26:18 [Royal]: Soiled it.
12:26:19 [Ereneas]: :3
12:26:33 [Kirinal]: Hey. I'm still the same flammos200 on the forums that I was four and a half years ago...
12:26:38 [Kirinal]: I believe Nature magic(Druid/Shaman) based healing regenerates pretty much anything, and Divine magic(Light) heals things outright. The only exceptions are mutations caused by Arcane or Fel, which are unhealable in my opinion. Also, Light burns demons.
12:26:43 [Kirinal]: First, set her mistress up as Warchief, so Kirinal herself rules as a shadow empress. Then, allow Fel magic and demons to run 'round -all- Horde cities. With time, help the races see Fel as normal or commonplace, and not so great a threat.
12:26:49 [Kirinal]: As people grow comfortable with having demons as friends or allies, and fel-weavers as the same, corrupting the Horde into being accepting of Fellish powers, just as they have of Kirinal's friendly attitude. They accept the Legion, with open arms.
12:26:53 [Kirinal]: And as for what I'd add.. The post-Sin'sholai results. Fel being banned in Silvermoon and Orgrimmar, Warlockery outlawed, as per Thrall's Council. A future for the Sin'dorei, forged in the Light, as Liadrin, Velen, Voren'thal, etc. are promoting.
12:27:52 [Reigen]: Royal!
12:28:01 [Royal]: Hello! I am Cartoonkarl on the forums. When it comes to characters getting their wounds healed I tend to go by the books and from lore refrences. As I have seen most wounds can be healed with by a decently powerful priest or a number of them.
12:28:09 [Royal]: From broken bones to having your arm chopped off. It can be completely healed. But I tend to restrict it a bit depending on the wound and how a character recieved it.
12:28:23 [Royal]: Royal, as king of Lordaeron, would dust out the old undead and bring forth a new era of Light, Peace, Prosperity and Genocide of all things unliving
12:28:35 [Royal]: Lastly, all I would do is really bring Danath Trollbane and have him begin a campaign to retake Stromgarde. There have been rumors that he will be around in Warlords but... Rumors.
12:29:27 [Reigen]: Devin!
12:29:32 [Devin]: Aye aye.
12:29:35 [Devin]: On the forums you may know me as "Amadeugrimm". I usualy create characters with poor morals and a tendency to commit atrocious ammounts of shenanigans. They also always tend to have beards.
12:29:40 [Devin]: I rather disslike how magic healing works. You spend good time maiming someone, then they just pop over to a druid and its all better. Feh. I like the more gruesome kind of helaing, with medicine and stitches and whatnot.
12:29:48 [Devin]: I see healing as an improvement on the natural healing process of the body. If the injury is magical or far to severe, you shoudn't be able to fix it with some hand waving.
12:30:01 [Devin]: Now this isn't how DEVIN would rule, Buuuuut....
12:30:04 [Devin]: First of all I would start scheming with the Forsaken, They know how to do things proper. With them I would eliminate the other Alliance rulers, and then infect their cities. Make the whole lot of us forsaken.
12:30:12 [Devin]: then we would take down the horde and do the same to them. Make the whole of Azeroth a merry go lucky Undead wonderland! No more starvation, no more sickness, and a whole lot more cool architechture! Huzzah!
12:30:22 [Devin]: I woudn't poke around in the Warcraft Lore. Its a volatile thing. If i did anything a thousand disgruntled fanboys would slit my throat in my sleep. No sir, I stay away from history.
12:30:34 Devin bows before Reigen.
12:30:57 Reigen points at Devin.
12:31:00 [Reigen]: I owe you RP.
12:31:04 Reigen waves at Selolun.
12:31:12 [Selolun]: Hi all nice to see you all here!
12:31:13 [Selolun]: Joe2618 is my forum name.
12:31:17 [Reigen]: Hello hello!
12:31:19 [Selolun]: I feel most physically inflicted wounds should be healed by magic. However any magic induced injuries especially that of Fel should take long periods of time to fix with a lot of sessions to the local priests. Like removing a tattoo.
12:31:22 Devin waves at Selolun.
12:31:31 [Selolun]: Conscription for military training for atleast two years. That way if an army invades the home land from an unexpected attack every civilian is a soldier and can defend themselves.
12:31:44 [Selolun]: And finally for the sake of rp....
12:31:46 [Selolun]: If I could change lore if would be for the Sin'dorei current thoughts on Fel and it's use vague so that we can interpret many more political rp stories in Silvermoon. Whether we ban Fel or keep it etc.
12:32:18 [Selolun]: Thank you all for listening you've been great...I've been Joe2618 peace out..
12:32:44 [Reigen]: ...Person with a head on fire!
12:32:49 Mar quietly snickers to herself.
12:32:50 [Reigen]: You might want to get that looked at.
12:32:59 [Merus]: It is magnificent and you know it. Anyway, forum name is HolyHiveMind.
12:33:00 [Merus]: Right, so when it comes to wounds for characters, I honestly think that anything can be healed in its completeness. We have spells that can bring people back from the dead intact, why would we not have the ability to bring an eye?
12:33:04 [Merus]: Perhaps make it so there has to be a rest period for particularly difficult heals, such as a limb, and make it so that weaker light users can't heal such wounds. Also, perhaps have more difficult to heal wounds take longer to heal.
12:33:07 [Merus]: I don't want to answer the Warchief question. That's my answer. Oh, but i'd ALLOW CHRONOMANCY.
12:33:13 Merus glares angrily at Reigen.
12:33:13 Rigley waves at Jonoth.
12:33:15 [Merus]: Lore change! I would make it so Tyrande wasn't still a leader. Can't decide when she would lose her title, due to the possible consequences, but I really don't like her so make her less important.
12:33:22 Jonoth waves.
12:33:54 [Rigley]: Is it because she lacks...
12:33:56 [Rigley]: Patience?
12:33:59 [Merus]: YES
12:34:03 Rigley nods.
12:34:05 Mar rolls her eyes.
12:34:20 [Aidan]: Jaina is everyone's waiu
12:34:21 [Matthew]: Patience, Tyrande.
12:34:27 [Aidan]: Waifu*
12:34:41 Reigen waves at Aidan.
12:35:01 Aidan waves at Reigen.
12:35:19 [Aidan]: Hello everyone. My forum name is Kaghuros.
12:35:25 [Aidan]: Magical healing really depends on circumstances. For example, I once had my DK Alia's wounded leg replaced with the leg of another corpse. In any case, I support whatever is better narratively, and scars and frailties can be useful and fun.
12:35:33 [Aidan]: If I've learned anything from pen and paper RPGs, it's that it's bad to punish people for playing their role. At the same time it's also more enjoyable to learn how to turn a flaw or consequence into an opportunity than to erase them altogether.
12:35:55 [Aidan]: Also I can't say Warcraft lore has ever been easy to interpret on healing.
12:36:05 [Aidan]: They flip-flop all over the place.
12:36:13 [Aidan]: I think Aidan would focus his attetion on the war if he became king, since he's that sort of guy. Kaghuros, on the other hand, would abdicate as soon as he figured out what was going on, but not before demolishing the zeppelin tower near "his" farm.
12:36:37 [Aidan]: I think my personal edit to fanon would be to change the focus of the story from "internal" problems to "external" ones. Essentially, we would see a shift in focus after Uldum and WotLK that re-introduced the Burning Legion as a credible threat.
12:36:52 [Aidan]: The Cataclysm would be followed by a third invasion by the Burning Legion instead of the Panda Legion, pitting the weakened world against a renewed demonic threat. The plot would have a more desperate air, but a feeling of well-earned victory.
12:37:03 Reigen nods.
12:37:04 [Aidan]: Also, in light of people actually liking the sin'sholai aftermath, I do think that dividing the Elves along political lines would be a fun beginning questline. If anything, it would showcase their renewal more seriously if there was more fuss over it
12:37:21 [Aidan]: And I'll admit I'm seriously surprised every time someone brings that up.
12:37:39 [Reigen]: Word says you should get on mumble with the rest of us as well. For science.
12:37:47 [Aidan]: Heh, will do
12:37:49 [Matthew]: Mumble is scary.
12:37:57 [Ereneas]: …One of the legends of old hath come?
12:38:05 [Reigen]: Sapna!
12:38:08 [Aidan]: "legends"
12:38:14 [Reigen]: Okay fine Rigley can be the pointer.
12:38:15 [Aidan]: We have dismissed that hypothesis
12:38:18 [Sapna]: Yo. I'm FlyingSquirrel, as I feel that most people know.
12:38:21 Rigley nods at Reigen.
12:38:24 [Sapna]: For healing, it's always varied on class with me. The Light is better for flesh wounds, healing cuts without scars, etc. Shamanism and Druidic healing kind of regenerate, instead of heal shut, so they're better with things like bones.
12:39:02 [Sapna]: Were Sapna Warchief, she would remake the Thunderlords and immediately lead a genocide of the Giants, ignoring the Alliance and everything else until they're all dead.
12:39:39 [Sapna]: For the lore change, I would change it so that they do something with Jorin Deadeye. Dranosh Saurfang and Garrosh both get something done, but he's left in Nagrand. Kinda disappointing.
12:40:21 Reigen points at Gulrag.
12:40:34 [Gulrag]: Hi, I'm PhilGobatto, and this is Jacka-- no, wait. Okay, so, about the wounds. I believe magic can heal nearly everything in here. I mean, it can bring people back from the dead. :| But of course, more damage means more time and power being spent in
12:40:35 [Gulrag]: healing it. If it's really, really bad, like, near-death, it could take days and make the healer very exhausted. Some damage may leave permanent scars, too. Gul'rag is an example of this. His last name "Darkscar" was earned from a black scar on his
12:40:37 [Gulrag]: chest caused by a human mage's spell in the First War. If Gul'rag was Warchief? Make the warlocks cool within the Horde again, put an end to this Horde vs Alliance nonsense, focus on attacking the Legion. Enslave some demons and keep them as his
12:40:39 [Gulrag]: personal army of loyal servants, slay and consume the souls of the rest. Lore changes? No Garrosh going to Draenor of the past, pls. And even though I liked Broxigar, yes, his time travel too. Travelling through time and alternative dimensions is not
12:40:40 [Gulrag]: something I wanted to see in the Warcraft universe. Also, I'd like Rexxar to be a more active member of the Horde in the future. Bring back more mok'nathal and ogres with him. Make ogres a playable race with this. Btw, all that Old Gods stuff with
12:40:42 [Gulrag]: Garrosh? Unnecessary. Just make him be the jerk he is, that is enough reason for him to be taken down. Oh, and the brown skinned orcs thing was kind of stupid. And that's all, folks!
