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A just-as early Christmas present!
Well, I've decided to leave too, due to unknown reasons (Secretly, the Government is watching me outside in a poorly disguised Pizza van.. Which is odd, because we don't have Pizza vans in Australia.)


The server is no longer appealing to me, with the massive amount of.. Illiterates who seem to be flooding in. Seriously, do people know what a period or the SHIFT button is? Now, I wish the best to those who I've RPed with, and those who've been friendly to me. There's been a countless amount, honestly.

Like Mulebean, I'll occasionally be lurking the forums, but I won't be in-game and whatnot. I MIGHT be if the quality of the server improves..

Well, guys, expect me back when I feel that the community in general has improved.
Jeneal jumps into the water. "HAHAHAHAHA!" She turns into a seal.
I know exactly how you feel, Pies. /rant-in-my-head
You know I don't want to see you or anyone leave but...

When it comes to the newer folks... might be better to help them assimilate to how we do things. Don't get me wrong, I know exactly how you feel. I used to pull my hair out every time I saw someone misspell something and not correct it, or talk OOCly in /s with brackets left and right, but after a while... you get kinda used to it. Personally, I've become wicked chill in this respect. Sometimes I'm RPing with a new user and I find them imitating how I RP after a few obviously newbish /s's and /e's and I think to myself... that's so cool!

But yeah, hate to see you go, mate. And I swear the US government is after me too... in the form of my ISP. $700 a month for bad service!

Peace and love, man. Peace and love. ^.^
I wish you luck, Pies!

Catch ya on MSN?
Pies is gone, too?

Peace man.

I know how you feel, about the server. I haven't been here longer than 25 days, but I do see alot of illiterates and trolls flooding the server as of late, sadly.

Anyway, have a nice life, buddeh.
Who is evil, who is blind?
In the name of who you'll find
You're not supposed to question faith
But how do you accept this fate?
Well, even thought I think I don't know you, I must say: Farewell.
It saddens my heart to see that this community is slowly degrading, making others leave and newer folk come in. Let it be known that, at least I, hope that the server does get better and the newer people learn how to type.

Well.. Take care.
..Oh and what about trolls?! Cry
[Image: 124dk.jpg]
Shame I never got to RP with you, always seemed like a tasty desert fun RPer. Hoping to see you back on the server as well one day, I'll be sure to personally improve :mrgreen: Not that I did bad in from my view, just saying one can never improve too much!

One love brotha'

*Orders a pizza*
Quote:Perhaps one day, at a new sight,
We will search again for that light.
Hold it close, between our arms,
Listen again, to the priestess her charms.
- Me, in a poetry named "The Priestess."

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