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A Guide to Racial Prejudice in WoW
I, along with @Cerb57 and @Brutalskars got together and decided to make a guide on the racial prejucies against another race in the Warcraft Universe. This guide might be used to help flesh out a character, generate good old conflict role-play, or simply brush up on your Lore! Who knows, not us! We just wrote the guide!

A Guide to Racial Prejudice in WoW

If you have any interesting lore tid-bits regarding racial prejudices that we might have missed, feel free to leave a comment.

Humans: The Seven Kingdoms of Man

Humans are a vastly diverse group, inhabiting most of the continents of Azeroth and Lordaeron, as well as many islands off the coasts. Most humans are rather friendly and familiar with the Dwarves of Khaz Modan as well as the Gnomes. They all know of the High Elves (now Blood Elves) of Quel'thalas, though many regard the Elves with superstition because of their isolation. Humans also foster a deep-seated rivalry and hatred of all troll-kind, starting back to racial memories as Azotha, when they were hunted as game by the Trolls.

The Kingdom of Stromgarde: The Strength of Humanity

Stromgarde is the oldest human city in the world, dating back to when the first Human King rallied the the many human tribes in the Arathi Highlands and surrounding regions. This need arose when Humans finally began to strike back at the trolls, as a means of survival. The line of the ruling family, the Trollbanes, goes back to the very first King, though growing diluted over the years, they are no longer true-blooded Arathorians, the last dieing with Lothar.

The Average Stromgardian might host a personality that would hint at being superior to other humans because of how long their families had lived in the oldest Human Nation, though never in an overbearingly insulting way. Sromgardians would have the best relations with the Dwarves of Khaz Modan due to their proximity to the Mountain. However, of all the human nations, Stromgardians would have an overbearing hatred of trolls. This is a deep-deep seated prejudice that -all- trolls are basically vicious monsters that need to be exterminated.

Come the Wars with the Horde, Stromgarde would begin to foster a deep hate of the Orcs and their ilk as well. The City was razed during the Second War, as well as the lands around. To make matters worse, the Horde allied with the Forest Trolls of Zul'Aman and the Hinterlands, compounding an already deep hatred. Stromgarde has since then been plagued with roving bands of trolls, orcs, and ogres in their lands. All Stromgardians wish for their homeland to be reclaimed in order to rebuild it to its former glory. During the Interim after the Third War, Stromgarde City itself fell into disrepair and occupation by the many hatreds they foster, a new one coming in the form of desperate Alteracians bearing the symbols of the Syndicate.


*Might act a little superior to other Humans
*Extreme to the Max hatred of Trolls, regardless of situation.
*Hatred of Orcs and Ogres due to events of Second War.
*Distrust of Humans from Alterac
*Distrust of High/Blood Elves
*Hatred of the Undead

The Kingdom of Alterac: The Cunning Falcon

The Nation of Alterac sat in the snowy mountains in the center of the continent of Lordaeron, these hardy mountaineers formed their nation among the cliffs and crags. Though Alterac never had the funds or lands to form large armies, they prided themselves on their cunning and intelligence. Relying on skill and ability more than martial force to protect their lands.

Alteracians pride themselves on their minds, able to find solutions to complex problems, or so they would have you think. Alteracians can also be conceited, especially in the Nobility; where as the poor would be more resentful of those with more money than themselves. Alterac fosters, possibly, the least amount of hatred of trolls due to their protection in the Mountains. In the case of the Second War, many Alteracians were forced to fight alongside the Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls, with the traitorous action of their King, Aiden Perenholde. This would most likely have led many Alteracians to a strong distrust of Royalty and Nobility due to the flipflop.

Though the Kingdom of Alterac is dead, many loyal Alliance Alteracians still wish to one day reclaim their mountain homeland in the name of the Alliance. Many hate the Syndicate, a brash organization of thieves and rebel nobles who have squandered in the ruins of Alterac, shaming their people as a whole. Alteracians also hate the Orcs and especially the Ogres, a clan of which squat in the shattered ruins of Alterac City. Alteracians, after the Second War, would feel betrayed by Lordaeron, more so than the other nations, as King Terenas left the nation in dismay, effectively abandoning the Nation after Lord Prestor disappeared.

*Would act as more clever and cunning to most Humans.
*Distrust of Trolls, not as much as the other nations.
*Hatred of Orcs, due to Second War.
*Extreme Hatred of Ogres, due to their squatting in the Capital
*Distrust of the Royalty and Nobility.
*Distrust of Lordaeron
*Hatred of the Undead
*Distrust of Stromgarde, due to martial law and invasion during the Second War

The Kingdom of Gilneas: The Defiant Wolf

The Nation of Gilneas sits on the Gilnean Peninsula and Southern Silverpine. The Proud Gilneans have always been the most arrogant of the human nations, fashioning themselves as superb Warriors and Hunstmen. Gilneans often act superior, most times in an overbearing way, to other humans. They feel that any other race is vastly inferior, leading to distrusts and outright racist remarks to such Alliance staples as Dwarves and Gnomes.

During the Second War, King Genn Greymane felt as though the other Nations -needed- their help to fight the Horde. Greymane sent minimal support to the Alliance, though kept his own borders in check. Gilneans have always felt secure in their country, due to its natural borders on and off the Peninsula. After the Second War, Gilneas, along with several other nations, had demanded the execution of every Orc prisoner. The resulting construction of the Wall and cessation of ties with the Alliance has led to most Gilneans feeling that they do not need outside help.

In the long years after shutting their gates, Gilneans have risen as an industrious and prospering people. They work hard and are not afraid to tell you what they think. During the Northgate Rebellion, the country was indeed split between the Rebels and the Loyalists, though the conflict was cut short just before the spread of the Worgen Curse. Gilneans also would have fostered a distrust to the Harvest Witches, though it would have only been superstition. Gilneans would, at first, host distrust of the Worgen, though as many were cursed and cured of their feralness, the normal Gilneans found it in their hearts to accept them, though many refused them as Monsters.

Gilneas was also invaded by the Forsaken, leading to an extreme hate of the Undead as many Gilneans were plagued and brought back to life, including many Nobles. The Night Elves helped save many Gilnean Civilians and Nobles, including the Royal Family, leading to a collective feeling of gratitude to the Elves.

*Feeling of Superiority to other races, including Humans.
*Extreme Hatred of the Undead
*Old Hatred of the Trolls, the nearest "threat" being Zul'Dare off the coast.
*Extreme Hatred of Orcs and Ogres, to the point of isolating themselves from the Alliance, due to not wanting to pay for the upkeep of the Camps.
*Gratitude to the Night Elves
*Superstitious Distrust of the Harvest Witches (Though Gilneans would trust other Gilneans before anything else.)
*Distrust of the other Alliance Races and Nations

The Magocracy of Dalaran: The Watchful Eye

The Citizens of Dalaran are a wise and intelligent bunch, many being on the humble side. Though not everyone is a mage, the vast majority of the Governing Body, the Kirin Tor, is magical in nature. Dalaran hosts the only colleges in the world, with the exclusion of the Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences in Stormwind. Originally situated on the shores of Lordamere Lake in Northern Hillsbrad, Dalaran has since taken up a nomadic state, as the city itself hovers through the skies of Azeroth.

Though inquisitive in nature, the good people of Dalaran are respective and more open-minded than most humans. They openly welcome anyone, regardless of race, to study in their halls and schools. In the Second War, Dalaran was partially destroyed by an Orcish raid. Many ancient tomes of lore and artifacts were stolen, which would lead to a general animosity to the Orcs, possibly even mild hatred.

During the Third War, Dalaran was completely and utterly laid to waste. Many thousands dieing in the magical destruction or the roving bands of Undead that swarmed the city. The People of Dalaran have since recovered, rebuilding their city in a most defiant way. Many agents of the Kirin Tor have been sent out across the world to keep a watchful eye amongst the many comings and goings during these dark times.

*Inquisitive, thoughtful, and wise, though not 'in your face' about it.
*Very open-minded to new ideas and races.
*Extreme Hatred of the Undead (Though understanding of the Forsaken and Death Knights)
*Distrust of Trolls
*Distrust-Hate of Orcs
*Friendly to High Elves
*Neutral to Blood Elves

The Kingdom of Kul'Tiras: The Roving Tradesman

The Kul'Tirans are a mercantile people, rivaling the Goblins in their shrewd wit and bartering skills. The Nation of Kul'Tiras sits on several of the larger islands at the mouth of the Baradin Bay. Boralus is the Capital, with Crestfall and Drisburg being the two other larger islands. Just before the Second War, the majority of the Kul'Tiran trade fleet was converted to warships, the sailors aboard trained as soldiers.

The Kul'Tirans lost many lives during the War, but were able to be enough of a thorn to the Horde to make it worthwhile. Kul'Tiras bade it's time, being one of the supporters of executing the Orcs, instead of imprisoning them. They remained largely unaffected by the Third War, though the city of Drisburg was overrun and destroyed by the Undead. Kul'Tiras also has a loathsome hatred of Pirates and the like, as many would often raid the coastal villages and shipping lanes.

Kul'Tiras has been proud of its old naval traditions, even if their King and his fleet were lost fighting the Orcs in Kalimdor just after the Third War. The Kul'Tirans are grateful to the High Elves for their support in the way of Elven Ships during the Second War, helping them across the war in Baradin Bay.

*Upfront about their actions in the Second War, as well as their skills as traders and sailors.
*Hatred of Trolls, like the ones on Zul'Dare.
*Extreme Hatred of the Orcs, as their fleet was crippled in the Second War, nearly destroyed after the Third, and their King was killed by them.
*Extreme Hatred of the Undead, as Drisburg was overrun and destroyed
*Neutral to High Elves for their support in the Second War.
*Most Culturally Diverse of the human nations, being the center of trade for generations.

