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A Warning. [Read if you intend to RP with Nostra]
onegin14 Wrote:Is there any sort of checks-or-balances system?

Can someone simply say "no" to dying?

You must consent to have your character killed. However, that consent does not have to be direct.

Typical procedure is that if you are entering a dangerous situation in which your character can be killed, one party gives you fair warning. "If you stick around here, your character may die." or "Your character totally pissed off mine. Giving you fair warning that if my character catches yours, he/she is dead." At that point, if you continue to do whatever it is you're doing, you are automatically consenting to be killed, provided that the other half can make good on the threat.

It's a balancing act, really. You're given the option to back out of any situation that can get your character killed, but you're not allowed to have your character act like a jerk to those who can realistically kill him without possible repercussions. Or hanging around where she shouldn't, or doing something else equally stupid. You have to consent, but you can't use that rule as a shield to protect your character if he/she is seriously asking for it.
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How do you know whether someone can kill your character or not?

If your character is a strong, vicious warrior as well, for instance?
majketi Wrote:How do you know whether someone can kill your character or not?

If your character is a strong, vicious warrior as well, for instance?

It doesn't really matter, for these purposes. Just because you're given the warning doesn't 100% mean your character is going to die, unless you're outnumbered or outgunned or somesuch. It may come down to a duel or emoted fight, however it's decided.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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Being super strong does not give you an automatic win. It's just as reasonable to outthink an opponent as it is to overpower one. (Part of the reason that I dislike flat-out PvP to determine the result of a fight.) That said, being super smart does not give you an automatic win, either.

One of the best approaches is to agree on a general outcome ahead of time, if possible. If you intend for your character to run because you don't want them to die, you may find out that the other player intended to just chase your character away, anyway, and you won't need to roll or PvP at all. If they intended to go for a kill, you may end up having to settle the outcome in a different way.

Also, about giving prior warning. Prior warning should be given WHILE THE OTHER CHARACTER STILL HAS A CHANCE TO RUN.

For instance:

"Heari REALLY doesn't like elves, and he doesn't like his stuff being messed with. We're out pretty far from the guards, and he WILL attack you if you keep it up."

"I've got you in a choke hold with a knife to your kidney. By the way, you might get killed by this character."

All this talk of responsibilities on the attackers' side demands some accountability from the defender, too. If you are warned OOCly that your character may die, your first instinct will be "but I don't WANT my character to die!". And you may decide to have your character retreat. However, ask yourself if that's actually in character. If your character is either a cautious, critical thinker or a coward (or dozens of other reasons), then they may choose to avoid confrontation. But if your character is reckless or determined, you may have little choice, ICly, but to march them into a life-or-death confrontation. Being honest with yourself in this choice is part of good roleplaying.
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Here's a tip that MAY help if in the event, your character dying becomes almost inevitable.

If you're travelling in the woods and your character's taking a brisk walk, while some devious assassin is planning your death, here's what I tend to do:

Do what your character wants.

If he's just taking a walk, they could choose to go in a direction that conviniently takes them away from the assassin. Or better yet, he wants to go back to the inn where there's plenty of guards around.

This may seem a little too simple, and possibly a bit silly, but it's effective. It may seem unfair on the attacker, but in the end, it's your character. You should decide it's fate.
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Bringing this back to life since we have a lot of new players and I have a feeling we'll see more soon. Read first post for clarity on why!
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Sounds scary, maybe I'll see Alistus in-game. Maybe not.
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