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A bit less damp, please?
Right, I may get drawn and quartered here...but I motion for a bit less damp. Less weather, in short (grit your teeth, Kretol), a bit less sodding RAIN.

I'm well and good with it raining here and there ingame, but I swear sometimes I come in and I think I see all of five minutes of sunlight before it starts pouring down again all over. Every zone I go into, it's raining. It rains in TANARIS, for some reason. It rains in snowy areas. It just rains everywhere.

Please, can we have a bit less weather? We're going to start getting mould!
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I once asked Kretol why there was so much rain and he told me, "It's the Spirits trying to wash away the Plague." Besides, rain adds a gloomy atmosphere that's perfect for a world such as this
I've heard this mentioned by many players - we'll try and find a compromise for this if we can manage it.
I second the motion. Y'all don't want Qaza to get moldy. Ew.

I think a bit more rain than usual is all right, especially in heavily corrupted areas, but it does get a bit excessive.
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~Kurt Vonnegut
I like the rain!
Fits my characters mood very well, and when walking in Tirisfall and the Plaguelands it feels right to have water constantly pour into your wretched skull.

But maybe we could see some sun in say...Booty Bay? Maybe more would visit this fantastic place if they knew that they can find the sun there! (from time to time)
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

/bump <.<;
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