The Kingdom of Stormwind: The Courageous Lion

Azerothian Humans left the North long ago to found their own nation, as land was gobbled up by the other Kingdoms. Eventually settling on the coast of Elwynn, Stormwind City was born and founded by the line of the Wrynns. Many Azerothians harbor the same hatred for trolls as the rest of their race, though they have fought a different breed in the form of Jungle Trolls to their far Southern and Eastern borders.

Azeroth is a wildly diverse land, with the cities and villages of the Elwynn Forrest, the vast farmlands of Westfall, the mountain towns of Redridge, and the shrouded villages and homesteads in the Duskwood. These wildly different lands make Azerothians hardy and resilient, though they were still destroyed in the First War. The Kingdom of Stormwind was laid to complete waste, many heroes and ancient orders being destroyed in the fiery war.

The People of Azeroth were re-united in the Hillsbrad, making the town of Southshore their temporary capital. However the Second War took that from them as well, forcing many to take refuge in the many cities scattered in Lordaeron. Combined with the old hatred of Trolls, the Orcs continued to berate the Azerothians. When the lands of Stormwind were reclaimed, the people of Azeroth cried out for the execution of every last orc in the land.

The People of Azeroth are suspicious of High Elves and outright distrustful of Blood Elves, viewing them as traitors to the Alliance. The People of Azeroth have also suffered greatly at the hands of bandits, more so than the other nations, with the exception of Stromgarde.


*Stormwind Humans would hate Orcs compeletely, with no room to budge on that. These people killed their King and burned their city down.

*Stormwind Humans also harbor the same ancient hatred for Trolls.

*Stormwind Humans are suspicious of High Elves, and very distrustful to Blood Elves, viewing them as traitors to the Alliance due to information from the Third War.

*Distrust of Altercians for their traitorious actions during the Second War.

*Distrust of Gilneans, but to a lower degree due to them leaving the Alliance of Lordearon in a time of peace.

*Distrust of Worgen, period. This is a nation who has dealt with the Worgen in Duskwood long before Gilneas rejoined the Alliance. This wouldn't be an overnight acceptance.

*Possible distrust of the Royalty and Nobility, due to King Wrynn wishing to imprison the Orcs, rather than executing them.

The Kingdom of Lordaeron: The Stalwart Protector

The People of Lordaeron have grown outward, encompassing most of the continent of Lordaeron. Their capital, Lordaeron City, sits on the Northern shores of Lordamere Lake in the Tirisfal Glades. The People of Lordaeron are a wildly diverse group, though many have taken to the multiple farming communities across the country. There is also a strong Noble tradition in Lordaeron, which might lead to some of the poorer folks being a bit more resentful.

During the Second War, a deal of Lordaeron was burned by the Orcs, though through their tenacity, the war was worn and the orcs banished or imprisoned. Lordaeron remained as the largest and strongest from the Second War and, with Dalaran, had the orc captives imprisoned for an indefinite amount of time. This was against the wishes of the citizens of the other countries, as well as the citizens of Lordaeron.

Lordaeron has been dealing with Trolls on it's far South-Southeastern borders for generations, leading to the age-old hatred to still be strong. Lordaeron also cultivated relations with the High Elves, though many in East Lordaeron were still as racist as the Gilneans (See, Lord Othmar Garithos).


*Extreme hatred of the Undead, could very well be impossible to communicate with them peacefully. The Undead are taking up the ruins of Lordearon as their base of operation and continues to take over other territories to raise more Undead.

*Trolls, nuff said by now. Lordearon, like everyother human kingdom have been fighting with the Forest Trolls.

*There is still a hatred of the Orcs, as with the rest of the Human Nations.

*Distrust of Alterac, because of traitorous actions during the Second War.

*Distrust of Gilneas, due to it's secession from the Alliance just after the Second War.

*Some Groups in East Lordaeron might be a fair bit more racist, due to lack of support from the Elves in Third War.

That concludes the Humans! We hope you enjoyed reading about these and incorporate what you have learned into your characters! Up next is the Rest of the Alliance featuring; The Night Elves, Dwarves, Draenei, Gnomes! There will also be a few minor sections regarding the Worgen and Theramore! Stay tuned!
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

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Hey! Great to see that you continued down the page! I, @Cerb57, and @Brutalskars are happy to see that! This next post will feature the remainder of the Alliance; Night Elves, Dwarves, Draenei, and Gnomes! We will also feature short bits on Theramore and the Worgen! So sit back and enjoy the read, hopefully this will help you with any character problems or questions!

The Kaldorei: The Children of the Stars

The Night Elves of Kalimdor are an old race, dating back to around sixteen thousand (16,000) years before the the Opening of the Dark Portal. For roughly six thousand (6,000) years their society was split into several groups that were spread out over the old landmass of Kalimdor. These groups were split by their birth; Lowborn and Highborne. Collectively, both groups have an inherent distrust of each other, as well as Demons.

The Night Elves: The Protector of Kalimdor

The Night Elves, originally the Lowborn, were always on the fringes of Elven society during the highest peaks of their civilization. Many of them were the manual workers or cannon fodder in the army. They had fought against the multiple troll empires that lived on the borders of the empire, as well as Aqir in all forms and Vrykul at times.

During the War of the Ancients, the Lowborn rebelled against the Highborne, gathering an army from all over Kalimdor to do so. After the Sundering, most called for the exile or execution of any and all Highborne. This was also the time where the majority of males in the Kaldorei society went and became druids, sleeping for ten thousand (10,000) or so years. Note; not -every- Nelf male did this, many stayed behind, outside of the dream.

Over time, Kaldorei society became more Amazonian, where the females took more control; much as how the Highborne were last ruled by Queen Azshara. The Night Elves had a friendly relationship with the Tauren, Furbolgs, and Owlkin in Kalimdor. They distrust the Centaur and the Quillboar with a passion, though nowhere as near what the Tauren themselves feel. Just recently the Night Elves have pardoned the Highborne in Kalimdor, allowing them to rejoin society and the Alliance in general. Note; They did not pardon the Highborne's descendants who live elsewhere, like the Blood Elves or the Naga, as a strong hatred lies with both of them still.

Ever since joining the Alliance, the Night Elves has grown to trust the Humans, as many died defending Mount Hyjal and the World Tree in the Third War. They are cautious of Gnomes and Dwarves, though grateful for the help they bring. They are tenuous of the High Elves, seeing them as they do the Highborne. Worgen are seen in the same light as humans, though more sympathetic as they believe that they are the reason why the humans of Gilneas and elsewhere were cursed. Draenei have been a large help to the Night Elves, though originally feared at first, mistaken for their demonic cousins.


*Welcoming of the Alliance in general, though tenuous with the High Elves and Highborne, and mages in general. Arcane did nearly destroy the world once.

*Extreme hatred of the Orcs, as they have been deforesting Ashenvale for the last ten years, as well as fighting the Night Elves for the last ten years. Oh and the Orcs killed Cenarius, who may have forgiven the Orcs, but the Night Elves sure didn't.

*Extreme Distrust of Magi and anything Arcane. This point is reiterated on purpose.

*Extreme hatred of Trolls, of any kind. They have been fighting for far longer than the Humans and High/Blood Elves have.

*Hatred of Centaur and Quillboar and Naga.

*Extreme Hatred of the Blood Elves, who are seen as worse than Highborne and High Elves. Where the other two just used Arcane, Blood Elves use the magic of -demons- to sate their sick hunger. These two races will almost never get along.

*Some Night Elves, most likely Druids, might view the Worgen as a remembrance of their own failure to quarantine a dangerous force. However, many feel sympathetic, as they feel like they caused the curse to run rampant.

The Highborne: The Aristocrat Magisters

For roughly six thousand years the Highborne sat at the top of the world, ruling over the masses of Kalimdor. Their great empire stretched from West Kalimdor to Northrend to the Eastern Kingdoms. They fought with the Trolls for thousands of years, aiming to increase the size of their holdings. Many Highborne, in their leisurely lives, practiced the Arcane Arts, becoming great and fabled magisters and sorcerers.

The lust for power of the Highborne grew too strong, ever increasing was their desire to gain more. This led to their Queen, Azshara, to summon the Burning Legion in search of more and more power. The Majority of the Highborne supported her, seeking favor with their new demonic lords. The War of the Ancients took a great toll on the Highborne, many of their eastern cities laid to ruin and even more in the center of the continent lost to the ever increasing sea when the Sundering occurred.

The few Highborne that survived found a tenuous peace with their former servants, though it did not last long. Calls for their executions and exiles were rampant amongst the common man, though their leaders saw fit to banish them to the far reaches of the world. Many decided to leave via ship, to see what land survived across the oceans; some went south, to Feralas, staying in the few cities left there. All Highborne are resentful of the Lowborn for this, even those that swapped sides during the war.


*The Highborne have never gotten over their hatred of the Lowborn, though it has become more of a distrust now that they have been re-accepted and forgiven for their 'crimes'.

*Like the Kaldorei, Highborne have their own hatred of Centaur and, more recently, Ogres as they lost their last city of Eldre'thalas, now called Dire Maul.

*Highborne fight for the Alliance now, curiously learning about their new allies, being neutral to the other races.

*Neutrality in terms of hate with the Horde, most likely curious about the High Elves and Blood Elves, as they are descendants of those that went across the Sea.

*Highborne are naturally suspicious of one another, as many played the dangerous game of politics for many thousands of years. As such, many Highborne are just naturally paranoid.

