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A Few Fun Facts
In the past 48 hours, TWELVE new profiles have been posted up.

Over half of these characters have not been played before this 48 hour period.

Over half of the original twelve are also from players that already have characters.

There have been announcements that profile checking has been slowed down.

There have been at least three complaints in-game in the past 48 hours about profiles not being checked fast enough.

I hope you all responsible die in a fire in a particularly excruciating manner.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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Sorry, Grakor. Had to post up Kraid's profile because Aleksey died. [[Got crushed by Darentille's hoof.]]
Aleksey:Deceased. Crushed by a Tauren hoof.
Fire! *Shakes fists* Seriously. We try so darn hard to keep up with the profiles. It's not fun to get on and hear people complaining about how you "only checked 7 profiles" when you spent time from midnight to 4 a.m. to do so.

Which, brings up the rules about respect again.

Edit: And, to clear this up. If we approve seven, that doesn't mean that's all we looked at. Sometimes we are awaiting a response from other characters, or are waiting on things to be changed, ect.
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△Move along.△


After hearing Rensin talk about the influx of profiles posted up recently, I decided to wait on posting up any more character profiles for characters.

Honestly, I don't need a ding to 70 that bad if all it's doing is causing grief for the GMs.
[Image: kialee.png]
I need a life.
I agree with Kialee. Only reason I haven't posted my character profile, is that I want to try, at least TRY to help the GMs. They do a damn good job, considering there is only two that are really active. Even if there were more, the stress that this 'job' puts on them is enough, with a bunch of people whining.

You don't NEED to have epic gear to RP.

You don't NEED to be level 70 to RP.

You don't NEED mountains of gold to RP.

What seems to be the problem I've noticed (from watching the Chat) Is that more and more people seem to be thinking about getting their profiles up and getting they're "actual" gear and being "super cool" then RPing comes after they have that. Sure some people do it, but then what? You have your epic gear, you have your level 70, your character is super cool. "Hmm... I'll make another super leet zworz character."

You may disagree with me, you may not. This is what I am interpreting from, "I got my character approved! Hooray" Then in between week 1 and 2. "They still haven't looked at my character profile yet!"

Listen you guys! This is an RP server first and foremost. You do need a profile eventually. But make a character, play around with them, get to know the character and then make a profile. Don't even plan out your "epic gearzorz" just go with the flow. If you want to do PVP and dungeons with a roleplay from time to time, get out. ( Hope I'm allowed to say that. ) Your just wasting the GMs time. They're kind enough to look at your profiles and read them over. They look at the profiles so that you can do some OOC stuff, have your dream armor and ( most importantly ) to become a member of our community and meet us. Don't make the characters, play them for a week and make another one.

I hope this random rant made sense. The point is, calm down on the characters! Calm down on the whining! RP before epic gearzorz! Now go have fun!
Well, I admit to posting mine, but to echo the others...

I don't need gold. I don't need 70. I don't need epic ring. It was as much to solidify the character as she was forming that I wrote it down, and posted it. If it takes you awhile to get to it, I'll live. :)
Well... It's ok to post profiles. Just don't complain about how long it takes and make sure to be dedicated to that character.
The Cheezeman put the situation quite nicely. I have been appalled with the general Chat channel recently. Far too many impatient, rude people being totally unreasonable about very simple things, or mouthy, snotty-nosed brats who mouth off at everyone who tries to answer the questions they've been asking over and over. (If you were offended by that statement, then yes, I meant you.)

Chill. Out.

This isn't a competition, getting approved doesn't mean you won the game or something. If you're really that concerned about RPing, then you'll have other things to occupy your time with than whining for your profile to be approved (like... I don't know... RPing?).
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Cheeze, what you said is right. I hear far too much lately in the chats and such about dungeon running, the contant complaining, and the freakin' arguments that have been going on, -ever day-. Everyone seriously needs to chill the eff out, remember that we -still- have respect rules in place, even though Grak and I are the only GM's that are truly active.

People need to stop abusing this. It's getting rediculous. And truth be told, it's offensive to -all- the people that are paitient, have been here for a long time, and have worked hard to keep this a friendly RP environment.

If you can do it, doesn't mean you should, or that it won't come back to you.
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△Move along.△



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