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A Warning. [Read if you intend to RP with Nostra]
I just want to take the time to clear this up, again.

I do not particularly enjoy Tea-party RP, I prefer adventerous, scheming, plotting, conflict RP. Death is part of this kind of RP and it is something I enjoy when playing, as in having it as a danger, something looming over your head.

This means that when role-playing my character(s), at this moment it´s just Alistus, will be a danger to other characters. He does not fight fairly or in a way that anyone would call "honorable" he will backstab or poison you, turn a mob against you or simply let you burn from afar.

This is a warning so that people know, if hanging around, talking to, looking at, thinking about Alistus (or any other of my characters more or less) your character is danger of being killed, without the chance at being ressurected later.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Aww snap homey, Alistus don't play no games.

I mean, ahem. Yeah, this isn't really something to be taken lightly or as something to intimidate you, or make his character seem like the bad boy of the server. A lotta folks realized that the hard way.

Conflict rp isn't for everyone. I, for one, enjoy a healthy balance. Don't think that a post like this means that you shouldn't rp with Alistus, as Nostra's a dandy roleplayer. But you've been warned! ;)
I'll add to this, on a parallel note:

All of my characters are also people who carry violence with them like a close friend. Kaghuros, Varren, and Vestus are people who not only hold grudges, but are willing to violently and openly carry them out should they be provoked enough.
Does this mean that passing through the Undercity without my DND tag on means auto-death?

All I can say is, ICA = ICC, hopefully.
Lyre Sil'Induin - Soul Seamstress
No, if Alistus is around then warn him that you don't want your character to die at the moment. Then you should either find a way to leave wherever he is ICly or play a different character.
Nostra Wrote:I prefer adventurous, scheming, plotting, conflict RP. Death is part of this kind of RP and it is something I enjoy when playing, as in having it as a danger, something looming over your head.

For the record, QFT (quote for truth). Thrills and chills for all!
And we sang dirges in the dark...
I mean...I'm in yer foerum, reading your poasts.

[Image: badge.jpg]
I swear it was the Saurfang reference that did it! D:
I'll add to this, as I think I've suffered the most from Alistus' wrath.

I lost 2 characters. In the same week. IN THE SAME PLACE.

Alistus doesn't joke 'round man. BEWAAAARRREEE!
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."
Let's look on the bright side! At least he had the decency to tell us that he has unleashed a horrible kill happy character onto the world.
And I am sure happy that I am a Night Elf that avoids the Undead/Forsaken. Stay on Alliance territory.
Aisha Wrote:Stay on Alliance territory.

I move around much.

He- ehahe- muahahawahwhah!
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

Nostra Wrote:
Aisha Wrote:Stay on Alliance territory.

I move around much.

He- ehahe- muahahawahwhah!
Well that's just great! Apart from avoiding Undead NPCs around the map, now I'll have to dodge one that can find me anywhere ^^.
Yeah, Alistus is a killer. In fact, pre-shutdown he was the scariest bogeyman out there. Then again, I never saw him outside of Duskwood, so he's wanderin' 'round Undercity now in the new timeline?

Also: You can re-kill someone in Undercity? Or would the guards react in the same way as those in Orgrimmar, Silvermoon and all those other capitals?

The answer might be obvious but you never know, I've always pictured the Forsaken as "If nobody saw it, it didn't happen."

Can we create an incredibly evil killer character too?
Hmm, then maybe I'll make a good character to get rid of some of these evil ones. Fear my logic!
I'm guessing forming a super team of villians is out of the question?
And... just to post my two cents in, I think its important to remember that not everyone knows whose characters are capable of what. There is no level-guide to anyone's characters, determining whether or not you should get in their face, or risk fighting with them.

I understand that we have a couple of warnings about certain characters, but I honestly think, in addition to 'looking out' for Alistus, it might be pertinent to remember to let a player know, through a whisper or ooc-chat, that their character might die through their interactions with you.

Yes, death is a common occurence in time of war, and its danger makes gameplay very entertaining and involving, but we are all trying to craft our own little stories, and a surprise, seemingly arbitrary, death at the hands of someone's 'pet character' is only fun for the one doing the killing.

That said, also, remember its a game, and if you really like a character, and fear their imminent demise, its honestly best to try and avoid ic combat, since any death/wound/scarring ic should be permanent in any kind of realistic RP setting.

Damn.. sorry for the text wall..

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