Dwarves: The Sons of Khaz'Gorath

The Dwarves of Khaz Modan are a varied people, belonging to many clans formed over the generations. They 'awoke' in the recently rediscovered Titan city of Uldaman, making their way to the peak of Khaz Modan, Ironforge Mountain. Over time, three major clans rose to power; The Bronzebeard Clan, The Wildhammer Clan, and the Dark Iron Clan. With the death of High King Modimus Anvilmar, who had no heir, a civil war broke out for control of the Mountain. The Bronzebeards ultimately won Ironforge, dispelling both the Wildhammers and Dark Irons from the mountain.

The Bronzebeards and Wildhammers eventually made peace between Ironforge and the new Wildhammer capital, Grim Batol. The Dark Irons never forgave the other clans, eventually starting a war for Khaz Modan called the War of Three Hammers.

The Bronzebeard Clan: Lord of the Mountain

The Bronzebeard Clan had been the second largest clan in Ironforge, after the Anvilmars, for many generations. As the Anvilmar Clan dried up, eventually passing on with the death of the last High King, the Bronzebeards grew larger and larger. The Ironforge Civil War had proven to the other clans that the Bronzebeards were the new masters of the Mountain as they dispelled their largest competitors, the Wildhammers and the Dark Irons.

Over time, relations grew close between Ironforge and Grim Batol, leading many Brozebeards and Wildhammers to strong friendships. However, they had shunted relations with the Dark Irons of the south. The Dwarves of Ironforge had always been trying to eliminate the population of Frostmane Trolls in Dun Morogh, as well as the Kobolds and Troggs of Loch Modan that flowed out of the Badlands like a tide.

During the Second War, the Bronzebeards came under assault by the Horde. The Orcs had set the great mountain on fire, purging the land of dwarf and gnome alike. When the last of the refugees made it inside, Ironforge shut its great gates, sealing itself from the onslaught of the Horde. Many great and ancient fortresses of the dwarves had fallen, their tunnels to Ironforge destroyed to prevent the Orcs from entry. More recently, they are -very- distrustful of the rejoining Dark Irons under Moira Thaurassin.

Bronzebeards (Remember; Note every dwarf in Ironforge/Dun Morogh is from this clan, they are just the largest and in charge.)-

*Hatred of the Trolls, Kobolds, and Troggs.

*Extreme Hatred of Orcs and Ogres, as most of Khaz Modan was destroyed during the Second War.

*Extreme Distrust, borderline hate, of the Dark Iron Clan.

*Very friendly with Humans in general and the Wildhammers, due to long trade relationships and likened attitudes.

*Extreme Hatred of the Undead, more compounded by the recent loss of Dun Garok in Hillsbrad.

The Wildhammer Clan: Lord of the Skies

The Wildhammer Clan, after their loss for the throne of Ironforge, moved to greener pastures, setting up the great city of Grim Batol in the mountains of the Wetlands and the Highlands. They lived in peace, growing strong relations with the Bronzebeards of Ironforge and the Humans of Stromgarde. The Wildhammers were forced to abandon Grim Batol just after the War of Three Hammers, as the wife of Thaurissan, Modgud, corrupted the very essence of the Mountain itself. Remorsefully, the Wildhammers moved on to both the Highlands near Grim Batol and the Hinterlands of Lordaeron.

Over time, both groups settled well into their new homes. The Wildhammers of Aerie Peak finding a new enemy in the Forest Trolls of the region, though befriending the Gryphons there. The Highland Wildhammers settled in many areas, different families coming to power, arguing about many issues. The Highland Wildhammers also befriended the local breed of Gryphons in the area, though found a new enemy in the form of the Dragonmaw Orcs that moved in after the Second War. Recently, the Wildhammers have had more and more troubles in the Highlands, fighting for their ancestral lands against Orcs, Ogres, Ettin, and Twilight Cultists.

Wildhammers (Both Aerie Peak and Highlands)-

*Hatred of Kobolds and Troggs.

* Extreme Hatred of Forest Trolls.

* Extreme Distrust, borderline hate, of the Dark Iron Clan.

*Extreme Hatred of Orcs, Ogres, Ettin, and Twilight Cultists.

*Very Friendly with the Bronzebeard Clan and the Humans in general.

*The Wildhammers also held a respect for the High Elves, of whom they had trade relations.

The Dark Iron Clan: Lord of the Deep

The Dark Iron Clan has always been resentful of their Bronzebeard and Wildhammer cousins. Even has they built a wealthy nation in the middle of the Redridge Mountains, the Blackrock Spire, they plotted. Their armies poured out of Shadowforge City, launching a two-pronged attack against Ironforge and Grim Batol. Splitting their forces ended them, many Dark Irons killed by the joining enemy forces. Their Emporer, Thaurissan, summoned the Firelord, Ragnaros, in hopes of ending the War and winning the rest of the Mountain. Unfortunately, Ragnaros' entry into Azeroth was violent, destroying most of the Redridge Mountains, killing many thousands of Dark Irons and Humans that lived in the southern reaches. Ragnaros took over leadership, forcing the Dark Irons to serve his will.

The Upper Reaches of Shadowforge City was lost to the Dark Irons during the First War, managing to seal off the Blackrock Depths from the encroaching Horde. The Spire was lost, but the Lower City and Mines were still in their control. The Dark Irons still, to this day, do not have full control of their mountain, growing more and more hateful and resentful to the Orcs and dragons that control it.

More recently a faction of the Dark Irons split, following their Queen, Moira Thaurissan, who is the daughter of the late Magni Bronzebeard, King of Ironforge. They sought to rejoin their cousins, tired and beaten from the abuse of Ragnaros, Orcs, and now Twilight Cultists. They still harbor strong distrusts of their cousins, but they are eager to prove themselves to the Alliance.

Dark Irons-

* Distrustful to the other two major Clans, the Dark Irons are still eager to show themselves as redeemable citizens of the Alliance.

* Dark Irons foster a natural distrust to Elementals, especially of the Firelands, due to the abuse that was had under Ragnaros.

*Extreme hatred of Orcs, Ogres, Trolls.

* Dark Irons are distrustful of each other, as many chose to stay behind to worship Ragnaros as members of the Twilight's Hammer Cult. There was also a lot of political intrigue between the sub-clans and senators in Shadowforge City.

*Extreme Hatred of the Twilight's Hammer and anything to do with them.

The Democracy of Gnomeregan: The Friendly Tinker

The Gnomes of Khaz Modan are a technologically, Arcane-familiar, friendly bunch. When they were discovered by the Dwarves, both races hit it off immediately, forming an incredibly strong bond of friendship. The City of Gnomeregan had always been held as the center of technological advancement, at least by the Alliance, until it was lost when the Troggs invaded it. The loss of Gnomeregan was a tragedy to the Gnomish Peoples, as many inside the city were plagued by radiation poisoning, many dieing or being transformed into the mind-addled Leper Gnomes during the Interim after the Third War.

The Gnomes have entered into a friendly, although semi-dangerous, competition with the Goblins. Though they don't outright hate the Goblins, Gnomes see them as a force to be reckoned with, at least in terms of technological innovation.


*Competition of mutual relations with the Goblins of Kezan, nothing hateful or spiteful. Mild distrust at best.

*Extreme hatred of the Troggs and Kobolds, as their city was lost and destroyed by them.

*Distrust of the Dark Iron Clan, as many have been seen roaming the Halls of Gnomeregan.

*Distrust of the Horde in general, due to their relations with the Alliance.

The Draenei: The Exiled Ones

The Draenei are an ancient people, originally the Eredar, hailing from an alien world far off in the cosmos known as Argus. Their home was lost to them as the majority of their race accepted the power given by Sargeras and the Burning Legion. Rescued by a race of beings known as the Naaru, the Draenei have been fleeing the Demons for many thousands and thousands of years.

The Draenei had eventually found the Orc home world, naming it Draenor, Exile's Refuge. When the Orcs attacked them, nearly annihilating most of their race, they split into several races due to fel corruption. The Draenei are all hateful of the Demons and any who practice their magics. When the Orcs were corrupted into felbeasts, the Draenei fought at all costs, often sacrificing many civilians and soldiers to save even more that fled. The Draenei have a strong hatred of the Orcs and Ogres because of this.

During the Rise of the Horde, a great many Draenei were changed, corrupted and mutated by the fel magics used by the Warlocks of the Horde. Many devolved into the Krokul (Broken), some even further into the Lost Ones. Many lost their minds to insanity or to primitive urges. Those changed lost their powers over the Light, the ability to commune with it. The Draenei saw this as a sign to not trust those changed, as such many are distrustful of the Broken.

During the Third War came the Blood Elves, under Illiden Stormrage. The Blood Elves and Naga led many attacks on the Draenei, slaughtering many of the few left on Draenor. Even though a segment of the Elves, the Scryers, abandoned their Lord and were welcomed by A'dal to Shattrath, the Draenei are still very wary, and outright hateful at times. The Blood Elves also assaulted and took over the Tempest Keep, capturing M'uru, torturing him and draining him of his power to fuel the Blood Knights. They even sabotaged the Exodar as Velen and his followers attempted to leave Draenor, forcing it to crash, killing many draenei.


*Draenei view most other races in a different light, seeing that the majority have a chance at redeeming themselves and that the actions of the many should not condemn the few.

*Extreme Hatred of the Demons.

*Hatred of the Orcs, though the younger Draenei hold the -most- contempt for the Orcs.

*Do have have a hatred of Ogres due to the fact that Ogres have never really been friendly.

*Natural Distrust of the Arrakoa, as they are a strange race native to Draenor that practice darker magics. However, the Draenei believe that they have a chance at redemption, for example the Skettis Exiles.

*Hatred of the Blood Elves, though this has been set aside to a degree in the formation of the Shattered Sun.