12:40:47 [Matthew]: Too many macros.
12:40:51 [Gulrag]: ...Sorry.
12:41:01 [Gulrag]: They told me to make some. :|
12:41:36 [Reigen]: Not to omany!
12:41:44 Reigen points at Mar.
12:41:52 [Mar]: 1. What is your Forum Name?
12:41:52 [Mar]: My forum name is Maarten.
12:41:54 [Mar]: 2. When it comes to wounds for your character, how much do you think is possible with magical healing?
12:41:54 [Mar]: I think a lot of injuries, both external and internal are quite healable through magical healing, considering we can even bring the dead back with
12:41:57 [Mar]: (relative) fewdrawbacks or scars. What I tend to do, a lot, is after massive wounds is to take some time to fully recover from the wounds themselves and the recovery from the exhaustion upon the body of my characters. Mayor wounds or missing members
12:42:02 [Mar]: would take longer than a day or two to become fully functional again. Concerning magical damage... I really think it'd depends on what kind of magic. Can't remember the source but I recall reading Fel magic tends to mutate the flesh, making it unhealable.
12:42:10 [Mar]: 3. Though some freak occurrences involving duct tape, a cat and a wacky crime-fighting duo, this character has somehow managed to become King or Warchief. What's the first order of business?
12:42:14 [Mar]: First things first, Mar wouldn't even want to become king over anyone. Should it happen nonetheless, Mar's first course of action was to plead for peace between the Alliance and the Horde to focus on their common enemies. Hyjal and TBC show they can do it
12:42:18 [Mar]: 4. If you could make any edit to the lore, removing or adding 'fanon', what singular change would you make?
12:42:18 [Mar]: I would add a lot more about Argus, life there and more on the rituals, traditions and whatnot of the Draenei.
12:43:04 [Reigen]: Dalikan!
12:43:20 [Reigen]: EVERYONE.
12:43:23 [Reigen]: YOU KNOW THE DRILL.
12:43:27 [Matthew]: POINT AND LAUGH AT DALIKAN
12:43:28 [Reigen]: MOCK HIM RELENTLESSLY
12:43:28 Sapna claps for Dalikan, clearly unimpressed.
12:43:30 Matthew points at Dalikan.
12:43:32 Kirinal mocks the foolishness of Dalikan.
12:43:33 Matthew laughs at Dalikan.
12:43:33 Mar points at Dalikan.
12:43:35 Mar laughs at Dalikan.
12:43:36 Sapna points at Dalikan.
12:43:37 Sapna laughs.
12:43:38 Devin laughs at Dalikan.
12:43:41 Devin laughs at Dalikan.
12:43:43 Merus gently pats Dalikan.
12:43:53 You mock the foolishness of Dalikan.
12:43:58 [Tykeral]: Dun worry Dalikan, it's k
12:43:59 Reigen frowns with disappointment at Dalikan.
12:44:00 Ereneas licks Dalikan.
12:44:14 [Reigen]: Lets try again!
12:44:25 Dalikan coughs lightly into his fist.
12:44:28 [Dalikan]: First order of business as king is to focus our eyes on the homefront as much as we can while looking to the horizon. After all, where's our massive army coming from if everywhere we own is getting attacked and/or rebelling? (seriously)
12:44:32 [Dalikan]: 'allo! I am Zenethen on the forums, as many of you probably already know (this is my big guy, after all). I believe magical healing is capable of healing just about any wound to a point... There's a point at which bodily healing should step in over magic.
12:44:39 [Dalikan]: The events of the Second War and First War are a bunch of confused babblestuffs by the means of any logical thinking. I would smack the timeline once to make it so it finally makes sense and we can actually understand what really happened :|
12:44:40 [Reigen]: Your marcos are out of order.
12:44:46 [Dalikan]: I realize that now.
12:44:48 [Reigen]: CAN'T YOU GET ANYTHING RIGHT?
12:44:52 Dalikan cries.
12:44:53 [Mar]: WHAT A NUB
12:44:57 Mar cuddles up against Dalikan.
12:45:03 [Devin]: [Low] It's always the worgen...
12:45:03 [Merus]: Yeah put your marcos in place, they're walking all over everything
12:45:11 [Dalikan]: I just woke up QQ
12:45:15 Mar hugs Dalikan.
12:45:16 Gulrag gently pats Dalikan.
12:45:18 [Mar]: its k
12:45:23 [Merus]: ITS 12:45
12:45:27 [Reigen]: Alright. Anything else? I figured out the order kinda.
12:45:29 [Mar]: NOT FOR EVERYONE
12:45:31 [Gulrag]: Different timezones.
12:45:32 [Aranea]: Depending on tim zone dude
12:45:34 [Merus]: FOR HIM IT IS
12:45:35 [Dalikan]: No, that's all for me.
12:45:38 [Merus]: IS WHAT I'M SAYING
12:45:46 [Gulrag]: ...
12:45:53 Gulrag shrugs. Who knows?
12:45:54 [Reigen]: Jonoth!
12:45:55 [Aranea]: Maybe he likes to sleep for long time?
12:45:58 Matthew gently pats Dalikan.
12:46:03 [Jonoth]: Hi, I'm Jonoth (clearly)!
12:46:10 Dalikan was kept up all night by Reigen's RPing :|
12:46:22 [Reigen]: The ERP was crazy.
12:46:29 [Jonoth]: As far as injuries, I'm all about realism. I'm a fan of lasting consequences if it calls for it!
12:46:30 [Reigen]: JK
12:46:36 [Tykeral]: >.>
12:46:41 [Mar]: Giggity...
12:46:49 [Jonoth]: If I was warchief, first order of business is to control the water.
12:47:23 [Jonoth]: Annnnd...I wouldn't change the lore...I'd just make it awesomer from now on!
12:47:29 [Gulrag]: "You can't drink that, it belongs to the Warchief!"
12:47:31 [Gulrag]: jk
12:47:35 Jonoth sagenods.
12:48:07 Reigen nods at Irendal.
12:48:20 [Ereneas]: Lel.
12:49:17 [Irendal]: I'm HotOpiz on the forums, and this will probably be my main character. Nice to meet you everyone! :)
12:49:29 [Reigen]: Welcome, welcome!
12:49:29 You greet Irendal warmly.
12:49:37 Rigley waves at Irendal.
12:49:43 [Irendal]: If my character would break his leg for example, a skilled healer could heal the bone to a point where he could just stand on it, but he wouldn't be able to run with it yet.
12:49:51 [Irendal]: If you look at the first cintematic for WoW, that blood elf healer is capable of healing insane amounts on the injured, almost dead Orc.
12:49:51 [Irendal]: Perhaps that would be possible with any character, but a talentful healer would be needed.
12:50:46 [Irendal]: I think realizing what it is to be a King or Warchief really means, after that it comes to make sure his people all have the right for food and homes.
12:54:47 [Irendal]: I think it was a huge misstep by Blizzard to not involve her with more characters in the lore. She only really met Kaeloc or whatever the blue dragon is called. :)
12:55:16 [Reigen]: I know who you're talking about. THe girl who was the sunwell's energies or some such.
12:55:16 [Ereneas]: Kalecgos.
12:55:27 [Rigley]: Anveena! Or however its spelled.
12:55:30 [Sapna]: She died at the end of the raid, no?
12:55:35 [Ereneas]: And Anveena, yep! And she did!
12:55:35 [Kirinal]: Kalec's girlfriend. Who is the Sunwell. Yeah, Anveena.
12:55:41 [Irendal]: She did, sort of.
12:55:45 [Senn]: They gave her fake parents.
12:55:49 [Mar]: That woman is weird...
12:55:50 [Gavin]: She kind of turned into a giant lightwell.
12:55:53 [Gavin]: Click on dat.
12:55:59 [Irendal]: Great manga though.
12:56:08 Kirinal agrees with Senn.
12:56:14 Kirinal meant Irendal.
12:56:26 [Gulrag]: I prefer Legends. :3
12:56:28 [Reigen]: Senn! You just got here, so I'll give you the questions one by one, so you can answer them.
12:56:37 [Senn]: Ok.
12:56:38 [Reigen]: 1. What is your Forum Name?
12:56:50 Irendal whispers to Gulrag, "I have them too. ;)"
12:56:58 [Senn]: My forum name is Theredy42.
12:57:07 [Reigen]: 2. When it comes to wounds for your character, how much do you think is possible with magical healing?
12:57:39 Faelara blinks.
12:58:01 [Gulrag]: .
12:58:28 [Senn]: I would think that it depends on the character who is doing the healing and the wounds in which are being healed, but I don't think that magical healing can fully heal, for example, a broken bone, it should help heal it but it would still need to be treat
12:58:30 [Senn]: -ed
12:58:41 You peer at Chomp searchingly.
12:58:57 Jonoth pets Chomp.
12:59:00 [Reigen]: 3. Though some freak occurrences involving duct tape, a cat and a wacky crime-fighting duo, this character has somehow managed to become King or Warchief. What's the first order of business?
12:59:01 Earthshaker Grunt says: Your tail is in the way of the Chieftain!
12:59:04 Earthshaker Grunt says: Move, devilsaur!
12:59:36 Irendal totally did not jump...
13:00:14 [Senn]: My first order would be to stop all fighting so that the citizens of the horde can be helped financially and emotionally..
13:00:32 [Reigen]: 4. If you could make any edit to the lore, removing or adding 'fanon', what singular change would you make?
13:01:43 [Senn]: Hmm, maybe the destruction of Draenor, even if we can go back to it in WoD, it was such a wasted beautiful area, I think blizzard could of made it so that it was damaged but not to the extent that it is in the current lore.
13:02:59 Reigen nods.
13:03:05 [Reigen]: Faelara, do you know the questoins?
13:03:09 [Faelara]: Nope!
13:03:14 [Reigen]: ...
13:03:18 [Reigen]: 1. What is your Forum Name?
13:03:25 [Faelara]: I didn't really think I'd be here!
