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School is starting up soon, so I won't be on much to begin with, but I have some other reasons I am quitting.

This server used to be a haven for me back last November. Seeing how in less than a year, the population dropped significantly, meaning there is less RP. What irks me is that the less RP we have is more select than it was before. I feel ignored in the community, and honestly think it's not worth my time anymore. Even open RP makes me feel secluded when there is no response to my lines with all the people around me. Conversations carry on with the people that matter, and the lessers just have to sit and eavesdrop and RP themselves reading a book in the background. Maybe I'm taking it too far, but I feel sort of betrayed by the community.
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I'm sorry you feel that way. The community's been on the drop lately, partly due to summer coming to a close and with Prologue looming around the corner again since they've got their sandbox server up. Many are going back to school or finishing up their vacations (and others, like me, just need to focus intensely in some other place for a while).

Hopefully all goes well once school starts! We could all use some more routine after this long summer! :D

Have fun, and good luck!
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You know what, maybe I judged the server a little harshly there. I will still be on, just less often because of school.
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Hey mate, personally I dislike closed rp myself. Private rp is unrealistic. If you want some rp at any point, hit me up. Krest, Daichi, Agald. Take your pick.
Alright, I will still be on the server, just very infrequently while I have school and a job to deal with. I also have Final Fantasy 14and GW 2 to keep up with.
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