*Distrust of the Broken and Lost Ones, however there are many Draenei that seek to help their suffering cousins.

*Draenei may view all other races as slightly strange and different, given their short time spent on Azeroth.

Other Major Alliance Factions

Though these are indeed large factions in their own right, they either share the same views as the rest of their race or are just a different case for one reason or another!

The Worgen: The Cursed Bystander

The Worgen are originally human, with a few Night Elf Druids stuck permanently in their form. This means that as a Worgen, you must look at the beliefs of the country you were born in/grew up in. The Majority of Worgen are Gilnean, but there are also populations of Lordaeronian and Azerothian Worgen as well.


*Note: Worgen are not a new race, in terms of Racial Prejudices. Worgen were all Humans (with -very- few exception being the Druids of the Pack), thus they would inherit the views of the country they are from.

*Distrust of Humans to a degree, as many openly slaughtered Worgen before there was a cure known, and many still show a distrust to Worgen in general.

*Grateful to the Night Elves and Alchemists of Gilneas due to them saving the Worgen from their sheer feral mindlessness.

The Nation of Theramore: The Wary Survivor

Theramore is a conglomeration of humans, elves, and dwarves from all over the Eastern Kingdoms. Many left their homelands due to the threatening forces in the lands, such as the Scourge. As such, a person from Theramore would harbor the respectful prejudices of their homeland, as well as some newly acquired ones they may have found over the years in Kalimdor.


*Hate of the Grimtotem Tauren, as many wage guerrilla war against Theramore soldiers.

*Hate of Ogres, as the Stonemaul have, in recent years, proven a pain in the ass as well.

*Strong Hate of the Horde in general, as many occurrences are easily waved off as the Horde's doing. Not to mention the huge war going on in the Barrens.

The Stormpike Clan: The Treasure Hunter

The Stormpike Clan hails from Ironforge, as one of the larger clans in the Senate and Khaz Modan as a whole. They moved into the Alterac Valley around a decade ago in search of Titan Relics and resources for the Alliance. They share many of the same beliefs of the Bronzebeards as well as the nearby Wildhammers of the Hinterlands. For the last five or six years they have been broiled in conflict with the Frostwolf Clan of Orcs. They have also allied with the Bloodfang Pack of Worgen, in hopes of avenging Gilneas and the many settlements in Hillsbrad. Unfortunately they have suffered a crippling defeat from the Undead, as Dun Garok was destroyed, as well as an army training in the 'Fingers' of Hillsbrad.


*Tolerance of Worgen, as they have become Allies with mutual goals and enemies.

*Extreme Hatred of the Undead, as many honorable dwarves have died in horrible ways at the hands of the Forsaken.

*Hatred of the Orcs, though they respect the tenacity of their Frostwolf Adversaries.

Thanks for reading! We hope to bring you, in the next post; The Horde! Enjoy, we'll see you soon!
"Leave now, mortal! The likes of you are forbidden in this land. You, who are powerless, are not worthy to set foot here." - Cerberus
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Hey! Welcome back folks! I, @Cerb57, and @Brutalskars are glad to see it! This segment will be all about the varied races and members of The Horde! So sit back, get your reading glasses on, and enjoy!

Tauren: The Hardy Nomad

The Tauren are split into many, many different tribes. We wont go into full detail about each of them, but will provide a link for independent research. The Majority of the Tauren Tribes have united under the banner of the Bloodhoof Tribe, in an organization known as the United Tauren Tribes. Many of the tribes share the same ideals and prejudices as the Bloodhoof Tribe.

Tauren are, by very nature, rooted to the bonds of Duty and Honor to the Tribe, the Ancestors, and the Earthmother. Most, if not all, Tauren are deeply spiritual, meditating and preserving what they can of the Earthmother.

The Bloodhoof Tribe: Warden of the Plains

The largest faction of Tauren is the Bloodhoof Tribe, led by the young, but worthy, Baine Bloodhoof, taking over after the death of his father, Cairne. For generations, like the other tribes, the Bloodhoof's have been nomadic. Constantly on the run from the Centaur, who hunted them for sport. If it was not for the ever-so-timely arrival of Thrall and his Horde, the Bloodhoof Tribe would have been overrun and destroyed.

They have since taken up residence in the open plain of Mulgore, building the city of Thunder Bluff upon the great mesas in the North-Central region. From here the Tauren have had to endure many problems with the Harpies, Centaur, Quillboar, Gnolls, and prospecting Dwarves from Bael Modan. The Bloodhoof Tauren, of any of the tribes, are the most loyal to the Horde, seeking to preserve the ideals set by Thrall, Cairne, and Vol'jin.


*Like all Tauren, this tribe sports the same bitter hatred of the Centaur as a result of near constant aggression for untold thousands of years.

*This Tirbe also sports a hatred of the Quillboar, as many have begun to encroach on Mulgore.

*The Bloodhoof's are extremely grateful to the Orcs and Trolls of the Horde, as they arrived just in time to stave off a massive Centaur attack.

*These Tauren have shown sympathy for the Forsaken, being the loudest ones to call for their joining the Horde. Many wish to help find a cure for Undeath.

*Many Tauren, before their conflict with the Night Elves, had good relations with their northern neighbors. As such, it brings conflicted feelings when they must fight the Elves, though they will never shirk away from their duty to the Horde.

*They hold an extreme distrust, borderline hatred, of the Grimtotem Tribe.

*At first the Tauren allowed the Dwarves to dig in search of their relics and history, on the promise that they would replace the rock and dirt they dug up. The Dwarves ignored this and, overtime, tested the patience of the Tauren. Now the Tauren severely distrust dwarves and gnomes for their digging in ancestral lands. Goblins and Orcs too.

*The Tauren also have cause to distrust the Alliance, with the loss of Camp Taurajo. This would be mixed as the Alliance army allowed the civilians to escape, although many died all the same.

The Grimtotem Tribe: The Vengful Warmonger

The Grimtotem Tribe is, by far, the second largest tribe of tauren on Kalimdor. They are the only tribe that refused to join the Horde whole sale, seeing them as a conglomeration of weak misfits. Many tribesmen operate in the Mountains, Marshes, and Forests of Kalimdor, seeking to "eradicate the lesser races" and reclaim ancestral tauren holdings.

Just before the Cataclysm, the Grimtotem had attempted to pull a coup for control of Thunder Bluff. They were successful, nearly eradicating the Skychaser Tribe in the process. Baine, however, with the help of dissenting Grimtotem Warriors, retook the mesa, banishing all Grimtotem who were against him. This means that, Yes, there are Grimtotem Tribesmen in the Horde. They fight to prove themselves worthy, hoping to one day restore their Tribe to honor.


*Many feel vastly superior to any and all other races, including those of the Horde.

*They view the rest of the Tauren race as weaklings.

*They are vicious, going to great lengths to get what they want done.

*Those Grimtotem in the Horde are proud warriors, overly eager to prove themselves to the Tauren and the Horde that they will not shirk away from their duty to the High Chieftain.

Trolls: The Resentful Hunter

The Trolls are a vastly different race of peoples, ranging in all manner of sub-groups and tribes and whole nations. All of them worship the elusive and mystical Loa. In ancient times, the Trolls ruled over the ancient landmass of Kalimdor with multiple empires. They fought off, for generations, the race of bugs known as the Aqir. Though we will only list a few here, you can check out this link for all of the tribes in-game and in lore!

The Darkspear: The Unfortunate Exile

The Darkspear Tribe are Jungle Trolls, originally hailing from the jungles of Stranglethorn. Through some act they were banished by the Gurubashi, forced to leave via ship. Eventually they settled on a chain of islands not far from the Maelstrom, making a new life for themselves there. However those islands were the property of a dangerous and cruel spirit, the Sea Witch. She constantly threatened the Darkspear, forcing them to send sacrifices to her at intermittent periods.

They left the Darkspear Islands with Thrall after the death of Sen'jin, their chieftain. They have never stopped being grateful to their orcish brothers, knowing that if not for the timely rescue, they would all have perished when the islands sank. The cost of joining Thrall's Horde, however, meant that they had to give up several of their more bizarre and bloodier rituals, which might give some of the Darkspear reason to dislike the Horde. What the Darkspear lack in numbers, they make up for in ferocity and strength.


*Like all trolls, the Darkspear have a disgust for the Undead. They view them as abominations as they have two Loa dedicated to ferrying and guarding the dead, so they see the Undead as an affront to the Loa.

*The Darkspear have held a grudge with the Gurubashi ever since their banishment, not really trusting any troll from Stranglethorn.

*The Darkspear have only their old ways of thinking, when it comes to Elves. As only their ancestors had to deal with them, they might be rather neutral when it comes to the Blood Elves, though the Night Elves have indeed proven themselves worthy enemies.

*The Darkspear Tribe is extremely grateful to Thrall and his Orcs, as they were saved in a most timely fashion from both the Sea Witch and Kul Tiras. They are also very friendly with the Tauren Tribes of Kalimdor.

*The Darkspear have a strong hatred of Kul Tirans, more so than the average human. On many occasions during and after the Third War, the Kul Tiran Fleet had harassed and even tried to annihilate the Darkspear Tribe.

*This is also the time where the Darkspear are beginning to grow distrustful and resentful to their new Warchief due to his blatant racism and mistreating of the non-orc races.

The Amani: The Angry Killer

Though they are no longer in the Horde en masse, the Amani are the largest of the Forest Troll Tribes. Their empire dates back many thousands of years before the Sundering. They were the original masters of the continent of Lordaeron, dotting the landscape with many ziggurats and cities throughout the land. The Sundering affected the Amani, arguably, the least of Troll Tribes, as they only lost frontier land. It was the sudden burst of Highborne turned High Elves that threw the Amani into disarray.

