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A torn glove.
Quite honestly, I look back to the Red Glove events, I'm not proud of what I've done. Yet retconning the whole thing is unfeasible; the events have affected multiple players and their characters, and for those who did join events for good villain RP, it has been done. That said, I wish to wash the slate clean as I finally... finally finish the story.

Story: The Red Glove is a criminal organization that has its roots back in the Second War, with some of its members being involved with Alterac's betrayal of the Alliance. Since then, RG was primarily focused on war profiting, creating weapons for the highest bidder. All races are involved, as well as all classes. During peacetime, the Glove was focused on kidnapping, robbery, murder, and enslavement to keep itself afloat.

Now that war has broken out between the Alliance and the Horde, RG will be trying, once more, to make a profit between the factions. They will be focused on kidnapping engineers to build their weapons, as well as finding multiple hideouts so that weapons can be transferred across the continents. The original plan for the building of the "Peregrine", a goblin-shredder based superweapon, was abandoned. Now they're trying different ideas while hiding away from the eyes of heroes.

So what is retconned? What are you getting rid of? Multiple things:

  • One, I am severing most of my characters involved with the story and relying on just two: Haydee and Aimee. Everyone else has moved on, and neither the Glove nor the other guys worry over the other. Dino was presumed killed and left alone. Arnaldo left RG for (presumably) the Remnants of the Harvest. Stefano is relatively happy in The Argent Crusade. Aimee's story is simplified further, as is most of her drama, in order to focus on the players in developing their stories, not hers.

    I realize how selfish I was in trying to personalize the story with other players; it only became a Mary-Sue glory-hog of a story. In severing almost all my other characters and making them tools, I can place more focus onto the players involved. Personal stories will only be told if the players choose to follow them; otherwise, please, focus on your character and how they'll be heroes/villains. I'm a storyteller and a tool. Please look at me as such.

  • The goals are also simplified, as seen in the story above. I realized that I was aiming to high to be the next "server story", but not only did I not gain enough interest, the story would continuously bloat disproportionately to those who are involved. Let's not do that again. We'll start small and end small. No big boom ending. Just an ending.

  • BS concepts such as animal naming and codes are also being rid of. Targets are simplified to only engineers and tinkers (for weapon designing) and people of wealth (nobles, etc).

I apologize to all who anticipated more of the RG story. I promised people I'd finish it, and my God, I will.

If you are interested in joining the story, or have your own suggestions, reply it here.
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