13:03:28 [Faelara]: Erynn.
13:03:33 [Reigen]: 2. When it comes to wounds for your character, how much do you think is possible with magical healing?
13:03:54 [Faelara]: Any magical healing?
13:04:38 [Reigen]: Any
13:06:05 [Faelara]: I'd say druid healing would be able to fix a whole lot of things, it can more more or less stitch damage you've taken back together.
13:07:36 [Reigen]: 3. Though some freak occurrences involving duct tape, a cat and a wacky crime-fighting duo, this character has somehow managed to become King or Warchief. What's the first order of business?
13:09:37 [Faelara]: Food for all the people! Truthfully though, she'd want the fighting done with.
13:10:50 [Reigen]: 4. If you could make any edit to the lore, removing or adding 'fanon', what singular change would you make?
13:13:43 [Faelara]: Would MoP count?
13:13:48 [Reigen]: Yup.
13:14:11 [Faelara]: The bombing of Theramore.
13:14:22 Rigley roars with bestial vigor at Chomp. So fierce!
13:14:28 [Reigen]: Alright.
13:14:30 [Reigen]: MATTHEW.
13:14:30 Matthew gently pats Perky Pug.
13:14:34 [Mar]: Can I cuddle with Chomp?
13:14:42 [Matthew]: WHAT? Rigley was closer!
13:14:50 [Reigen]: I wanted to see him stare at you.
13:14:53 [Faelara]: Possibly.
13:15:08 [Matthew]: Baaah.
13:15:36 [Matthew]: Hello, I'm Mathias. I've been here for two years, and have been a GM for over a year. When it comes to character wounds, cuts and wounds can be healed. If you got the severed arm, you can reattach it. If a bone pops out, the Light isn't going to reset it.
13:15:38 [Matthew]: Matthew is King? Sounds like time to end the monarchy and declare a military dictatorship. And assassinate Kretol Earthshaker and Grakor Spiritaxe. Edit to lore? Human expansion. What happened before the 1st War. History!
13:15:44 [Matthew]: Bam.
13:16:22 [Reigen]: Alright. And now the true challange.
13:16:24 [Reigen]: Rigley.
13:16:27 [Rigley]: Hi I'm Rigley. I play Rigley, except when I don't. Then I play a lot of other guys.
13:16:56 [Rigley]: For healing idunno. I kinda evaluate it as it comes really. Most serious injuries I play as needing downtime even with magical healing.
13:17:11 [Rigley]: NOW. If I was king...
13:17:31 [Rigley]: Grakor would be mandated to tend to a flock of seagulls.
13:17:41 [Rigley]: He may run.
13:17:44 [Rigley]: He may run so far away.
13:17:46 [Rigley]: But he cannot get away.
13:17:51 [Reigen]: ...
13:17:58 Jonoth claps excitedly for Rigley.
13:18:06 [Mar]: I like Rigley...
13:18:06 [Rigley]: But! If Rigley the character was made warchief he'd uh... Idunno. Convert the navy into a submarine fleet.
13:18:11 Devin cheers at Rigley!
13:18:31 [Rigley]: And if I could change stuff I'd fix the meta plot. Which means I'd make Garrosh act like a consistent character. That'd probably make me happy.
13:19:04 [Reigen]: RUN AWAY RIGLEY.
13:19:17 [Rigley]: NO
13:19:19 [Rigley]: MY SON
13:19:23 Sapna cheers!
13:19:23 Merus flexes his muscles. Oooooh so strong!
13:19:24 Mar flexes her muscles. Oooooh so strong!
13:19:24 [Gulrag]: ...
13:19:31 [Ereneas]: …YES.
13:19:32 Irendal claps excitedly for Rigley.
13:19:36 Ereneas hugs Celen.
13:19:37 [Rigley]: You fiend.
13:19:37 Jonoth cheers!
13:19:40 [Tykeral]: ...i didn't get one
13:19:43 [Gulrag]: My screen was suddenly filled with light.
13:19:44 [Ereneas]: Tjat
13:19:46 Mar points at Tykeral.
13:19:48 Mar laughs at Tykeral.
13:19:51 Tykeral : <
13:19:52 [Ereneas]: Is because you are scrub.
13:19:59 Devin laughs.
13:20:02 [Gulrag]: I AM BLIND.
13:20:06 [Reigen]: Alright, Kaleda looks AFK still so...
13:20:08 [Reigen]: My turn.
13:20:12 [Gulrag]: HOW AM I TYPING.
13:20:13 [Dalikan]: I didn't get one either :c
13:20:22 [Devin]: Allies don't get one, num nums.
13:20:30 [Grakor]: Only the Hordies did, 'cause I killed a human.
13:20:33 [Celen]: Can I set fire to the rain?
13:20:40 Matthew gently pats Grakor.
13:21:00 [Reigen]: My forum name is Reigen! I've been though all stages, peon, grunt, forum helper, GM and now Overseer! Soon I will wear Kretol's skin and become supreme ruler of coth...
13:21:02 Gulrag points at Mar.
13:21:03 Gulrag laughs at Mar.
13:21:09 Mar smacks Gulrag upside the head.
13:21:11 [Ereneas]: …Run.
13:21:11 [Mar]: Hush you.
13:21:20 You peer at Reigen searchingly.
13:21:55 [Reigen]: When it comes to wounds...I don't like using magical healing as a 'okay now go back to getting maimed again children' type deal. I like injuries obtained to have meanings, via scars, disabilities and so forth. It's a way, for me, to honor those who have
13:22:16 [Reigen]: bested my char in a fight and helps them seem...not perfect. A knight in shining armor has seen no battles ect ect.
13:23:00 [Reigen]: Were I to be warchief, the first order of buisness would be to annilate the forsaken for their use of the plague and the melting of Southshore. I don't know what any non-forsaken are doing when they think that's okay, but they cray.
13:23:52 [Matthew]: Working on it, Perky Pug.
13:24:11 [Reigen]: And if I were edit the lore...I would abolish factions and have neutrality for all while they fight treats like...I dunno. THE GIANT DRAGON. Or MAYBE THE DEMONS. You know. Badguys that are just waiting for us to kill each other first so they don't have to
13:24:26 [Reigen]: Comeonguysseriously.
13:24:28 [Rigley]: Treats for everyone!
13:24:47 [Jonoth]: YAY TREATS!
13:24:59 Irendal cheers!
13:25:02 [Rigley]: Grakor. Grakor, look.
13:25:05 [Selolun]: Is this bad for my one month meat diet?
13:25:08 [Reigen]: Sin'dorei master race.
13:25:14 [Mar]: Kaldorei best race!
13:25:16 [Merus]: Reigen what if I think that i've changed my mind on what i'd do if I was warchief
13:25:18 [Celen]: Alliance = best
13:25:20 [Rigley]: A seagull.
13:25:22 [Tykeral]: Neutrality gets me more money.
13:25:22 [Merus]: I think you all deserve to hear my glorious vision
13:25:25 [Gulrag]: Pf.
13:25:26 [Mar]: Kaldorei best!
13:25:28 [Reigen]: Alright, go ahead Hugh.
13:25:33 [Reigen]: ...
13:25:38 [Reigen]: WHY AM I A SEAGULL?
13:25:45 [Reigen]: WHY DID I NOT NOTICE THAT
13:25:47 [Gulrag]: Floating Eye best race.
13:25:49 [Ereneas]: Reigen isn't just a seagull.
13:25:54 [Ereneas]: She's a preggo midget seagull.
13:26:04 [Reigen]: Calm down everyone, we're not done yet.
13:26:21 [Rigley]: Order in the Horde Keep.
13:26:23 [Reigen]: Anyway, Merus?
13:26:30 You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.
13:26:44 Tykeral am confused
13:26:46 [Gulrag]: ...Oh my, Tyrande looks so ridiculous.
13:26:51 [Gulrag]: .-.
13:26:53 [Ereneas]: PATIENCE.
13:26:54 [Mar]: Looks better than you.
13:27:03 [Gulrag]: Pff. I'm a ladykiller.
13:27:04 [Reigen]: ORDER IN THE COURT.
13:27:04 Gulrag flexes his muscles. Oooooh so strong!
13:27:09 [Celen]: NO
13:27:11 [Celen]: I WANT CUPCAKES
13:27:16 [Reigen]: No seriously.
13:27:19 [Reigen]: Let Merus speak.
13:27:20 [Celen]: For Erynn?
13:27:22 [Celen]: :(
13:27:22 [Reigen]: We're not done yet.
13:27:37 [Merus]: Okay, so. Firstly, go to Icecrown with a few hyper loyal followers, nab the Lich King's crown and become the Lich King, but hide the crown of course. Next, poison EVERYONE. I mean, slip hyper lethal poisons into everyones food supplies. Everyone who dies,
13:27:37 [Merus]: I raise, so the few who didn't eat that stuff or who are immune get killed. Next, I move to Outland, kill everyone there, raise them. Rinse and repeat throughout the Nether. Then, move on to the Burning Legion. If I can raise them, cool. If not, I fight
13:27:37 [Merus]: 'em anyway. If I win, I give everyone back their wills, except I wipe their memories and leave them with a love for dancing and funny hats. So the new reality is a realm of funny dancing skeletons with funny hats.
13:27:41 [Merus]: THATS WHAT I'D DO.
13:27:51 [Reigen]: ...
13:27:57 Mar blinks.
13:28:03 [Reigen]: I don't have the patiance for this.
13:28:06 [Reigen]: Now I do.
13:28:13 [Reigen]: GMs, clear the stage.
13:28:18 [Reigen]: Everyone, turn your attention to Grakor.
13:28:24 Merus looks at Grakor.
13:28:30 Jonoth peers at Grakor searchingly.
13:28:36 You cheer at Grakor.
13:28:39 [Gulrag]: ok *turns*
13:28:40 Sapna claps excitedly for Grakor.
13:28:41 Irendal looks at Grakor.
13:28:48 Selolun waves at Grakor.

Second half (Grak's stage):
13:28:54 [Grakor]: Alright guys. Before I get started, I want to remind everyone to be quiet until I finish. I'll let you know when I'm ready to receive questions and comments.
13:29:06 [Grakor]: I just want to make sure we're all clear on what's being talked about before we go nuts.
