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A problem...
Nostra Wrote:People was talking about missing good ol´ adventure/camping RP in the wilds, get some friends together and start something like that up. Or, someone might want to transport a certain cargo to [insert area] and hires a bunch of mercs and adventurers to accompany her.

I've got to admit, I'm one of those people that said that, but the best part? I just motivated myself to create something very concentrated in 'adventure role-plays'. Hopefully after I finish working it out, then and there, I will post it up in the forums and -make- it happen.
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Not a single word about those times when Orgrimmar was filled to the brim? Either this only happened in my imagination or there's some serious shortsightedness going on.

This is the kind of thing that happens now and then. RP moves about, people get into playing certain characters more than others. In this case the characters are alliance. I don't see anything negative about it on whole, and I understand fully that the people being left out are somewhat frustrated, but c'mon. This is neither the first nor last time this has happened to people, and the best I've got here is use LFG to herd people into different neutral areas, like Qaza said. It's been done before.
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