The Elves of Quel'thelas trampled through troll lands, burning away all that displeased them, eventually settling their city of Silvermoon on an intensely and deeply sacred troll city. For thousands of years they had laid in wait, striking at the frontier towns of the Elves, at least until the Humans became a threat. When the Troll Wars started, the Amani knew they were in for hard times. The Elf-Human Alliance had all but destroyed Zul'Aman, forcing the Amani to lay in wait for another thousand years, letting their hatred fester.

In the Second War, great chieftain Zul'jin had allied the Amani Empire with the Horde on the promise that Quel'thelas burn. Though the trolls fought hard and with vindication, they felt betrayed when the Horde abandoned its campaign against the Elves. They, in turn, abandoned the Horde when it looked like the war was lost. However, there were still a great many forest trolls that joined the Horde, going into Outland and into Blackrock Mountain. Many forest trolls still remember how honorable the Orcs can be, if they overlooked the forgotten promise of the Second War. Still, this has not stopped mercenaries from the Amani to join the Horde, or the Reventusk Tribe, who have joined whole sale.

Forest Trolls-

*Extremely hateful and spiteful to the Elves, no matter what hue their skin is. Remember, Silvermoon sits on the ruins of an immensely sacred site.

*The Forest Trolls can be honorable, if only for the sake of the Loa they worship. Many of their own pantheon are avatars of tenacity and honor, though they are still Loa.

*Many have joined the Horde in the form of mercenaries and the Reventusk Tribe of the Hinterlands, who seek to claim the Hinterlands in the name of the Horde, as well as to educate the other tribes there.

*Forest Trolls, of all the sub-species, hate humans the most. If it weren't for the Humans, Quel'thelas could have very well been burned down by now, back in troll hands.

The Gurubashi: The Jungle Stalker

The Gurubashi are the largest of the Jungle troll tribes, even at the head of a now defunct empire, dating back thousands of years before the Sundering. The Gurubashi are, by far, the bloodiest of the troll tribes; their rituals putting the Amani to shame. At some point, the Gurubashi were attacked by a Krakken, according to ancient troll legend. As such, many Jungle trolls may indeed feel a certain... ominous, if not threatening, feeling about large bodies of water.

The Gurubashi have had more internal strife than any other tribe. They were forced to exile the Darkspear, as well as the Hakkari and Atal'ai. The tribes that remain are in independence, waging guerrilla war on anyone and anything that comes into their own territory, at least until recently. The Gurubashi have reunited the Jungle tribes in some fashion or another, daring the world to come at them while they drain their Loa, of stealth and mischief, in order to summon the Flayer, Hakkar.

Jungle Trolls-

*Jungle Trolls are mischievous and are naturally paranoid of just about everything, as they grew up in dangerous jungles with creatures far more dangerous than tigers and panthers.

*Jungle Trolls harbor an intense hatred to Humans, as many have been encroaching southbound from the Kingdom of Stormwind.

*Jungle Trolls also hate Goblins, as many towns and organizations have sprung up in their homeland, deforesting and harvesting just about every valuable thing the Jungle has to offer.

*Most Jungle Trolls might be far more cautious of the Seas than the other tribes, thanks in part to old legends and superstitions.

The Forsaken of Lordaeron: The Wickedly Cursed

The Forsaken of Lordaeron are a mix of aligned undead, free from the control of the Scourge. The Majority of their numbers are Human and High Elf, though they have all manner of plagued beings in their ranks. After the Third War, they sought to have contact with the Alliance, though they were quickly shunted away, seen as nothing better than the Scourge. They remained stagnate, trying to merely survive as they searched for a cure to their suffering.

Over time their noble quest had become more and more diluted, as their outlooks had grown to be more wicked. Many of them had began to realize that a cure for undeath was out of reach, so they turned to darker concoctions, eventually making the Blight. Many Forsaken have perverted their original purposes, going out of their way to bring more and more into the fold.

In terms of Racial Prejudice, most Forsaken would bear the views of the country they are from (Any of the Human Nations and Quel'thelas). There are, as always, a few that have stayed true to their original purpose of finding a cure. Many have joined forces with the Argent Crusade, seeking to end undeath in a more noble cause and way.


*Many would still share their original views from their respective homelands (Any of the Human Nations or Quel'thelas).

*They have grown extremely resentful of the Living, as the Alliance turned them away when they needed their former friends and family the most.

*Most view the Knights of the Ebon Blade in a view of Kinship, as they have suffered the same curse. Most Forsaken are welcoming to the Death knights, if only to persuade them to fight for their own cause.

*Their association with the Horde has given the Forsaken no cause for hate, but they still strongly distrust the Orcs and Trolls as old hatreds are hard to kill.

*The Forsaken are also not keen on the Orcs still, with the recent installation of the Kor'Kron as their city guard following the Wrathgate Event.

The Sin'dorei of Quel'thelas: The Children of the Blood

The Kaldorei exiled the Highborne roughly nine and a half thousand years ago, many taking ships over the sea. Those that survived the journey landed en masse on the shores of Lordaeron, at the Tirisfal Glades. Through their journey east, many grew sick as their race changed. They were shorter, their skin had lightened to pinker and peachier shades, and their eyes turned to bright blue instead of silver or amber.

They marched on, encountering the vast number of Forest Trolls this land had to offer them. They eventually found ancient Amani ruins, building their new capital of Silvermoon over it. They built the runestones that warded the trolls and provided an ever spring-like weather pattern to form over the new nation of Quel'thelas.

For roughly thousands of years the, newly named, High Elves held their own against the trolls, at least until the Amani showed their might. A thousand years ago the High Elves were threatened with extinction, as the trolls had grown to be a force that could overpower them. The Elves went into an alliance with the Humans of Arathor, starting the Troll Wars which forever crippled the Amani.

During the Second War, the Orcs had invaded Quel'thelas in order to earn the support of the Amani. They destroyed the outlying towns and set fire to the forest, earning the hate of the Elves just from that. In the Third, the Elves were brought to their knees as the Scourge tore through the land to the Sunwell. The Survivors regrouped and renamed themselves the Blood Elves, working with the Alliance Remnants under Highlord Othmar Garithos.

After nearly being executed wholesale by the paranoid and racist Highlord, the Blood Elves under Kael'thas went with Illidan. A group came back, showing the splendor of Fel magics to the magic-starved elves. They used the Fel for several years to satiate their lust and addiction to magic, though that was cured when the Sunwell was restored. The Blood Elves entered into an alliance of convenience with the Horde, though they still loathe the Orcs, Undead, and Trolls.

Blood Elves-

*Bloodlines are everything to Sin'dorei. They care a lot about how their House is viewed by others, never wanting to show weakness or having their honor be put in question. Being responsible for a family to fall into ruin, would have a great shame cast upon them.

*Blood elves would have a distrust of humans due to the falling out of the Alliance because of Garithos's racist actions during the Third War. Even though they are distrustful of the Alliance, some might feel they would rather be allied with The Alliance than The Horde due to Garrosh's similar views on the elves. Its really a case by case basis for humans

*Extreme hatred towards Forest Trolls, especially the Amani. Since they tried to burn down Silvermoon, to the point where the Blood Elves are barely tolerant of the few tribes of Trolls in the Horde.

*Speaking of burning Silvermoon, they would have issues with Orcs, since they actually set fire to Quel'thalas, even though the city wasn't damaged too much because of magical barriers. The Orcs got closer than the Trolls, so they would show contempt for the green thugs.

*Hated or distrust of the Forsaken. While yes, the leader of the Forsaken is Slyvannas. The undead tore their way through Quel'thalas and destroyed Silvermoon City. Something like that would be hard to just "get over." Death Knights could be viewed in the same light really.

*Hatred of the Kaldorei, they are still a little sore about their ancestors being exiled and since the Highborne have been allowed back in, it isn't helping calm their anger. Also, Darnassus sent spies over to Quel'thalas, again...that isn't helping change their view upon the Kaldorei for the better.

*Hatred of the Wretched for being a reminder to the Sin'dorei what will happen if they over or under indulge in Arcane consumption. Also, they view them as a stain upon their society.

*At one point, the High Elves have trade relations with the Wildhammer Dwarves. Some Sin'dorei might remember that and could still get along.

Goblins: The Jack-of-all-Trades

The Goblins of Kezan are a wildly eccentric bunch, always looking to create the next big thing and/or make a lot of money. Goblins don't care who they are dealing with because no matter who or what they will try to make a sale. For all their shrewd wit and cunning, Goblins are also foolhardy and, really rather, Brave as many become suicidal sappers. Many Goblins also hire themselves out as mercenaries and, for the price, you wont do better as these Goblins are very brave, sometimes even honorable.

The Bilgewater Cartel: "Proud" to be "Horde"

The Bilgewater Cartel, run by the esteemed Jastor Gallywix, one of the (if not most) richest goblins on the planet. Operating out of Bilgewater Port on Kezan, though repairs are working overtime to get the half-destroyed town back into working order. The Bilgewater Cartel makes up the largest population of Goblins in the Horde, as opposed to before where most were hired mercenaries or contractors. The Bilgewaters operate much the same as any other cartel, though arguably with more business as they have centralized their operations out of Azshara.

Bilgewater Employees-

*Friendly-to-Spiteful technological competition with Gnomes, though they are allowed to outright kill them now that they are aligned to the Horde.

*Most may not agree with their employer's switch to the Horde, or the fact that their employer tried to enslave some of them. Most may just not like their employer at all.

*The Bilgewater Goblins are "Proud" to fight for the Horde, many being integrated with the Horde Military by way of the Bilgewater Battalion.