13:30:00 [Grakor]: So a subject has come up recently among the GMs, a subject that has been talked about a lot in CotH's past and debated ad nauseum: custom lore.
13:30:54 [Grakor]: With the revelations of what will happen in Warcraft's future, including things in Pandaria and Warlords, a growing opinion has been rising about allowing for edits to the lore to make a different, potentially better story.
13:31:02 [Grakor]: Now, two disclaimers:
13:31:36 [Grakor]: This isn't "everyone gets to make up whatever." This the potential idea of allowing GMs to come up with an alternate future for Warcraft.
13:31:53 [Grakor]: Secondly, this is about altering the meta-plot and story, not the setting itself.
13:32:19 [Grakor]: Now, the question would be: who would want to see this? Who would prefer we stay as we are? We will probably be hosting a poll on the forums about this in the near future.
13:32:42 [Grakor]: For now, however, I'll allow people to field comments and/or questions regarding this idea. Raise your hand and we'll call on you one at a time, if you want to comment on it.
13:32:45 Sapna raises her hand in the air.
13:32:49 Gavin raises his hand in the air.
13:32:52 Merus raises his hand in the air.
13:32:53 Mar raises her hand in the air.
13:32:55 [Reigen]: Having them stand might be a better visual indication, Grakor.
13:32:57 Selolun raises her hand in the air.
13:32:58 Gulrag raises his foot in the air.
13:33:06 [Grakor]: Hmm, Reigen's right. Stand up.
13:33:15 [Reigen]: Or have animations again in the case of the succubus.
13:33:25 [Sapna]: /dance, perhaps?
13:33:30 Mar clearly states, NO.
13:33:33 [Grakor]: Okay, I might not get to you in order, but I'll try to get everyone before we're done.
13:33:36 [Ereneas]: …DANCE PARTY.
13:33:38 Grakor points at Sapna.
13:33:39 Mar clearly states, NO.
13:33:39 Devin bursts into dance.
13:33:53 [Matthew]: Anyone that dances gets to ask no questions!
13:33:58 [Sapna]: Okay, so my question is the following; you said 'This the potential idea of allowing GMs to come up...
13:34:23 [Sapna]: Will the non-GMs also have a hand in the possible ideas for making custom lore? I.E., can we pitch ideas via private discussion, or will we be able to at any point?
13:34:30 [Grakor]: Alright, let me clarify that.
13:35:31 [Grakor]: "Can non-GMs have a say in the story's direction?" Possibly, yes. Speaking personally, I'd like others to be able to voice suggestions and put forth ideas.
13:35:49 [Grakor]: The reason I specify GMs is because, ultimately, it would be the GMs ultimate decision.
13:36:00 [Grakor]: We wouldn't be ignoring what others want.
13:36:03 [Grakor]: That answer you?
13:36:22 [Merus]: Should I sit down if that answered my question?
13:36:26 [Grakor]: Yes.
13:36:36 [Sapna]: More or less, yea. I'll get my thoughts in order then go again, if I need another answer.
13:36:38 [Sapna]: Thank'ee.
13:36:38 Sapna bows before Grakor.
13:37:02 [Grakor]: Right-o. To clarify, we'd probably suggest folks put forth suggestions for lore additions/alterations in Private Discussion. Again, if we move ahead with this.
13:37:10 Grakor points at Mar.
13:37:12 [Sapna]: That answers my other bit. Great.
13:38:06 [Mar]: How massive of custom lore are we talking here? Like small changes that makes sense or massive lore changes like making Garrosh make sense? Or stuff like Sin'sholai? Cause tbh, I've been doing a lot of research into that and still I am seriously confused
13:38:06 [Mar]: about Sin'sholai.
13:38:52 [Grakor]: The extent will be up to discussion. We probably won't be returning anything like the Sin'sholai, because that was a bit -too- massive. Not to mention damaging to Horde RP during its main run.
13:39:25 [Mar]: So more things like make Garrosh make more sense and possibly even changing MoP/WoD?
13:39:49 [Grakor]: So we definitely won't be doing things like splitting factions. We can do things like Garrosh make sense, changing the overall plot of MoP/WoD/Cata's ending, etc.
13:40:00 [Mar]: Thank you.
13:40:02 Mar bows down graciously.
13:40:05 Grakor nods.
13:40:11 Grakor points at Tykeral.
13:40:46 [Tykeral]: So, how will these be implemented? Through events or are we just gonna say, "Hey 'x' happened guys."?
13:41:44 [Grakor]: A mixture of events, forum posts, and such. We can't convey -everything- with just events, but I think having events be a thing would be good for RP.
13:41:56 [Grakor]: And it would also let our actual player characters have a direct hand in how the story is shaped.
13:42:10 [Grakor]: That answer?
13:42:22 [Tykeral]: So there would be open ended events that would change depending on how we RP in them?
13:42:44 [Grakor]: Potentially! Again, a lot of this is still up for discussion, we'll need to see how things shape up.
13:42:56 [Tykeral]: Right right, thanks for answering!
13:43:00 Grakor nods at Tykeral.
13:43:04 Grakor points at Selolun.
13:43:15 [Selolun]: Right just to clarify..
13:43:57 [Selolun]: In these events, let's say for example the Horde makes an advance on Ashenvale and Darnassus, would the environment and NPC be changed appropriatly? Or would that be too big for an event?
13:44:26 [Grakor]: If we're doing custom lore, then we definitely would have any changes that happen be reflected via the NPCs.
13:44:42 [Senn]: .
13:44:46 Selolun bows before Grakor.
13:44:51 [Selolun]: Thank you.
13:44:59 Grakor points at Jonoth.
13:45:58 [Jonoth]: So mine is a comment + question supercombo
13:46:04 [Grakor]: Shoot.
13:46:04 Mar gasps.
13:46:56 [Jonoth]: Comment is.. when I joined the server, we were in Wotlk. Cata hadn't dropped yet, so there was a certain feeling of...awesomely heading into the unknown...
13:47:13 Ural gently pats Earthshaker Grunt.
13:47:18 Mar purrs at Ural.
13:47:51 [Jonoth]: So when we fell an expansion or two back, I've always had this feeling like...everything is kinda predestined. This is why I'm in favor of possible custom lore.
13:49:06 [Jonoth]: That said, (question incoming!) is there any plans to address the future expansions if we do custom lore? I know some people are looking forward to pandas (though I don't plan to have one myself), so how would stuff like that come to play?
13:49:44 [Grakor]: We'd do our best to incorporate new classes, races, and zones as best as possible. Some general themes would still show through.
13:49:56 [Grakor]: I've no intention of denying anyone the ability to play a monk or a panda once we manage to get MoP.
13:50:04 Jonoth nods at Grakor.
13:50:26 [Ereneas]: …Sweeeeeet.
13:50:39 Grakor points at Kirinal.
13:51:46 [Kirinal]: Right, so. I was thinking about lore changes, as things develop. We know that we only want minor additions, so we don't deviate in the extreme like the Sin'sholai. Wouldn't drawing from secondary lore sources be a good idea? For instance, having --
13:52:33 [Kirinal]: -- Sillymoon be a bit more Light-oriented as per Liadrin's speech during Quel'delar in WOTLK, or post-Restoration stuff or such, might be nice. But Lor'themar becoming King would be a -direct- contradiction of existing lore in the Blood of the Highborne--
13:53:10 [Kirinal]: -- story, despite seeming like a minor thing. So, how about something like expanding Silvermoon into the Ruins of Silvermoon and clearing out the Wretched? Is that a sort of large enough to matter, but small enough to be doable sort of thing?
13:53:29 [Grakor]: Let me clarify by saying that we already allow for minor additions. We'd planned for a while to, for example, make the whole revolution in MoP make more sense than it did on retail...
13:53:51 [Grakor]: Because "herp a durp all orcs are evil" was a bit weird. So this would be a bit more than minor, but not THE ELVES LEAVE THE HORDE major.
13:54:00 [Grakor]: So to answer your actual idea/question...
13:54:39 [Grakor]: Given that Eversong is one of those zones that just has been collecting dust since BC, I think there'd be a great deal of interest in making that story finally move forward.
13:54:51 [Grakor]: Though, of course, there may be new conflicts and dangers that crop up as a result. Who knows?
13:54:59 [Kirinal]: Yeah. After all, Wretched make no sense with a restored Sunwell.
13:55:01 [Reigen]: COUGH
13:55:02 [Reigen]: HACK
13:55:13 [Rigley]: Ah, Reigen's right. No point.
13:55:13 [Reigen]: Actully new wretched were added in cata after the sunwell was fixed.
13:55:19 [Reigen]: RIGLEY YOU WILL BE CUT.
13:55:28 [Ural]: Let's throw them into the Sunwell.
13:55:44 [Grakor]: I can't address the specific idea, if it'll definitely happen or not, until we're certain that we're going ahead with this. But I hope that answered your question?
13:55:59 [Kirinal]: But yeah. That makes sense. Thanks! And, I hope to see you and Kret around more often.
13:56:14 [Grakor]: Thank you! School is over, so my schedule is more merciful.
13:56:19 Grakor points at Tamak.
13:56:25 [Tamak]: Lok'tar.
13:56:36 [Tamak]: I've got my first copy-pasted.
13:56:40 [Tamak]: Hi, I'm Rowgen. I'm three years old and snuck in here without introducing myself. I've got some input on the whole Custom Lore deal. For a start, I think we ought to have a list of noticable changes to the landscape - the Silvermoon example, for instance.
13:58:07 [Tamak]: Secondly, I have some reflections on the whole Custom Lore deal - the opportunity. I think Custom Lore can give us a more dynamic world.
13:58:49 [Tamak]: Currently, Blizzard would have us think that the sacking and bombing of a few border-towns would count as a proper war. On the other hand, I think that Custom Lore will enable us to make the world really -breathe-. And die.
13:59:54 [Tamak]: Parts of it, anyway. The non-Horde parts. At any rate, I think storylines revolving around attacks on various towns, etc, etc, would be cool. And seeing locations change accordingly would be cool, too.
14:00:29 [Tamak]: I think loosening a bit on those limits would allow us to create a world that really breathes.
14:00:37 [Tamak]: ... that's what I had.
14:00:38 Tamak nods.
14:00:41 [Tamak]: For the Horde.
