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A Scarring Problem - Launch Error
Right, so y'know. I just got here, was glad to make my first character, downloaded a first WoW. Didn't work. It said this:

Failed to open archive data/wow-update-13164.MPQ. Missing or corrupted data.

I tried to download a second WoW soon after, from a new source. Installed all the addons, custom patch, blahblahvlargh, yeah.

And then I receive the same error. Hmh. I look on ze Google, find nothing useful, return, decide to replace the corrupted MPQ with one of my friend's, I do that.

Now there's the exact same error, but:
Failed to open archive Data/wow-update-13205.MPQ. Missing or corrupted data.

I do require some help- and I'd be glad to send in the full error report if I have to.
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Did you try and install it to a different location? Sometimes my computer just doesn't like me installing to specific locations or even drives and I have to use my secondary drive.
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The whole folder might be on "read only".
I tried to move it to a different location, that doesn't really help it, at all. As for the read only, maybe- ain't sure. Possible.
How would you fix that, then?
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
Read-only shouldn't be a problem, mine is read-only too and it works perfectly. Have you tried using the one downloadable here from the forums?
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Alright. I managed to fix that massive error by myself, without the help that everyone was so eager (cough) to give me. Nonetheless, now I am in another situation. I can log in, in fact I am online right now, but I cannot equip items. I can use /say but the NPCs are all named 'Unknown', let alone speak to them. As if I was lagging- some sort of lag at least. I'll require assistance once more, and hopefully a helpful one.
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
You need to patch the executable for it to work with private servers. You can find a way to do so here...
Put that file in your WoW folder and start it. Then check the box next to "Disable 'second socket connection.'"
That -should- fix your problem.
Please note that there aren't people here that just magically know how to fix problems but are simply choosing not to tell you - if people don't respond, they're not sure how to help because they haven't experienced it.
Regarding the "Unknown" issue, I know folks have experienced that before, but I don't recall what the fix was. Perhaps try to ensure your firewall isn't blocking any communication to/from the server?
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WoWPatcher(15595)nossc - Component 'Comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

That's for the patcher, as for the Firewall, mine is off at the current moment.
Also- I'm very sorry for that, Kretol, It's just that I've been trying to make my WoW work for exactly a week, and numerous errors and problems have been popping off.
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
I do know of one other patcher that -should- be easier to use and, hopefully, should work.
This does download some other things but you can find the patcher in the "Skyfire Patcher" folder. As before, plug it into your WoW folder and run it. Then click Patch!
Loading Wow.exe into memory...
Loading Mac 'World of Warcraft' binary into memory...
Could not load Win 'Wow.exe' or Mac 'World of Warcraft' into memory. Make sure this program is in your WoW directory and that WoW is closed.

Not helpful, the program that is.
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
If you want, I suppose I could upload my own executable somewhere for you to use? Considering the problems the patchers are having (or the problems you're having with them anyway), that might be for the best. I'll edit this post in a moment...

Edit: http://www.2shared.com/file/dHQS4xR9/Wow.html
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You do that, pretty please.
[Image: tumblr_lho5ae3Fu31qe94fqo1_400.gif]
Done. Check the previous post.
Have my babies. A great thanks to you, it works. I am so very grateful.
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