*Most do not like Warchief Garrosh as he cuts their pay and practically forces them to do slave work.

*They are in competition with the Venture Company, as they have lost many business opportunities to this fast moving organization.

*Like any decent Goblin, many would have a hatred of Pirates as they disrupt tradelanes and kill freely.

*Most Goblins tend to be a bit much on trolls, as their ancestors were enslaved by trolls, and now many trolls on Kezan are enslaved by the Goblins.

The Steamwheedle Cartel: The Middle-Man

The Steamwheedle Cartel is, by way of land, one of the largest goblin cartels on the planet. Run by the elusive Ratso Steamwheedle out of the Undermine, these Goblins are officially neutral in the Horde-Alliance War. They have their doors open to all, as long as hostilities are put aside long enough to purchase the fine goblin goods. The Steamwheedles are, again, neutral, aggressively so. Many are friendly, but ruthless to their trade, as any good goblin should be.

Steamwheedle Employees-

*Aggressively neutral, the Steamwheedle Cartel does not take sides and they urge (See; Threaten) their employees to follow the same policy.

*They might be more apprehensive to the Bilgewater Cartel, seeing that they made the same mistake of allying with the Horde during the Second War.

*Friendly-to-Spiteful competition with the Gnomes, though it isn't ever outright hostile.

*While Gallywix may be the richest goblin, the Steamwheedle Cartel is the richest cartel. They trade and sell to all factions, barring those that would destroy the world (As a dead world has no trade for the Goblins), making sure to undercut their competitors and overprice everything at reasonable to exorbitant prices.

*They are in competition with the Venture Company, as they have lost many business opportunities to this fast moving organization.

*Like any decent Goblin, many would have a hatred of Pirates as they disrupt tradelanes and kill freely.

*Most Goblins tend to be a bit much on trolls, as their ancestors were enslaved by trolls, and now many trolls on Kezan are enslaved by the Goblins.

The Venture Trading Company: The Homewrecker

The Venture Trade Co. is run by Mogul Razdunk, one of the wealthiest Goblins in the world who isn't a Trade Prince. They are overly ambitious for Goblins, and exceedingly efficient as they deforest entire regions and cut down mountains for stone and ore in as little time as they can manage. However, due to this nature of the Company, they have many enemies. Both of the larger Cartels have a lot of compositional respect for the VTC, where as many of the more nature-friendly races see them as monsters that need to be wiped out.

VTC Employees-

*Competition with the Gnomes, though not quite as much as the VTC is more in the game of resource harvesting.

*Many don't like the Night Elves or the Tauren as both races attempt to disrupt their logging and mining operations around the world.

*Many might brag about the fact that the VTC owns roughly half of Ratchet, one of the largest port towns on Kalimdor.

*Like any decent Goblin, many would have a hatred of Pirates as they disrupt tradelanes and kill freely.

*The VTC doesn't care much for the Bilgewater or Steamwheedle Cartels, either, as they tend to overstep one another in their business ventures.

*The VTC doesn't care much for the Horde or Alliance, as both factions, for the last ten years, have done nothing but kill their employees and take over their work camps throughout the world.

*Most Goblins tend to be a bit much on trolls, as their ancestors were enslaved by trolls, and now many trolls on Kezan are enslaved by the Goblins.

Now for some Horde Factions that deserve the Honorable Mention-

The Sunreavers: The Bridge Builder

Led by the mighty Aethas Sunreaver, this sect of Blood Elven Magisters have worked hard to prove their worth to the Kirin Tor and Dalaran, trying to rebuild old friendships. They are the sole reason why any Horde are allowed into the many colleges and schools on the floating city. They all hold the same views as the rest of their race, though they may be more lenient on Humans due to the relations with Dalaran.


*Not quite as hard on Humans as the rest of their race (at least until MoP).

*Being proud magisters, they will show off their abilities to any who will watch.

Ogres: The Brainless Brute

There are only three clans of Ogres in the Horde; The Stonemaul, the Dunemaul, and the Dreadmaul, with the last being partially enslaved. Ogres are proud creatures, but they are not the smartest around. Most think with their bellies, going after animals and other races alike for food. The only way to really get an Ogre to follow you is to show off your strength or your intelligence.

The Stonemaul Clan: Rexxar's Own

The Stonemaul Clan rejoined the Horde just after the Third War, when the nation of Durotar was still young. The Beastmaster, Rexxar, had come to recruit them, slaying their last chieftain, Kor'gall. The Stonemauls were so impressed by Rexxar and his abilities, even as a half-breed, they eagerly followed him into battle against the humans of Kul Tiras at Tiragarde Keep. These giant brutes now fight for the Horde under a Regent-Chief, Mok'Morokk, and the Mok'nathall, Orhan Ogreblade.


*Proud warriors, they fight for the Horde in the name of their Chieftain Rexxar, eagerly awaiting for his return.

*Like most Ogres, they view the other races as inferior beings. Sure they can be smarter than some ogres, but they are smaller and easy to crush.

*Like all Ogres, the Stonemauls do not like Orcs very much. They still remember when most of their race was enslaved or destroyed during the Rise of the Horde.

*Ogres tend to hate/like Goblins, as many goblins prefer Ogres as bodyguards and even mounts. It's case by case, but hey they do get paid with shinies and food!

Outland Ogres: The Displaced

The Outland Ogres are the true remaining giants of Draenor, with the exception of the Gronn. These ogres are vastly more primal and aggressive than those clans that were enslaved and went on to Azeroth. These behemoths tower over most races anywhere from ten to fifteen feet, or taller, and they are not afraid to show it off.

Outland Ogres-

*Ogres tend to hate/like Goblins, as many goblins prefer Ogres as bodyguards and even mounts. It's case by case, but hey they do get paid with shinies and food!

*Like all Ogres, the ones from Outland do not like Orcs very much. They still remember when most of their race was enslaved or destroyed during the Rise of the Horde.

*Like most Ogres, they view the other races as inferior beings. Sure they can be smarter than some ogres, but they are smaller and easy to crush.

*Many view the Horde and Alliance as food sources or even slaves, they care little for them.

*The Ogres of Og'rila are an exception to all of this as they are vastly more intelligent than any other ogre. This makes them almost godlike to most of the ogres in Outland, though they are still a source of deep jealousy.

Thank you for reading! We hope you have enjoyed this installment! Don't fret, the Orc Clans are on their way! Thanks for reading!
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Hey, folks! Welcome back to the Prejudice Guide! @Brutalskars, @Cerb57, and myself are all very glad to see it! This entire section will be dedicated to the many diverse and unique Orc Clans in WoW. So sit back, get your reading glasses, and enjoy!

The Orcs of Draenor: The Honorable Savage

The Orcs of Draenor inhabited one of the larger known continents of that world. They lived side by side with the Arakkoa and, for a few generations, the Draenei of Argus. The Orcs, for untold thousands of years, held a deep and rich shamanistic tradition; they venerated their ancestors and the honorable dead. For generations, their lands were plagued by roving bands of Ogres, coming by ship from their own homeland across the sea. However, roughly thirty years before the Dark Portal opened, the Orcs were swayed, largely, by promises of power and conquest. Many of the Chieftains partook in the drinking of Mannorath's Blood, corrupting their clans in turn through association. Shamans became Warlocks and they went on a rampage, killing the other races of Draenor and rogue Clans alike.

The Warsong Clan: The Warrior Bard

The Warsong Clan of Nagrand are renowned Wolf-Riders, taking their name from the rhythmic chants they sing together in battle. These are among the proudest and most ferocious warriors in Draenor. More recently, these Orcs have been treated as great heroes on Azeroth. The death of their chieftain, Grommash Hellscream, brought about the end of the Blood Curse. They were also one of the few clans to, largely, avoid detainment by the Alliance of Lordaeron.

The Warsong Clan has been split into the Warsong Outriders, battling for control of Ashenvale against the Night Elves of the Silverwing Sentinels. The Warsong Offensive was the driving force for the Horde in the bitter cold of Northrend. Though they sustained heavy casualties, they remained as one of the more victorious organizations in that War. The Warsong Clan is also one of the few clans left in the New Horde that still has a sense of Clanhood, like the Frostwolves and Bleeding Hollow.


*Hatred of the Ogres, as they would constantly raid Orcish towns.

*Strong bonds with the native worgs of Draenor, as the Warsong have used them as mounts for generations.

*Hatred of the Burning Legion and those that use their magics, as they were only recently freed of their curse.

*Distrust of Twilight's Hammer and Stormreaver Clans, due to the more destructive natures of those clans.

*Distrust of the Laughing Skull Clan, as they are shady and dishonorable orcs who attack unaffiliated family members.

*Disgust of the Bonechewer Clan, as those Orcs desecrate the honorable dead.

*Absolute hatred for humanity, coupled with great resentment of dwarven, gnomish and elvenkind (With a deal of respect for Blood Elves even if minor.) The Warsong have been at war with the Alliance since the days of the Dark Portal's first tearing between worlds.

The Frostwolf Clan: The Spiritual Survivor

The Frostwolf Clan of Frostfire Ridge (Modern day Blade's Edge Mountains) are a clan of spiritualistic and hardy survivors. They hunted in the frozen mountain ranges with expertise. They retained their Shamanistic ways in their exile into Azeroth, since they refused to take part in the Demonic rituals of their kin.

As of late the Frostwolves have been locked in combat with the Dwarves of the Stormpike Clan, fighting for control of the Alterac Valley. They have also begun to resent the Forsaken, seeing them as vileness that should not be part of the Horde, though they welcome the rest of Thrall's Horde.


*Known well for their bond with frost worgs and their skills as riders are known to rival the Warsong and Thunderlord Clans.

*Hatred of ogres, but tolerate those that are friendly to the Horde.