14:00:48 [Grakor]: Let me comment on that really fast, even though it wasn't a question.
14:00:58 [Tamak]: Was more of an analysis, yeah.
14:01:21 [Grakor]: We'll see what will come of the Horde/Alliance conflict, that's something that will require discussion. I know some people really want to see more of the war, and others want to see the factions unite.
14:01:59 [Grakor]: Given the way the lore is written, the war doesn't make sense. So something would have to happen, either the war ceasing or the reasons for war actually being better elaborated on. That's something to discuss another time.
14:02:14 [Tamak]: Oh, definitely. I was using those as examples, only.
14:02:36 [Grakor]: Naturally, I just wanted to clarify because it'll be a major point of discussion once we get into the nitty-gritty.
14:02:43 [Tamak]: Aye.
14:02:46 Grakor points at Sapna.
14:02:58 [Sapna]: ... Can I come back to this?
14:03:07 [Sapna]: Forgot my question.
14:03:10 [Grakor]: Sure.
14:03:13 Sapna thanks everyone.
14:03:14 Grakor points at Merus.
14:03:46 [Merus]: Right, so. I was wondering, with the possible inclusion of custom lore. Would it be possible to integrate, to some extent, the non-canon lore that already exists? That being the RPG books?
14:04:44 [Grakor]: The problem with the RPG books is that they're not easily accessible for one, and for another the classes are rather...balanced for a particular format, and not the one we have here...
14:05:26 Sapna remembers!
14:05:26 [Grakor]: So, we can incorporate parts of it, the lore bits particularly that don't deal with classes. If so, we'd need to translate those things to a location that they'd be easily found.
14:05:26 Merus nods at Grakor.
14:05:39 [Grakor]: That sufficient?
14:05:42 [Merus]: That's all, yeah. Thanks.
14:05:49 Grakor points at Gulrag.
14:06:10 [Kretol]: We could use spreadsheets...
14:06:14 Sapna cheers at you.
14:06:17 Ural bonks you on the noggin. Doh!
14:06:17 [Mar]: Spreadsheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets!
14:06:30 [Dalikan]: The power of the spreadsheets compels you.
14:06:35 Mar laughs.
14:07:25 [Gulrag]: You talked about still using the regions that Blizz gives us. Will we stick to the old Draenor thing, then? I wasn't really fond of the whole Garrosh being the new Dr. Who thing. Maybe don't let the time travel thing happen, but use that Draenor for ...
14:08:37 [Gulrag]: character-building RPs that happened in the past, such as orcs during their youth in Draenor? There'd also be a few issues because the Draenor of WoD doesn't look like what we had until now. I mean, where's Blade's Edge? ;-;
14:08:48 [Gulrag]: ...I don't know if I made any sense.
14:08:51 [Grakor]: A little bird is telling me that Rigley already has ideas for old Draenor that make a lot more sense than what Blizzard wrote.
14:08:51 [Sapna]: Blade's Edge is Gorgrond + Frostifre.
14:09:04 [Gulrag]: Not Blade's Edge for me. :|
14:09:11 Gulrag cheers at Grakor!
14:09:15 [Gulrag]: Thank you.
14:09:20 [Grakor]: So, we'll still be using it in some fashion, yes.
14:09:21 [Gulrag]: But.
14:09:36 [Gulrag]: Oh, right. With the Garrosh thing?
14:09:48 [Gulrag]: Or just past events?
14:10:20 [Grakor]: Probably not as written involving Garrosh. Believe me when I say, if we do custom lore, one of the first characters to get heavy revisions would be Garrosh.
14:10:35 [Gulrag]: Good. Thaaank yooou :3
14:10:36 [Mar]: Woo!
14:10:46 Grakor points at Sapna.
14:10:55 [Sapna]: What's the thought on making retro-active lore? I.E., perhaps adding some more events for the Kaldorei during the Long Vigil?
14:11:21 [Grakor]: Potentially possible? We'd have to see if something could be added without screwing up twenty characters.
14:11:40 [Gulrag]: Or more.
14:11:49 [Sapna]: Gotcha.
14:11:51 Sapna thanks Grakor.
14:11:56 Grakor points at Tamak.
14:12:31 Roux ruffles Itheros's hair.
14:12:38 [Tamak]: There was a thought I suddenly had --- I wanted to add that I really liked Jonoth's point about facing the unknown. I believe it may be difficult to be invested in a story when you quietly know that many things are already predetermined...
14:13:35 [Tamak]: Now, if we -do- Custom Lore, it's already been said that key elements will be kept. But it would be nice to see maybe -slight- differences in the turnouts, different buildups, leading to those crowning moments at the end of a storyline.
14:14:10 [Grakor]: I said general themes would often remain the same. Specific outcomes may be different.
14:14:19 [Tamak]: ... that's perhaps even better.
14:14:35 [Grakor]: In fact, there's at least one fairly major plot point I'd really want to change.
14:14:40 Tamak licks his lips.
14:14:45 [Tamak]: ... :P *
14:15:23 Itheros raises his hand, when next allowed.
14:15:29 [Sapna]: Just stand, Ith.
14:15:45 [Tamak]: ... but yes, my point remains that it would be nice to see more discovery, in a sense. New stories intertwined with the old ones.
14:15:46 Tamak nods.
14:15:51 [Tamak]: ... the old, perhaps slightly revised ones.
14:16:34 [Grakor]: To clarify, a lot of what we're thinking about here are changes to the plots and story. So, would Garrosh still be a bad guy? That can change. MoP's "plot" would still be about Pandaria and themes of dark emotion, etc. But what happens may be different.
14:16:54 [Tamak]: ... yes, and I quite like that.
14:16:56 Grakor points at Itheros.
14:17:00 [Mar]: Inb4 player Shas.
14:17:13 [Reigen]: I will be the sha of vanity and I will look amazing.
14:17:18 Reigen flexes her muscles. Oooooh so strong!
14:17:21 Mar laughs.
14:17:21 [Tamak]: You already do, love.
14:17:26 Reigen blushes at Tamak.
14:17:30 [Sapna]: Smooth.
14:17:32 [Itheros]: I have 1 question and 1 statement to go along with the question.
14:17:32 Sapna claps excitedly for Tamak.
14:17:34 [Roux]: (Sha of Midgets)
14:17:35 [Merus]: Super smooth.
14:17:39 [Grakor]: Shoot.
14:17:44 Mar giggles.
14:17:53 [Senn]: I always hated that most people on retail would summon a sha with like.. Kicking a table or something. It was stupid X3
14:18:50 [Itheros]: Now, with this custom lore talk I will do my best to navigate it as best I can since I showed up half cocked in the middle of the discussion. With that being said, will characters be allowed to become and maintain Lore figure-ship?
14:19:33 [Senn]: .
14:19:57 [Itheros]: It seems that with a lot of titles such as Itheros's own in such a small organization as this that his character would be known very well. Even in a sense that he would be written of in Lore etc. I think we should be careful of this as it is an avenue to-
14:20:08 [Itheros]: - "overpowering" characters.
14:20:16 [Grakor]: PCs may be able to do things that change the world in some way. You may help decide the outcome of events. But, you won't be the next coming of Green Jesus, or the new leader of a major lore organization.
14:20:40 [Dalikan]: Darn. I wanted to overthrow Tirion Fordring and bring the Crusade BACK TO THE ALLIANCE.
14:20:43 [Tamak]: Could always treat it like hitting 100 Insanity in Warhammer. Whoo, retired from play.
14:20:47 [Itheros]: Very good, so there will be checks and balances in place?
14:20:48 [Grakor]: So, you won't be on the level of Thrall still, no. But you'd have more capability of being recognized than you do now, arguably.
14:21:00 [Roux]: I like that.
14:21:02 [Grakor]: Does that make sense?
14:22:19 [Itheros]: Yes. In a vague sense but it's basically like saying, "Use common sense bro" lol. Lastly faction rep in lore should be adressed. Such as Itheros has helped the Alliance far more then the Horde and in his story he works closely with Alliance generals. It -
14:22:48 [Itheros]: - would be interesting to see characters in diplomatic settings with other cross factions NPCs and toon in their own areas.
14:23:08 [Itheros]: Such as an Orc Argent Dawn in Stormwind for delivery etc.
14:24:18 [Grakor]: You're suggesting the possibility of neutral-faction characters going into both factions towns?
14:24:27 [Itheros]: Yes.
14:24:44 [Itheros]: Unless it becomes a mechanical hassle. Then F that noise.
14:24:49 [Grakor]: It's definitely possible, it happened during CotH's ancient past.
14:25:26 [Grakor]: We'd have to see if we can rationalize it well, though. It may depend heavily on how we take the Horde and Alliance conflict with regards to the meta-plot.
14:26:21 [Itheros]: True. Either way something to think about my dear friend. The Lord of the dead rests his case, and his apple juice box.
14:26:29 Grakor nods.
14:26:36 Grakor points at Mar.
14:26:38 [Kretol]: It's a bit more difficult to handle now, but I think it is still doable (regarding setting reputations for opposite factions)
14:26:49 [Mar]: If we do get all this custom lore including the retro-active stuff Squirrel asked, would we, with new profiles, use the 'new' timeline or the official one?
14:27:06 Itheros nods at you.
14:27:21 [Gavin]: .
14:27:35 [Grakor]: If we make a new timeline, then it'd use the new one. That said, I think we would try to avoid doing anything that would screw up the current timeline or current characters.
14:27:41 [Grakor]: So, hopefully that won't be an issue in general.
14:28:10 [Mar]: I see.
14:28:21 Grakor points at Selolun.
14:29:41 [Selolun]: My question revolves around maintanence. If we make this custom lore it will need to be written on the wiki right? We may have new people to CotH who have read up extensively and may be using WoW cannon stuff, so we'll need a CotH lore wiki area now
14:29:41 [Selolun]: right? I know we have a wiki for character creation etc..
14:30:02 [Selolun]: So to sum up, we'd need to write down the changes and put it on the wiki right?
14:30:15 [Grakor]: The wiki can serve a dual-purpose. We'd be writing down and recording changes.
14:30:34 [Selolun]: I see, that makes sense. Thank you.
14:30:37 Selolun bows before Grakor.
14:30:38 [Grakor]: I think what I'd like to see, personally, is an exensive list, and then a "cliff notes" version for people new to just get the most important bits.
