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A Change of Plans [Failed Attempted Suicide]
It was a rainy day; clouds gathering above, in a heaving torrent of sorrow. The sound of thunder had a hint of pain, and the lone figure on the cliff even more so. He was wearing white robes, though even from a distance, you could tell they were drenched in blood. The man was staring at the mountains around him, then down the cliff towards the jagged spikes in the valley below. Off in the distance, one might hear the jubilant cries of the denizens of Stormwind.

The yells and chants seemed to sadden the man even more, as he turned to face the jagged rocks again. He stripped off his robes, leaving blood-soaked wrappings on his chest and fore-arms. He stepped to the edge, preparing to jump off, tears in his eyes, when suddenly a voice screamed at him, "No Vitaly! Don't do it!"

He turned slowly around, to see Kassuu running towards him, dropping her weapons and armor on the way, "Don't jump Vitaly... Please don't do something you'd regret..." She seemed to be crying as well, leaving streaks on her cheeks.

"I'm... sorry Kassuu... I'm not needed anymore... I trained... and returned only to be hated once again. I tried to do what's right, and I lost more than I did before... There's nothing left for me to do... I'm sorry... Tell my wi-" He paused, catching himself, "-EX-wife, that I tried my best, but I guess I couldn't do her's..." As he finished speaking, he tilted backwards until he fell off the ledge, free-falling to the rocks down below.

A scream from Kassuu's lips was heard for miles around, as she slumped onto the ground and cried. What she didn't know, was that Vitaly had been saved by a gryphon and it's rider, Njorghan. The dwarf brought Vitaly, still crying, back to the ledge, landing with a thud near Kassuu.

She looked up, then ran to them, grabbing Vitaly in a tight embrace as she thanked the dwarf silently. Njorghan simply nodded to the two before taking off with his gryphon, headed towards Stormwind.

Kassuu healed Vitaly's bloody wounds, taking off her own cloak to wrap him warmly, before carrying him to Stormwind.

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