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A polite request!
Well, I admit it. I'm a somewhat reformed comics geek. (Okay, not really reformed, I just stopped buying...)

To put my money where my mouth is, I took the time to recommend some "playful homage" suggestions based on their characters, since yes, I'm familiar with ALL of them (and not ashamed!). Some of the suffixes for the NPCs are just, uh, goofy, and I recommended some may be best off removed...

Here's my actual useful suggestions! :)

Original /- to -/ Suggested

Logan /- to -/ Yukon
Betsy Braddock /- to -/ Betty Brad
Lilandra /- to -/ Lily Andre
Ororo /- to -/ Uru Roh
Clea /- to -/ Cleo
Kurt Wagner /- to -/ Kurt Mahler
Emma Frost /- to -/ Emily Snow
Henry McCoy (Mysterious dude in a slick hat) /- to -/ Hank Hatfield (Mysterious Guest)
Toad /- to -/ Froggie
Kitty Pryde /- to -/ Katie McBride
Raven /- to -/ Crow
Dazzler /- to -/ Sparkler (maybe swap models with Mystique)
Remy LeBeau /- to -/ Rene LeRuse (mayber remove 'Loiterer')
Mystique /- to -/ Mysterie
Yuriko /- to -/ Yuri Maya
Lorna Dane /- to -/ Laura Lodestar (maybe take out "Bar Bunny")
Jubiliee /- to -/ Joy Lee
Theresa Rourke /- to -/ Cassidy Wail (remove "Token Orc Patron")
Scott Summers /- to -/ Slim Winters (remove "Filthy Rich Gnome")
Rachel Summes /- to -/ Redd Winters (remove "Filthy Rich Gnome's Wife")
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Only the most hardened of comic bookers will be able to deduce those,(I'd fail at Yukon.) also I don't think the Gms will change it in honor of who did the names.
One man
Two guns
Three friends
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XI Touch
FrozenFire is correct. The GM that named those NPCs is one we respect deeply, and is in fact responsible for how wonderfully the entire tavern is set up (as well as a few other areas), not just the locations, looks, and names of the NPCs. Originally, that building was entirely bare. We owe her a lot, and the names will not change unless she asks us to change them.

That being said, please don't take my response as being hostile to your naming ideas, which are wonderful too!
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"We are here on earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different."
~Kurt Vonnegut
Oh, I do understand. I know different creative teams handle legacies differently, so I wanted to offer complete suggestions rather than just put up my perspective.

I'm still not definitively sure what legal issues there could be for a fan-run place using trademarked names without attributions and disclaimers (even for a sue-happy place like Marvel), but I suppose one more murky legal issue would be just one more. ;)
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