14:30:48 [Ural]: There is http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Server_Lore
14:30:57 [Reigen]: Super old page, however.
14:31:16 [Senn]: Heh.
14:31:22 [Reigen]: Cat gifs everwhere.
14:31:23 [Selolun]: That is my question asnwered, thanks.
14:31:24 [Ural]: Not as old as http://wiki.conquestofthehorde.com/Server_Lore_(Old)
14:31:24 [Roux]: (But who'll get around to it?)
14:31:35 [Reigen]: Me, Kril.
14:31:38 [Reigen]: We like wikiing.
14:31:39 [Grakor]: (If the GMs are lazy, we can recruit someone to help.)
14:31:44 [Tamak]: (... I like wiking.)
14:31:46 Grakor points at Dalikan.
14:31:48 [Reigen]: I AM NOT LAZY OKAY JUST A CAT.
14:31:48 [Ural]: Hey I like the wiki too.
14:31:51 [Dalikan]: In light of custom changes to faction conflicts, while this can bring further war and conflict, does this mean also we could see more peace treaty-style situations? Such as Horde/Alliance having a treaty in the Highlands to defeat the Twilights.
14:31:52 [Selolun]: (Forum helpers to the rescue?)
14:32:05 [Sapna]: [[As a forum helper, haha no]]
14:32:14 [Sapna]: [[plznowiki]]
14:32:18 [Grakor]: Again, the question of what we'll be doing with the Horde/Alliance conflict is still up in the air.
14:32:23 Dalikan stares Sapna down.
14:32:38 Dalikan bonks Sapna on the head. "Noob."
14:32:39 [Dalikan]: Right.
14:32:54 [Grakor]: That'll need its own discussion, because I think it's a major part of Warcraft, but it'd need some changing. The possibility of peace is about as likely as elaborating on the war, I think.
14:33:01 Grakor points at Sapna.
14:33:28 Faelara hugs Merewen.
14:33:35 Merus bonks Reigen on the noggin. Doh!
14:33:38 [Sapna]: Following in with Maarten's continuation, I'd like to ask about adding things to ancient history that no character was around for. Maybe something notable an ancestor did, or somesuch. Thoughts on this? Also, perhaps we should make a forum thread so we --
14:33:51 [Sapna]: -- can move onto the other section of the Q&A, and not really linger here, ya know?
14:34:07 [Roux]: (Ydir is Roux's greeeeeeeeat grandpa. Now canon.)
14:34:09 [Reigen]: It's good to answer in real time though, and make a FAQ so questions in the thread are new.
14:34:37 [Grakor]: We'll be making a forum thread after. And personally I think this is going well enough I'd rather not break it early. It's more organic and personal this way.
14:35:16 [Grakor]: But retro-active additions would need to be scrutinized to ensure they're not messing up characters. We can see about adding things if it helps flesh out the races. I know humans had some issues with their history not being very...complete.
14:35:17 Sapna nods at Reigen.
14:35:35 [Tamak]: Heh. Aye.
14:35:56 Dalikan does not know what Lordaeron was before the First War.
14:36:01 Roux volunteers for ancient human culture. Gimme gimme gimme.
14:36:12 [Reigen]: Anything moar?
14:36:35 [Sapna]: That was basically it.
14:36:40 Grakor points at Roux.
14:36:41 [Sapna]: Thank'ee. Back to my building.
14:36:43 [Roux]: Not me.
14:36:45 [Roux]: ...Me?
14:36:50 [Roux]: Kay--
14:36:53 [Reigen]: Merus has been standing for a while, a note!
14:36:55 [Grakor]: ...I can skip you.
14:36:57 [Merus]: whatever
14:37:03 [Roux]: Yeah, Merus before me.
14:37:04 [Merus]: I DON'T CARE OR ANYTHING
14:37:04 Merus cries.
14:37:05 [Tamak]: ... I'm after Merus, methinks.
14:37:10 Grakor points at Merus.
14:37:12 [Reigen]: I WILL BE POINTER CAT.
14:37:24 Selolun gently pats Reigen.
14:38:53 [Merus]: Right, it's just a suggestion regarding custom lore changes. Make them entirely optional, and by that I mean only potentially affecting a certain group. And these are for the retroactives. For example, don't have a city straight out attacked. However, it
14:38:53 [Merus]: could be noted that perhaps there's been more bandits in the area, and bandit attacks occured. So you could specify that in your character lore, or you could specify that nothing happened. Just as a method to avoid messing up already established
14:38:53 [Merus]: characters.
14:40:05 [Grakor]: Noted. The retro-active changes would be a minority, since this idea was mostly looking forward, not back. But yes, having retroactive changes only affecting a specific population would work.
14:40:08 Merus nods.
14:40:38 Grakor points at Tamak.
14:40:40 [Roux]: ...
14:40:58 [Grakor]: ...oh, are you ready now?
14:41:08 [Roux]: I was ready, it's just you skipped Merus. ;p
14:41:10 Roux lets out a hacking cough.
14:41:14 [Grakor]: OKAY FINE!
14:41:16 Grakor points at Roux.
14:41:25 [Roux]: Related to Itheros' question--
14:41:35 [Tamak]: Even though he is recently departed.
14:41:37 Tamak nods.
14:42:30 [Roux]: Would higher prestige classes be possible to return? I.E. archdruid, archmage, whatever else there is. I know you had issues with power levels, yada yada. I, personally, never did. Others may not have. And I'd suggest effort in attaining them, some--
14:42:33 [Roux]: safeguards and such.
14:43:41 [Grakor]: I...am not sure. This wasn't really related to prestiges as pitched, so I'd assume that aspect isn't changing directly.
14:44:11 [Grakor]: It can be discussed, but I know there will be some resistance to adding back "I'M STRONGER THAN YOU" prestiges again.
14:44:32 [Roux]: I mean, lore figure level and such.
14:44:43 [Roux]: Power is usually associated with that level, I'd think.
14:44:44 Roux nods.
14:44:56 [Roux]: Or can be.
14:45:03 [Reigen]: No one is getting lore figure level, I believe. More so just getting regonized for what they do.
14:45:19 [Roux]: I know, but Itheros used those words. ;p
14:45:45 [Tamak]: Itheros got me thinking, too. Not about power levels, but about recognition, yeah.
14:45:54 [Grakor]: I will say that, given WoW's general power level and the abilities given to you, I don't think you need an archdruid title to be an amazing hero as-is. (Not pointing that directly at you, just in general.)
14:46:09 [Grakor]: But yeah, we can talk about that aspect more later.
14:46:12 Grakor points at Tamak.
14:46:13 [Tamak]: Firstly; it'd be interesting to see diplomats and their bodyguards/companions allowed entrance to the opposing faction's cities.
14:46:34 [Tamak]: ... that sort of thing. A character who wanted to do that would probably have to -earn- the right to represent his/her faction, however.
14:46:46 [Dalikan]: ... Warcraft even has diplomats?
14:46:50 [Tamak]: Aye. It does.
14:46:51 [Mar]: Troll in SW.
14:46:52 [Tamak]: Anyways.
14:47:38 [Grakor]: That'll go back to Ith's thing. It's something we'd need to figure out and will be determined by the technical limitations and how we point the conflict lore.
14:48:01 [Tamak]: Secondly; Let me draw an example from Lore... for those who were interested in the political aspect of RP, it would be interesting if farseers, chieftains and other representatives of higher orc culture had some councils with the Warchief from time to tim
14:48:03 [Tamak]: time*
14:48:05 [Tamak]: That sort of thing.
14:49:12 [Tamak]: ... like, war councils and other civilian matters, too. That characters could apply, with enough merits to back them, for that kind of positions.
14:49:28 [Grakor]: That's depending on how "interactable" the lore figures will be. Hopefully more than currently, but I don't think anyone will be tossing back beers with Garrosh.
14:49:48 [Roux]: Reminds me of the council in Hearthglen.
14:49:51 [Tamak]: No, definitely not. A more formal setting. Like how kings would be petitioned by their subjects?
14:49:56 Grakor nods.
14:50:16 [Tamak]: He sits on his throne, while the council discusses. The power is ultimately his, and his decisions matter... but some things can be put to vote.
14:50:20 [Tamak]: ... just a thought.
14:50:22 Tamak nods.
14:50:27 [Mar]: I like that idea...
14:50:28 [Grakor]: We'll see what we can do there. It's possible that we may have lore figures assigned to GMs who will play them when they need to do things, especially for events. We'll see.
14:50:43 [Tamak]: ... and it's a different sort of power altogether from "I have a +20 bonus to my rolls."
14:50:45 [Grakor]: Rigley wishes me to remind you that Gallywix will still steal your girlfriends.
14:50:49 [Tamak]: ...
14:50:52 [Rigley]: And exist.
14:51:00 [Tamak]: ... haha, fair point.
14:51:08 Mar laughs.
14:51:12 [Tamak]: That was what I had, yeah.
14:51:15 [Grakor]: Alright. last one for reals.
14:51:18 Grakor points at Merus.
14:52:48 [Merus]: Yeah, honestly this can lead into normal Q&A because it's not super custom lore related. So, what do you think about overall power level steadily increasing? Like, next expansion, for example, Warlocks can use more than one demon, I believe. And that's a
14:52:48 [Merus]: spell that every warlock can use. So what's your opinion, or perhaps the server majority's opinion, on the steadily increasing power level of characters? Are you guys going to restrain that, or is the server as a whole just gonna get stronger, and you can
14:52:48 [Merus]: choose to be weaker.
14:53:47 [Grakor]: Yeah, that's more general Q&A. That said, Warcraft is, ultimately, a game about heroes. Trying to but a restraining bolt on PC power level is going to fail just because your spellbooks keep getting more and more ridiculous.
14:54:14 Merus nods.
14:54:28 [Grakor]: This is more of a personal opinion, but at this point I'm more worried about keeping people's power levels restrained in a -relative- sense. Keeping players on even footing, weaker than the lore figures, and not too strong where you can take out armies.
14:54:30 [Roux]: (Druids using spells from other classes. Wtf.)
14:54:34 [Grakor]: NPCs should still be a threat.
14:54:53 [Reigen]: You can always choose to be weaker, however.
14:55:00 [Grakor]: This is true, you indeed can.
