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A small item request!
To put it simply, there are three items that all share a model. Grieving Spellblade, Wraith Blade, and Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph. I've noticed that all of them are unique, and the former two are main hand only, while the latter has a glow around the blade. Is it possible that one or all of them may have the unique tag removed, and/or that Grieving Spellblade or Wraith Blade or both may be made to be one-hand instead of main hand weapons?
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Mainhand weapons drive me crazy... For that matter, we can't even switch up where the shield and sword go. Not COTHs fault, but blizzards fault entirely for lack of customization.
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It's not really lack of customization. Blizzard made Main-hand one-handers for spell-casters. Most of those weapons have intellect and such stats, and so they made them main-hand only to avoid say... A shaman stacking crazy amounts of intellect and spell power.

But! Back on topic, I agree wholly. There's really no point that it should be there on an RP server.
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