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A ranger's duty...
A Blood Elf in Ashenvale. A rare sight, yet there she is. Her hood is pulled forward enough to obscure her green eyes from curious onlookers though the Elf looks up to check her surroundings frequently. Though it's night in the forest, the Sin'dorei looks to be writing by the light of the moon.

Anarriah Wrote:I'm not one to put my thoughts down in writing, and you know it. Yet here I am... I suppose I should probably start at the beginning if any of this is to make sense.

The slaughter of our people I'm sure you still remember. When our people rebuilt our homeland it was time for our military, Farstriders included, to remove the Scourge threat from our borders. As you can imagine, we were successful in destroying Dar'khan and his filth, leaving only his minions to harry us. When Arthas was killed it only helped lighten the load on our troops.

Then the Orcs decided to start their little war. Worse, they decided to drag our people into it. It was then that I decided to cut myself loose, both from our people, as well as the Horde. Our people had turned to fel. Warlocks run rampant, blood knights, magisters... I'd played with the idea for a long time but now, with the Lord Regent kissing Garrosh's backside and our lands relatively safe, I finally had my chance and left.

I knew full well where the greenskins had turned their weapons to. They tried to burn Quel'thalas in the years past, and now they try to set the Kaldorei lands to the flame. It seems these Orcs never learn their lesson, and so I gathered what supplies I required and set out to Ashenvale where I'd heard the Orcs were thickest. A dangerous land, especially for one of my own, but I had -and still have- a duty to perform.

I was keeping an eye on the Orcs near Mystral Lake. Using the occasional Orc for target practice, in truth. It seems the greenskins have fallen into a routine after countless Attacks from the Kaldorei forces. Nevertheless, I met my first Sentinel then, after hearing a disturbance a bit deeper in the camp. The Sentinel cut down these Orcs as if they were paper. Interested, I moved to intercept her.

It was interesting to speak to one of the Kaldorei Sentinels. Sentinel Natira Moonstag... A friendly enough woman. Mistrustful, of course, but what else can be expected when you know the history between our peoples. She didn't look much different than what I had expected. Almost like one of our own but without the frailty one usually sees in our magisters... Or even our rangers, and we're not all that frail looking! Someone my own people could learn a thing or two from.

I'd spent my time around the Orc camps then, harrying the beasts when I had the chance. It was after one of these attacks that I met the Sentinel again. I was sitting by the Stardust Ruins, cleaning myself and those arrows that hadn't been destroyed in the Orcs' thick skulls. She was tracking some Orcs, which surprised me that far to the east. Nevertheless, she paused her tracking and we spoke for a little while. I helped her track down those Orcs later, but they likely returned to their base. We ambushed their guards and returned to the Ruins. If there's one thing I've learned it's that the Kaldorei desperately need help in this war. If Natira is any indication, they're exhausting themselves to keep the green tide at bay... Perhaps next time I can convince her to rest, if even for a moment.

I hope there is a next time...

Your daughter,
Anarriah Darkrain.
Independent Ranger.

The Blood Elf looks over the paper for a moment before folding it in half. She snickers faintly to herself and then simply buries it. "Minn'da, Ann'da... Wherever you are, I hope you're proud of your daughter."
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