14:55:07 [Grakor]: And it can lead to great characters.
14:56:07 [Merus]: Right. And I believe the weaker thing isn't a problem, because there are people who always have chosen to be weaker and always will, and I believe that choice should and will always be there. But do you have a plan regarding how to balance PCs, who are
14:56:07 [Merus]: getting the option to be more powerful every expansion, against NPCs? I agree that we can't just have PCs storming Stormwind because they could OOC.
14:57:09 [Reigen]: ...
14:57:24 [Grakor]: There's a bit of a common sense answer to that. You can't storm Stormwind because one man isn't going to take out twenty, let alone every guard in that place.
14:57:45 [Grakor]: I don't care if you're the greatest swordsman alive, or whatever. And you're definitely not.
14:57:45 [Roux]: Didn't that happen in the olden days? :D
14:57:51 Roux quietly snickers to herself.
14:58:32 [Kirinal]: ...Rensin stormed Stormwind, naked on a... I forget what the mount was. But yeah, he did try to besiege it.
14:58:40 [Grakor]: So, to that point, PCs are definitely getting flashier, but I wouldn't say they're getting so strong that they can just ignore NPCs. OOC =/= IC.
14:58:56 [Merus]: Right.
14:59:09 [Grakor]: Alright. So, for my last bit before I let Reigen have control again...
14:59:26 [Grakor]: This isn't an official poll, I'm saving that for the forum. But I'd like a quick head-count to get a general idea...
14:59:40 [Grakor]: If you're optimistic and supportive of this idea of custom lore, can you stand up?
14:59:47 Merus bursts into dance.
14:59:58 [Roux]: ...lol at people not paying attention
15:00:03 [Mar]: To a certain degree.
15:00:13 [Merewen]: I volunteer as tribute!
15:00:20 [Grakor]: Haha, that's fine, I'm taking into account some folks may be in another window or such.
15:00:35 [Merus]: Perhaps throw it up in a poll on the forums.
15:00:35 [Grakor]: But it looks like, just judging from that, we may be on the right track.
15:00:36 [Gavin]: I'm here.
15:00:47 [Selolun]: Sorry I was a bit late.
15:00:54 [Selolun]: Yes I am in full support.
15:00:57 [Reigen]: S' okay, a few people are AFKs
15:00:58 Earthshaker Grunt says: Maybe I can become the leader of an outpost somewhere...
15:01:04 Mar smacks her forehead.
15:01:05 [Mar]: No
15:01:09 [Selolun]: And I have faith in the GM's to get it right.
15:01:12 [Mar]: ... Damn it.
15:01:15 [Grakor]: Nah, no problems. If you've a problem with the idea, we'll be having that forum thread where you can express grievances.
15:01:16 [Selolun]: Because you guys are awesome!
15:01:16 Mar smacks Earthshaker Grunt upside the head.
15:01:26 [Grakor]: Alright, thanks all, Reigen, take it away.
15:01:44 [Tamak]: I AM SUPPORTIVE SORRY
15:01:49 [Roux]: Too late.
15:01:49 [Tamak]: GAWSH
15:01:53 [Mar]: Sit down.
15:01:54 [Reigen]: Alright! Oh to the general Q&A.
15:02:00 [Tamak]: Oh.
15:02:06 [Reigen]: If you have a question, stand up. Can be about anything server related.
15:02:16 Reigen points at Selolun.
15:02:23 [Grakor]: You can point a question to any specific GM that's present, as well.
15:02:23 [Sapna]: ... Sorry, I was AFK.
15:02:26 [Sapna]: Retro stand-up!
15:02:31 Reigen nods at Sapna.
15:02:34 Mar quietly snickers to herself.
15:02:35 Sapna claps excitedly for Diandra.
15:02:38 Sapna goes back to building.
15:02:40 [Selolun]: My question is to anyone and everyone of the GM's.
15:02:46 [Selolun]: So feel free to tak lead.
15:03:08 [Reigen]: GMs can come up here now, by the by.
15:03:24 Roux peers at Rigley searchingly.
15:03:29 [Mar]: Rigley WTF.
15:03:30 Merewen sneaks up on stage.
15:03:32 Rigley shrugs. Who knows?
15:03:54 [Selolun]: Back in the good old days we had...I wouldn't say a better but certainly more interesting place in Hyjal. I was speaking to a forum helper and they told me due to the update that area of Hyjal is gone. I personally liked that area much better than GMI.
15:04:02 [Reigen]: Rowgen.
15:04:10 [Tamak]: ... what?
15:04:12 [Reigen]: Why aren't you up here?
15:04:19 [Tamak]: What?
15:04:25 [Mar]: He ain't no GM.
15:04:29 [Mar]: Silly BEs.
15:04:31 [Tamak]: ... Oh.
15:04:31 [Selolun]: I am not asking for it to be restored...But perhaps a place that is slightly more interesting than that of GMI...It is a bit bland there.
15:04:33 Ural feels the love.
15:04:35 [Reigen]: He is now.
15:04:36 [Tamak]: I just got reinstated, it appears.
15:04:42 Faelara cheers at Tamak!
15:04:43 [Rigley]: Anyways! TO THE QUESTION.
15:05:18 [Selolun]: So to sum up...I was thinking is there any place that we could have which is a little more interesting than GMI?
15:05:19 [Grakor]: I think the idea was that GMI got used because it can't be used for anything else. Missing ground textures. Plus the OOC zone being a little off-putting encouraged people to go RP. In theory. Don't think that worked in practice.
15:05:21 [Sapna]: Oh, hey. I'm that FH.
15:05:22 [Rigley]: Issue with determining a hub is that we don't want it to be -too huge- a la Warsong Gulch in days of old, but it can't really be 'in the world'.
15:05:27 [Reigen]: So, a new GMI location. issue is, all the previous locations were removed or updated for flying.
15:05:49 [Grakor]: The other possible locations would be...battlegrounds and arenas.
15:05:55 [Rigley]: Arenas might not be terrible.
15:05:57 [Grakor]: Most of which are too big or too small.
15:05:59 [Rigley]: But they are somewhat small.
15:06:17 [Tamak]: Brb.
15:06:31 [Selolun]: It was just food for thought, thank you for answering.
15:06:32 [Tamak]: .gmc Check.
15:06:33 Selolun bows down graciously.
15:06:41 Rigley gently pats Tamak.
15:07:01 Sapna raises her hand in the air.
15:07:08 Reigen points at Sapna.
15:07:53 [Sapna]: .... actually, never mind. Answered it myself.
15:07:57 Sapna apologizes to everyone. Sorry!
15:08:02 Mar quietly snickers to herself.
15:08:08 [Merus]: no forgiveness
15:08:22 [Reigen]: Faelara!
15:08:41 [Faelara]: My question is more of a request, a pretty simple one. For one person in particular.
15:08:44 Faelara points at Grakor.
15:08:53 [Reigen]: ...
15:08:59 [Roux]: Flee.
15:09:02 [Reigen]: Run.
15:09:02 Faelara licks her lips.
15:09:05 [Reigen]: Grakor. While you can.
15:09:12 [Ural]: Give'r the boot.
15:09:21 [Grakor]: ...
15:09:35 [Grakor]: What?
15:09:49 [Faelara]: I wish to see Grakor in that lovely uniform Matthew was in before. That is all.
15:09:52 Faelara nods.
15:09:57 [Grakor]: ...pahahaha.
15:10:01 [Roux]: ...?
15:10:01 Ural lets out a hearty chuckle.
15:10:03 [Merus]: i mean thats
15:10:06 Sapna grins wickedly.
15:10:06 [Grakor]: I don't even remember what the items were.
15:10:07 [Merus]: okay
15:10:10 [Reigen]: I do.
15:10:16 [Grakor]: Add them to my inv, Reigen.
15:10:17 Dalikan disappears from the land.
15:10:20 Earthshaker Grunt says: Of course she does...
15:10:28 Sapna winks slyly at Earthshaker Grunt.
15:11:19 Mar giggles.
15:11:51 Dalikan raises his hand in the air.
15:11:51 Earthshaker Grunt says: I kinda want it, too.
15:11:52 [Grakor]: Of course he was wearing black mageweave. Of course.
15:12:00 Mar giggles.
15:12:17 [Reigen]: There you go
15:12:23 [Rigley]: So was there a next question, while Grakor gets dressed up?
15:12:24 [Ural]: Special edition Earthshaker Grunt.
15:12:31 [Dalikan]: There is here.
15:12:34 [Reigen]: Dalikan!
15:12:49 Reigen whistles at Grakor.
15:12:57 [Grakor]: Apparently.
15:12:57 [Dalikan]: What is the possibility of getting portals to battlegrounds and the like so we can at the very least explore them for purposes of future events.
15:13:00 [Mar]: Screenshotted..
15:13:04 [Faelara]: I am now happy.
15:13:09 Ural pinches Grakor.
15:13:11 [Reigen]: I think there are portals to the BGs already.
15:13:11 Sapna whistles at Grakor.
15:13:11 [Mar]: I'M SHARING THIS
15:13:14 [Dalikan]: I've always been curious to go to the Battle of Gilneas and Twin Peaks.
15:13:21 [Dalikan]: There are portals to -some- BGs.
15:13:26 [Rigley]: Not sure if those two were added yet.
15:13:30 [Faelara]: Best burfday present.
15:13:31 [Dalikan]: Not the Basin, not the Gulch, not Gilneas, Twin Peaks...
15:13:40 [Reigen]: Oh, yeah. We can likely do that.
15:14:05 [Mar]: Warsong was, I believe.
15:14:10 Tamak cheers!
15:14:10 [Grakor]: All of the BGs are de-instanced, I believe. We can teleport to them. Just need to add them to the portals.
15:14:10 [Dalikan]: Also, Eye of the Storm and just... Generally BGs.
15:14:11 [Tamak]: ORCS!
15:14:11 [Mar]: Or am I confused with Arathi?
15:14:13 [Senn]: ..
15:14:18 [Faelara]: I had no other questions.
15:14:25 [Grakor]: I think we didn't because there was nothing in them.
15:14:26 [Rigley]: You can get to Eye now, actually.
15:14:28 [Senn]: Eye of the storm already has a TP.
15:14:35 [Sapna]: Eye of the Storm can be achieve by going to the Gobject patch place.
