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A question of engineering.
Okay, so I have a few questions about the engineering profession. First, simply for in-game purposes, if I get to the point where I can create a profile and get my character leveled to 80, can I also have my engineering increased at that time? The character in question is an engineer, obviously, but I've honestly never gotten to a high level in the real game and wouldn't know where to get most of the higher-end materials required for leveling.

Another problem is that many engineering recipes are rare or can only be found in certain instances. Is there an easier way to get these recipes, besides finding a Silver Token and redeeming it for the recipe in question?
Approved Profiles does not get their skill raised by GM's, however:
In Shatterspear village, most of the Engineering Recipes are for sale at agreeable prices.
There's also a portal there to Arathi Basin, where all of the required materials to max out your level is for sale. With the money provided for accepted characters, you should be able to get there quite easily!

Do keep in mind that a few rare recipes, and a few types of materials (a few of the bars and such)
seems to be missing from the Vendors. These are not necessary to max out your skill, but a few High-End items might require you to exchange a token for the item in question, or fetch them yourself.
Hogral Coalbeard - Impulsive Explorer
Oh, I didn't know that. Thank you very much, that should help me quite a bit!

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