*Absolute hate and distrust of fel magic and all who deal with it.

*Not friendly per-say with the members of the Alliance, however Frostwolves are prone to diplomacy and straying away from conflict if possible.

*As many other orcish clans, distrust of the Laughing Skull Clan, disgust of the Bonechewer Clan and hatred for the Stormreaver Clan.

The Blackrock Clan: The Warsmith

Industrious, militant and proud, the Blackrock Clan are known for their devotion to conflict, as their home of Gorgrond (Modern day Blade's Edge) was filled with danger. They rely on planning and training more than blind ferocity, armed with the best equipment they can get their hands on. The history of the Blackrocks includes every major event in orcish history, from the slaughter of the Draenei to the freeing of many of the internment camps.

The grey skinned orcs of the Blackrock are not all enemies of the Horde, their ranks in fact are spread among the New Horde, Dark Horde, Fel Horde and perhaps many other places. This is because the Blackrock Clan perhaps were one of the largest clans in orcish history. Due to their numbers and their prowess in conflict the Blackrock Clan dominated the seat of orcish power during the First and Second Wars. Even today the Blackrock Clan has members among the highest ranks of the New Horde and are strong warriors no matter where their loyalties lie.


*The Blackrock Clan is regimented and well trained, thus having little respect for haphazard actions. The Blackrock Clan abhor the Bonechewer Clan due to such berserk actions.

*Unlike some, the Blackrock would respect the intelligence of the Laughing Skull and Stormreaver Clans even if they do not trust them.

*Absolute hatred for the members of the Alliance in most cases, the Blackrock as well are easily seen by the Alliance as the most warlike of the orcs for their acts leading the orcish hordes in the wars of the past.

*Overall hatred for ogres is common among Blackrocks.

The Black Tooth Grin Clan: The Bastard Sons

Rend and Maim Blackhand were commanded by Doomhammer to create a force to defend the Dark Portal after the First War. Forced to obey the command of the warrior who murdered their father, the Black Tooth Grin was born. The Black Teeth were not so much a real clan as they were a military organization constructed from those loyal to Rend and Maim. The Black Tooth Grin lives on today perhaps in lost pockets in the New Horde or in their primary numbers as loyal members of the Dark Horde.

Rend and Maim named the clan after the ritual for all the warriors who wished to join it. In said 'ritual' a tooth was knocked, torn or smashed out of the warrior's mouth; whether or not several teeth were lost probably didn't matter much to them. Despite this gang-like initiation, the Black Tooth Grin were a vanguard of orcish warriors. Many of them died in the Second War and for most purposes are considered defunct.

The Black Tooth Grin were formed most certainly from the ranks of the Blackrock Clan, thus share most of their mentality except that they of all the clans trusted the Stormreaver Clan the most, since Gul'Dan was an ally to the Blackhands.

The Bleeding Hollow Clan: The Fate Finders

Hailing from the Tanaan Jungle and Talador (Modern day Helfire and Terokkar) these orcs are focused and fatalistic. The Bleeding Hollow clan are ritual warriors and share from both the worlds of the frenzied berserker to the studied hunter. Bleeding Hollow orcs when they become warriors undergo a personal ritual, whether it is scarification, removal of an eye (Such as Kilrogg Deadeye), starvation; through this ritual they gain a foresight to how they will die.

Warriors of the Bleeding Hollow fight as hard as they can to find the death that is fated for them, this doesn't make them foolish and throw their lives away, it rather makes them determined and stalwart foes who refuse to die unless it how they envisioned their death.

The Bleeding Hollow today have many members still alive and well, being one of the larger clans dating back since before the First War, and then being well known for their fortitude and survival skills alongside the Warsong Clan many of them avoided capture by the Alliance.

Bleeding Hollows-

*Distrust and general hatred of fel magic.

*Of all the clans, they hate the Twilight's Hammer the most. This goes back to the First War where their leaders were at odds after the first siege of Stormwind.

*Distrust of the Laughing Skull Clan and disgust with the Bonechewer Clan.

*General hatred of ogres.

*Hatred of the Alliance however they would most likely share a general respect and additional hatred for dwarves, since they were primarily in Khaz'Modan during the Second War.

The Thunderlord Clan: The Giant's Foe

Whatever is left of them is a fragmented handful of survivors, but these proud orcs are known for their skills as wolf riders and giant slayers. Their homes in Frostfire (Modern Blade's Edge) were in constant danger of the Giants. Coupled with the fact they tend to be the most large naturally of the orcs and were based out of the most harsh portions of the ogre controlled territories the Thunderlords were in constant war against the giantkin of Draenor.

Although members may of fought in the Second War, many of them were killed as traitors by the Shadowmoon Clan. Now they are a broken set of families and wanderers who almost all are among the ranks of the New Horde.


*Immense hatred of ogres and gronn.

*Friendship with the Mok'nathal, despite being half ogres, they are both not fans of ogre kind.

*Distrust and hatred of fel magic.

*Distrust of the Shadowmoon, Laughing Skull, and Stormreaver Clans.

*Like other clans, they are at odds with the species of the Alliance, however the Thunderlords did not participate truly in the First or Second Wars, thus any conflict they have with the Alliance has been from more recent dealings.

The Shadowmoon Clan: The Old Mystics

The oldest and most powerful of the orcish clans; the Shadowmoon did not have the numbers of some clans. They were respected for ages as the greatest shamans and well learned of the orcs of Draenor. They were based out of the peaceful valley for which they took their name. Their clan leader, Ner'zhul, was regarded as one of the wisest orcs on the planet. The Shadowmoon Clan are excellent stalkers as well, due to their home being shrouded in perpetual nighttime. Though many of the wise shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan became Warlocks, tainting their clan into following those ways because it was the will of their wise Chieftain.


*Many have been regarded as the most spiritual and wisest of the Orc Clans.

*Most of those Shamans have, in turn, become Warlocks. Those that did not become warlocks may indeed distrust the demon magic, after seeing what it did to their race and their world.

*They are mildly distrustful of the other clans, perceiving others to already be distrustful or hateful of them.

*Usual hatred of the Humans and the races of the Alliance, due to the Wars and imprisonment of a part of the clan.

*Those in Thrall's Horde may be eager to prove themselves, perhaps feeling guilt for the misdeeds done by the Clan and the Chieftain.

The Dragonmaw Clan: Tamer of the Skies

The Dragonmaw Clan of the Shadowmoon Valley are a large bunch, many being regarded as incredible hunters and ferocious warriors. They are the riders of the great beasts of Draenor. Though there were no native dragons to Draenor, the Dragonmaw may have tamed the great winged Draenic Chimerae of their world. These orcs are large, primal, and proud.

After the Second War, the majority of this Clan avoided capture by the armies of the Alliance. Many of them, on Azeroth, took refuge in the cliffs and crags of Khaz Modan's Highlands, as they had recently been pushed out of the corrupted city of Grim Batol. Many had been a part of Thrall's Horde, those few that were incarcerated, though the Clan in the Highlands had only recently rejoined. There are, however, many in the Dark Horde and the Fel Horde.


*The Dragonmaw Clan have a rickety relationship with the Blackrocks, as many were part of the Dark Horde before joining the New Horde.

*The Dragonmaw hate Dragons, of any flight, and their servants. These Orcs are exceptionally cruel to their enslaved mounts, using corruptive chains enchanted with shadow magic to keep these beasts in line.

*The Dragonmaw may be distrustful of the other clans, due to their majority being isolated from the others.

*The Dragonmaw have a deep hatred of the Dwarves, the Wildhammers specifically.

*Many of this Clan are wildly supportive and loyal to Warlord Zaela, their new leader, and Warchief Garrosh.

The Burning Blade Clan: The Honorable Blademaster

Hailing from Southern Nagrand, the Burning Blade Clan are more a brotherhood of warriors. Originally bound in honor and duty, these Orcs have often been compared to a force of nature, chaotic and unrelenting. They would have a healthy hatred of the Ogres, who were shown to be the only ones strong enough to keep these warriors in track, during the Rise of the Horde.

When the Orcs drank the Blood of Mannorath, the Burning Blade took it to another level. Their Blademasters, already formidable in the martial arts, drank their own concoctions of demons blood. This burst of fel corruption gave the Blademasters the means to represent their Clan as some of the finest and most ferocious warriors of the Orcish Peoples.

More recently, many of the more honorable warriors and blademasters of this Clan pledged themselves to Thrall's New Horde, in an effort to redeem themselves. They harbor an intense hatred for the rest of their clan, who chose to continue their worship of the Demons, fighting against the Horde. Imagine these orcs akin to the Samurai of Japan, without the blood drinking of course.

Burning Blade-

*These Orcs harbor intense hatred of the Demons and those that follow them and use their magics.

*Intense hatred of the Ogres, who were used as their handlers and taskmasters during the Rise of the Horde.

*Hatred of the Alliance races, due to the multiple wars and imprisonment at their hands.

*These Orcs consider themselves to be more honorable than the average orc, though they are very humble. They are also incredibly loyal to the Horde and its Warchief.

*Distrust of the Laughing Skull, Twilight's Hammer, Stormreaver, and Shadowmoon Clans.

The Laughing Skull Clan: The Blade in the Shadows

The Laughing Skull Clan of Farahlon (Modern day, Netherstorm) are the rogues and thieves of the Orcish People. The Laughing Skull are often regarded as dishonorable cowards, striking from the shadows and from behind. It's true, these Orcs prefer stealth attacks and psyche outs to straight up combat. The Skulls will kill the family of a Warrior, to make him suffer, before ending his life through a dishonorable means.

