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A few profile changes
Alright. I was told by Andra to post these in here. They're both fairly minor edits, with me just changing a ~10 year stretch in Bauglir's history, and cutting off a few inconsequential years for Boudi. Changes are both in this nice li'l color of blue.



'''Player:''' [[FlyingSquirrel]]

'''Character Full Name:''' Bauglir Felflag

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Bauglir

'''Nickname(s):''' Baug


'''Race:''' [[Orc]]

'''Class:''' [[Warrior]], Blademaster.

'''Age:''' 53

'''Sex:''' Male

'''Hair:''' A braid on either edge of his chin.

'''Eyes:''' Ruddy brown.

'''Weight:''' 6'10

'''Height:''' 430 pounds


He wears a leather poncho over his shoulders, although it does little cover more than that. His arms and chest are a show of intricate tattoos, some of which the meaning is clear, while others are more obscure. He wears a leather shirt over his top, with straps holding it to his shoulders. This has leather shorts underneath. He wears a metallic corset-like thing, that covers his abdomen in ribbed metal. He has shingle-plates over the side of his thighs. His boots and gauntlets are both leather, with fur on top, then plate covering his forearms and shins.

His weapon is obviously aged, with multiple scratches and cuts along the weapon. The remainder of the Horde flag is wrapped around the handle, with bits trailing off at random. A series of demonic runes is etched along the blade of the weapon, various enchantments to make it quicker, as well as more durable. The weapon is typical for a Blademaster, with a long handle before a heavy blade on the other end.

He carries a bag with him at almost all times. It has basic fishing gear, as well as a few loafs of bread.


He rather enjoys fishing. He has an obsession for Vrykul. He does not really seek to emulate them in every way, although he enjoys their architecture and copies their bravery in combat. He's a rather blunt person, both in and out of combat. He has no care for intrigue or subtelty, and they are far beyond his realm of understanding regardless. If he wants something, then he will grab it, and he often resorts to using his natural strength to intimidate or just beat down people who go against his plan.

Despite this, he knows how to look ahead. He has little problem factoring in how different decisions will affect him in the future. However, this doesn't change the fact that he's impulsive. Beyond this, he has very typical Azerothian behavior. He's rude until he knows you, at which point he becomes nice to you. He sees no use in betraying allies, although the concept of honor no longer really has any use to him. He is prone to going back on his word if necessary.

He feels ostracized from the Orcs due to his previous Fel-dependent behavior and thus does not take too well to the Horde. For more obvious reasons, he doesn't feel good around the Alliance. And lastly, due to the fact that he's not so keen on becoming a raging monster who forgets over ten years of history, he doesn't feel safe around the Burning Legion.


Bauglir was actually born as the son to some random member of a small clan. The clan was destroyed by a larger clan, and Bauglir was adopted by one of the warriors. The Orc who adopted Bauglir did so purely so he would have a son, and he trained Bauglir to fight mercilessly. Bauglir was 19 years of age when both he and his adopted father moved to join the newly formed Burning Blade clan. They both were trained to become Blademasters, and Bauglir took especially well to the new concept. He was not the first of his clan to drink demon blood, but he did and, like many others, was transformed into a raging beast.

He personally does not remember the First War, nor the Second War. The last thing he remembered was drinking the blood, and the first was the battle at Blackrock Spire. He, like a handful of other Blademasters, was taken prisoner and taken to an internment camp in the mountains of Alterac. He was treated oddly here. He wasn't tortured and studied like many other Orcs. Instead, the Lord who had him used him as a kind of physical bargaining chip. Bauglir would be shown to the other party as a threat, and if the other party didn't comply. He wasn't given any felblood during this time, and he often used these opportunities for fights as ways to vent the accrued anger.

After these fights, he had moments of calmness. As the years went by, these moments of calm became longer and longer, although never lasting for more than a few minutes at most before the lethargy returned. Of course, he never had any trouble fighting. The mere opportunity to fight, to kill, in it's own, would send him into a bloodlust, something that delighted the Lord which had enthralled him. For years, this went on. When Bauglir was not being used to threaten others, he would be locked up in a dark room and forcefed, often unable to move due to severe withdrawal.

It was when the forces of the Warsong, Frostwolf and other liberated Orcs showed up before the castle that they released Bauglir. They had hoped that he would once more go crazy and take out a good number of the other Orcs. However, he was restrained and taken prisoner by the Orcs with surprisingly minimal loss of life. A Shaman of the Frostwolves took Bauglir aside and meditated with the Orc for many days, if not weeks, seeking to cure the orc of the bloodlust that haunted him. This worked to some degree, so that the Orc could control himself, but, when the opportunity came, Bauglir took the fishing pole of a Human, as well as his own sword and armor, and fled.