15:14:35 [Senn]: Rp locations I think.
15:14:41 [Reigen]: ...I use the eye as a door spawn area, just FYI.
15:14:42 [Rigley]: Its just not labled as such. Heh.
15:14:43 [Sapna]: Then turning around.
15:14:55 [Tamak]: ... door spawn area?
15:14:57 Tamak rolls on the floor laughing at Reigen.
15:15:01 [Reigen]: I keep a catalog of doors.
15:15:07 [Reigen]: Anything more, Dalikan?
15:15:16 Tamak cuddles up against Ural.
15:15:22 [Mar]: I'm going to check at you catalog, Reirei.
15:16:04 [Dalikan]: This might check back on the custom lore a tiny bit, but what's your guys' opinions on non-retroactive storylines in places like Outland and Northrend? As in, still involving major conflicts/explorations but not 'in the past'.
15:16:36 Tamak plants a sign in the ground. It reads 'SUPPORT.'
15:16:59 [Grakor]: Sure, why not?
15:17:07 [Ural]: Yeah more space RP.
15:17:12 [Reigen]: Go for it.
15:17:16 Mar raises her hand in the air.
15:17:16 Dalikan nods.
15:17:17 Tamak begs everyone around him. How pathetic.
15:17:20 [Tamak]: Mooooreeeeee.
15:17:25 Reigen points at Mar.
15:17:27 [Mar]: You mean like clearing the undead or something or?
15:17:43 Sapna is done building! Hallelujah.
15:17:46 [Dalikan]: Like assaulting major Legion bases and such.
15:17:56 [Mar]: Ah, so I did get it right.
15:17:56 [Kirinal]: Oh, I love Outland.
15:18:05 [Reigen]: Any questoins for us, Mar?
15:18:12 [Mar]: Nah, really more for Dali.
15:18:12 [Dalikan]: Because from what I've gathered in Outland and Northrend, the Legion and Scourge are still major players in those regions.
15:18:26 [Reigen]: Sapna!
15:19:24 [Sapna]: ... Didn't have a question. Just ignore me.
15:19:35 [Grakor]: YEAH, YOU BETTER RUN.
15:19:36 Sapna hides.
15:19:37 Sapna lies down.
15:19:47 [Ural]: No cake for you.
15:20:01 [Dalikan]: Erm, this is an age-old topic, I think, but...
15:20:23 Kirinal pets Sapna.
15:20:29 [Dalikan]: The old 'quest helper' idea. Is that up for discussion, or something that's permanently been shot down?
15:20:56 [Sapna]: Could I get a refresher on what that idea was?
15:21:36 [Dalikan]: That a select amount of people, applied through a manner similar to FHs and mentors, would be granted the ability to spawn/phase stuff. Minor stuff, and only with permission.
15:21:40 [Treus]: Hello.
15:21:54 [Reigen]: It was like that, yeah.
15:21:58 Sapna nods at Dalikan.
15:22:00 Sapna lies down.
15:22:00 [Grakor]: Ah, storyteller positions.
15:22:05 [Dalikan]: Yeah, that.
15:22:17 [Tamak]: ... may I present a counter-point?
15:22:30 [Dalikan]: 'course.
15:22:32 [Reigen]: Go ahead, Row.
15:22:49 Ural greets Treus warmly.
15:22:55 [Tamak]: ... If we give people that power, but basically say they have to run everything by us...
15:23:19 [Tamak]: ... -why-? What's the point? We already do that kind of thing. Is it that much different between we doing it, and another player doing it on our say-so?
15:23:33 [Grakor]: That's one of thsoe ideas that got brought up, but was debated into a stalemate and ended up dying, IIRC.
15:23:37 [Grakor]: those*
15:23:41 [Tamak]: ... That's just my first impression.
15:23:45 [Tamak]: Good night!
15:24:02 [Reigen]: Yeah, the discussin for it kinda died because ground wasn't being given either way.
15:24:03 Sapna waves goodbye to Tamak. Farewell!
15:24:09 [Dalikan]: Right.
15:24:23 Grakor waves at Tamak.
15:24:45 [Reigen]: It might be discussed against at some point, maybe revive it for a finial say on if we're doing it or not. We'll keep everyone updated on that.
15:25:16 Dalikan nods.
15:25:23 [Reigen]: Treus, do you have a question for the GM team?
15:27:10 [Treus]: Nothing fancy that I could think of right now, really. But I will be sure to ask right away.
15:27:12 Treus smiles.
15:27:33 [Reigen]: Anyone else?
15:27:52 [Kirinal]: Hrm. I'd have one.
15:27:58 [Reigen]: Go ahead.
15:29:00 [Kirinal]: In the advent of customizing lore, how would transparency be ensured? Keep in mind, that simply putting the community face to face with 'given facts' has not always resulted in positive atittudes. Rather, will there be more of an attempt at cooperating --
15:29:07 [Kirinal]: -- over the way things develop on the topic?
15:29:38 [Reigen]: You mean, letting everyone know the direction we're going to take and letting them give imput?
15:29:42 [Kirinal]: Yep.
15:29:45 Ural snickers at Reigen.
15:30:13 [Grakor]: Keep in mind, that if we tell you everything that we're going to be doing...well, that ruins the surprise, doesn't it? Some folks supported it for wanting that surprise to return.
15:30:45 [Reigen]: If it's a topic we know people are going to want heavy imput on, we'll take feedback of course. Maybe not give away the ending, but a general idea.
15:30:59 [Reigen]: In the end, however, it will be up to the team.
15:31:01 Kirinal nodnods.
15:31:13 Imp in a Bottle says: Did somebody say imput?
15:31:23 Sapna snickers at Imp in a Bottle.
15:31:37 [Reigen]: If you want to be in the know and don't mind spoilers, you could make a threat in the PD asking and what we can tell we will, so you can comment.
15:31:38 [Kirinal]: Makes sense. I didn't mean like, spoil plot-lines entirely or anything of the sort. But I really like the idea of asking for feedback regarding the -direction- things're meant to go.
15:31:44 Reigen nods.
15:31:52 [Kirinal]: Oh cool. That's an idea I didn't think about at all.
15:32:04 [Mar]: Making a threat?
15:32:06 Mar raises her eyebrow inquisitively.
15:32:11 [Kirinal]: A thread.
15:32:13 [Reigen]: ...Thread.
15:32:17 Mar quietly snickers to herself.
15:32:18 [Reigen]: PAH.
15:32:27 [Reigen]: We'll be transparent over the major stuff, yes.
15:32:30 [Mar]: LOL
15:32:35 [Reigen]: Directoinwise.
15:32:39 [Reigen]: Direction.
15:32:41 [Kirinal]: But eyah. That answers my question. Thanks!
15:32:42 [Reigen]: Ii give up.
15:32:47 [Reigen]: SAPNA.
15:32:52 [Sapna]: This's for Reigen.
15:33:02 [Reigen]: 'Why do you suck so much Reigen'
15:33:11 [Sapna]: Are you a beaver?
15:33:13 [Sapna]: 'cuz dam
15:33:19 Sapna flees.
15:33:22 [Reigen]: ...
15:33:24 [Grakor]: ...
15:33:27 Tykeral tries to supress a laugh
15:33:29 [Rigley]: ...
15:33:31 Kirinal quietly snickers to herself.
15:33:32 [Rigley]: I get it!
15:33:32 Mar laughs.
15:33:33 [Reigen]: I have been flattered this Meet and Greet. I am okay with this.
15:33:45 Imp in a Bottle says: Imput recieved! Moving on.
15:33:48 [Reigen]: Putting forth a motion.
15:33:55 [Reigen]: Grakor goes back to the Mageweave and dances.
15:33:58 [Reigen]: All in faor say aye.
15:34:02 [Reigen]: favor even.
15:34:02 [Sapna]: Aye.
15:34:03 [Mar]: Aye!
15:34:03 [Grakor]: ...
15:34:05 [Reigen]: Aye
15:34:05 [Tykeral]: Aye
15:34:06 [Kirinal]: Aye.
15:34:08 Imp in a Bottle says: Aye!
15:34:32 [Treus]: That is a fancy way to walk.
15:34:35 [Mar]: Can we see Ural in the same? As well as Rigley?
15:34:45 [Reigen]: Male GM team dance party.
15:34:46 [Reigen]: Gogogo
15:34:48 [Mar]: YES!
15:34:56 Rigley bursts into dance.
15:35:00 [Ural]: Can you handle this much beard?
15:35:04 [Mar]: Yes!
15:35:04 [Reigen]: AS YOU DEPEART.
15:35:09 [Reigen]: Go off and RP in the world!

A different thread will be started soon regarding discussion of potential custom lore!
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Try to never just say, "My character isn't interested in that adventure." A lot of people mistake this for good roleplaying, because you are asserting your character's personality. Wrong. Good roleplaying should never bring the game to a screeching halt. One of your jobs as a player is to come up with a reason why your character would be interested in a plot. After all, your personality is entirely in your hands, not the DM's. Come up with a reason why the adventure (or the reward) might appeal to you, no matter how esoteric or roundabout the reasoning. -(Source)
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Interesting read; Hadn't expected this at the end, else I'd have shown up. Didn't feel like sitting through 3 hours, meeting people I already knew. *_* Well, not attending now is a bummer. Oh well.

Sounds cool despite not feeling sure on everything just yet; Power levels, bigger prestige's and such is just junk to me that should stay at the level it is now -- On the other hand, shifting regions, making stories different, updating of old zones with new lore sounds pretty cool.

Though for next time, do give a heads up if you got a big announcement / server related question coming up at the end. :P
Quote:12:34:20 [Aidan]: Jaina is everyone's waiu
12:34:27 [Aidan]: Waifu*

It seems that my shame has been preserved for future generations.
Quote:12:43:04 [Reigen]: Dalikan!
12:43:20 [Reigen]: EVERYONE.
12:43:23 [Reigen]: YOU KNOW THE DRILL.
12:43:27 [Matthew]: POINT AND LAUGH AT DALIKAN
12:43:28 [Reigen]: MOCK HIM RELENTLESSLY

I would like to point out that prior to all the /say, I made note that the first person to set off a macro in raid chat instead of say would be mocked.

Dalikan won the prize. He was mocked.
It's not my fault QQ It was the wakedness.

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