They are extremely skilled, though they hold no true loyalty to any but themselves and their Clan. They were attacked by orcs bearing the colors of the Shadowmoon Clan during the Second War, as they were holding Grom Hellscream of the Warsong Captive. Many of their warriors were killed by the Alliance, leading to a bitter hatred like all Orcs. However, the Laughing Skull joined forces with the Sons of Lothar to battle of the Bonechewer Clan, and later went to destroy the Thunderlord Clan's stronghold. Very few traveled through the Dark Portal during the sundering of Draenor, these few have allied with Thrall's New Horde, though their allegiance can always be in question.

Laughing Skulls-

*Distrust of the Warsong Clan.

*Hatred of the Shadowmoon, Bonechewer, and Thunderlord Clans.

*Surprisingly neutral towards Ogres as their leader, Mogor, was an Ogre.

*Mixed relations with the Alliance, as many warriors were killed by the Alliance, but they were also reinforced and helped by them as well.

The Twilight's Hammer Clan: Bringer of the End-Times

Though originally under a different Chieftain and name, these Orcs are the zealous follows of the first Ogre Mage, Cho'gall, who erased the Clans history from the recordbooks. Even before becoming a Cult, these orcs had preached the end of their world, Draenor, even before the Clans drank of Mannorath's blood. Many clans distrusted them, some outright hated these orcs. The Bleeding Hollows argued with them over the First Assault on Old Stormwind.

They held the closest relations to Gul'dan's Stormreaver Clan than of any other clan. Many of the Twilight's Hammer persisted into the Cult version of today, few of the orcs joining the Horde for "good" reasons.

Twilight's Hammer-

*Distrust of everything in existence, harboring an inherent hatred to just about everything, with the exception of the Stormreaver Clan.

*These orcs are purely destructive, holding no rhyme or reason to their actions.

*What few orcs that joined the Horde would try to keep their old clan affiliations quiet, distrustful of any who know of their past.

The Bonechewer Clan: The Cannibal Savage

The Bonechewers of Talador (Modern day Terokkar) are widely considered the vilest of the Orc Clans. They adorn themselves with the bones and organs of an enemy in battle, and often consume the flesh of the dead. Many of the Orc Clans avoid combat with them, fearing for the safety of their honorable dead should any fall in a fight. This Clan has been assaulted by the Laughing Skull and Shadowmoon Clans during the Second War, leading to animosity between them. They were spared the defeat of the Second War, as many of them never crossed over to Azeroth.

What few Bonechewers there are in the Horde, may have been troubled by the Laws laid by Thrall. Specifically, those that ban cannibalism and desecration of the dead.


*Distrust of the other clans, as no other clan trusts them.

*They take their vileness seriously, attempting to perform their traditions as often as possible, in view of as many enemies as possible.

*Hatred of the Laughing Skull and Shadowmoon Clans, as many Bonechewers were slain at their hands.

*Hatred of the Alliance, due to the destruction of several clanholds during the Second War.

The Shattered Hand Clan: Blood for Glory

The Shattered Hand Clan, of Arak (Destroyed, though the Northern Section makes up South Terokkar), are so called because of a ritualistic mutilation that every member must take when they enter adulthood. They remove a hand, replacing it with a weapon. These Orcs volunteered to attack the Alliance when the Bleeding Hollows returned. This caused a split, as many were stranded on Azeroth when the Portal collapsed and Draenor was nearly destroyed.

Those clan members in Azeroth were imprisoned, along with many others of their race. When Thrall's New Horde liberated the camps, many of the Shattered Hand joined with him, serving as a guild of assassins for the Warchief.

Shattered Hands-

*Quite possibly held better relations with the Bleeding Hollow Clan of south Talador.

*Extreme hatred of the Arakkoa, as many had been enslaved or injured by the birdmen.

*Racial hatred of the Ogres, as many moved in before and after Draenor's sundering.

*Distrust of the Twilight's Hammer, Stormreaver, and Bonechewer Clans.

The Stormreaver Clan: The First Warlock

The Stormreaver Clan is a rather new invention, being created from the shamans of Draenor with the most potential. Gul'dan turned these wise sages into the near-mad warlocks and necrolytes we see today. They embraced the powers of Fel and Unholy as it became a second nature to them. They hold the closest ties to the Shadowmoon Clan. Many of the Warlocks of this clan went on to become the First Generation Death Knights, Teron Gorefiend was the first.

What few Stormreavers that survived the Second War have either reconciled with the Horde, remained in the Shadow Council, or have joined into madness completely with the Twilight's Hammer Cult.


*As they are from the different clans of Draenor, pick your racist traits accordingly!

*Most have become very distrustful of the rest of the Horde.

*Distrustful and hateful of the Arakkoa, viewing them as a threat to their dark goals.

*Held the best relations with the Twilight's Hammer Clan, many joining it after the fall of Gul'dan.

Other Orc Clans can be found here.

The few that were not mentioned are due to lack of lore to really make a good stub for. These include:

The Dark Scar Clan
The Kil'sorrow Clan
The Searing Blade Clan
The Lightning's Blade Clan
The Bladewind Clan
The Redwalker Clan
The Whiteclaw Clan

Lastly, there are two other clans, the Warlock and Necrolyte Clans, however they are essentially branches of the Stormreaver Clan.

Well, thanks for reading everyone! We hope you have all enjoyed this guide very much! Have anything to add or correct? Feel free to leave a comment!
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Reser---wait, just kidding. Looks good guys, lemme know if you need help!
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△Move along.△


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And you didn't ask me? The Paladin racist to assist? My wounds are grievous indeed.
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I love this thread already.
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We really, really needed this thread. I'd love to help with the Tauren section! People don't think Tauren are capable of being prejudiced. :I
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Psh, Tauren are balls of fur... And hate...
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A guide on racial prejudice, a guide that starts with prejudice humans, but you don't ask me. For shame. Let me just suggest some edits.

Quote:In the case of the Second War, many Alteracians were forced to fight alongside the Orcs, Ogres, and Trolls, with the traitorous action of their King, Aiden Perenholde. This would most likely have led many Alteracians to a strong distrust of Royalty and Nobility due to the flipflop.

You should note the fact that the orcs were allowed to use a pass through Alterac to Lordaeron. You also only have a dislike of Lordaeron, even though Menethil was going to restore Alterac before Deathwing shenanigans ruined everything. Stromgarde, however, moved though their pass, basically put the land under Martial Law, and then tried to have most of Alterac annexed. You should add a dislike of Stromgarde.

Quote:During the Northgate Rebellion, the country was indeed split between the Rebels and the Loyalists, though the conflict was cut short because of the spread of the Worgen Curse.

When Darius was arrested after his failed attack on Gilneas City, the Northgate Rebellion effectively ended there. The curse would have been more of a problem after the Rebellion ended.

Quote: *Extreme Hatred of Orcs and Ogres, to the point of isolating themselves from the Alliance.

Though the Gilneans would hate orcs, their isolation was a result of Gilneas not wanting to pay taxes to keep their former enemy alive in Internment Camps. A note about the Alliance in general, perhaps?

Quote: *Friendly to High/Blood Elves

There is still some distrust of Blood Elves. At the time of Wrath, the blood elves just managed to secure a spot for themselves and the Horde in Dalaran. I would include a note about fel magic/demons, since it was Archimonde that destroyed their city.

Quote: *Extreme Hatred of the Orcs, as their fleet was crippled in the Second War, destroyed after the Third, and their King was killed by them.

Fleet was crippled heavily during the events of Beyond the Dark Portal, but they weren't completely destroyed in the Third. A letter you retrieve from the Kul Tiras camp in Durotar (Vanilla) stated that there were more Kul Tirans/ships around Kalimdor and they would be landing eventually.

Quote: *Grateful to High Elves for their support in the Second War.

Their support was minimal until their homeland was attacked, and their support immediately vanished upon the end of the war, as humans were blamed for their forests being ruined. Grateful? Perhaps, but still some dislike at the snotty elves.

Quote:The People of Azeroth were re-united in the Hillsbrad, building the town of Southshore as a temporary capital.

Perhaps I'm just confused by the wording, but Southshore was a part of Lordaeron since... who knows how long. It wasn't built by the people of Stormwind, unless you're talking about its conversion into a busy, busy place.

Quote:When the lands of Stormwind were reclaimed, the people of Azeroth cried out for the execution of every last orc in the land.

But Varian supported Menethil's camp idea, and Stormwind/Azeroth remained one of the few to continue to support the Alliance, where-as most everyone else left (or were destroyed, in Alterac's case).

That's all I spotted so far. I will be around for the other prejudices, ready to inform, ready to be racist.
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Still a work in piece, Matty-baby. We need to make sure everyone goes full racist. <3
Do you have what it takes to join the Fighting Blues?
Do you have what it takes to defend your homeland?
Will you stand up in defense of the innocent? The weak?
Will you stand up in defense of Justice and the Law?

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Mathias I would note, despite supporting the Alliance still; and Varian supporting the camps - most Stormwindian humans would with certainty preferred the orcs put to the sword considering all the orcs put them through.
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It's still a note to put down. Could also include some prejudice against their own king for being seen as flip-floppy (Wants orcs in camps before, kept itching for a fight with them when he returned).
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I believe why we put the dislike for Lordaeron for the Alteracians is because despite being on the verge of helping them - the moment there was no noble to support; Terenas seemed to just forget that like 80% of the Alteracians were homeless in his and Stromgarde's lands.

But yes, we should've put down Alteracians disliking Stromgarde, for even if they helped Strom remove the traitors - they were treated poorly and basically walked on after that.
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I'm fine with the dislike of Lordaeron, just considered it odd that Stromgarde, despite (in my opinion) doing more harm to Alterac than Lordaeron did, wasn't included on the list.

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