Bauglir ran, up until he found an abandoned church. However, it was not abandoned, as less than a week later, Bauglir was found by a Paladin, scouting ahead of the church. The woman attacked him, and Bauglir quickly subdued her. Her put her in a room and forgot about her, until the next day, when the rest of the church came. Under threat of arms, they had Bauglir release the woman he had forgot about. The woman cried for him to be killed, but seeing as she was largely unharmed, the rest of the church saw Bauglir as no threat. As long as he was allowed to fish, he did not harm them. In return for the protection a giant Orc gave them against the rising number of bandits, they let him stay. Not like they could have made him move, either way.

Years passed with this. Whenever any officials came, the leader of the church, a man named Mulberry, would defend Bauglir as an Orc who had not escaped with the rest, and was useful as little more than a slave. This seemed good enough, and with the Church's position in Alterac, visits became less and less as the years went by. At first, the only people to talk to Bauglir were two recently orphaned children, as well as Mulberry. However, as the time went by, the lethargy-induced hostility and unintelligence left Bauglir, and he began to become an active member of the small community, taking part in prayers, learning from them and defending against the common bandit attacks. He was even seen as an impromptu father figure by the two orphans. By the time forces such as Illidan and Kil'Jaedan had been defeated, Bauglir began to think about leaving the church.

Luckily, the Paladin Bauglir had previously locked up had some unfinished business in Dalaran, far in the north. Bauglir felt the desire to see the wonders that had been constructed, and eventually went with her, more of a thing Mulberry forced upon her then of her own desire. It was here, during a trip to the Argent Tournament Grounds, that Bauglir met Solheim. The Human quickly enlisted Bauglir's aid in pursuing his dream, something that Bauglir was quick to offer. For the most part, they just stayed around the tournament, allowing Bauglir to keep in good communication with the Paladin he had been sent north with. Bauglir personally only stayed with the group for Solheim, despite the fact that the fel called to him. He managed to stay away from it, although he acted like he did not, if only to get the trust of the group.

After the defeat of the Lich King, Solheim announced that the group Bauglir had joined was going to move around. Bauglir informed the Paladin, and left with the group. After searching for a good bit of time, many of the members of the group started to fight. They settled in Underbelly, but this did not settle the fights that were occuring between members of the group. It aggravated Bauglir, with all the fighting between the new and the old, and it wasn't quite what Bauglir had envisioned when he had joined the group. After a year of consistently being attacked, the group voted to go into hiding. They split up shortly after.

Bauglir returned to the church south of Alterac. He was given a letter talking about the reinstatement of the Solheim society, under one of the other older members. At first he was wary, and took the opinion of the church. Many, of course, were for the idea of immediately destroying the fledgling Society. However, Bauglir managed to convince some otherwise, and took off to the manor later that day. He arrived, and was granted a position aboard the Council of the new Society, under Marianna. He continued with regular trips to the church, however. Just in case something were to go wrong inside the Society.

==Skills and Abilities:==

Bauglir is a survivor of various wars, and was at one point considered a pinnacle of Orcish might, alongside his fellow Blademasters. Compared to modern Blademasters, he's slower, but also stronger. He also has a few abilities worth mentioning.

-Sprinting; Bauglir has the ability to cover large tracts of land in a fairly short time. This is nowhere near the ability of newer Blademasters, but it is worthy of noting that he can run as fast as a Rogue in his armor.

-Leaping; Bauglir is a fantastic jumper. He can cover about 10 meters in one jump, provided he can run beforehand. This allows him to cover the battlefield quickly, or jump out of hazardous situations.

-Felfire Blade; Bauglir has the ability to enchant his blade with felfire, The weapon burns for about a minute before it's quenched, and is usable, in desperate situations, as a light source. This ability comes internally, and is usable with any weapon Bauglir may get his hands on.




As for Boudi, I merely wanted her adjusted to the age of 43. This would be cutting a century off of her age. The reason is, her middle-aged isn't really how I considered her. I'm playing her as some completely new to almost everything kind of girl, and that doesn't really work out with her age. So, if I could cut 100 years off of her, or have that done, it would be lovely.

Thanks for reading!
Looks good. (1/2)
Second approval (2/2)

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