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I guess I should have posted this earlier, but here it is at least.

I have been very much away from this game, and the forum I think.. Because I just got a new job at the theaters, and they demand a lot. (^_^'') So I don't really find the time any more to play games. I might have to leave the game, but at least I gave a notice for everyone who's wondering.

Hope to see you all soon. ~
Kaiza ~ "Heeeeeeeeh?"
Masa'Shira ~ "Choo zhurr?"
Xiao'Lin ~ "Hello darling."
Millian ~ "Thou shall find thy happiness when thou seek for thee."
Chiring ~ "Foy! Come on minion! ...Hrmf..."
You can allways come back!

But ´til then take care and don´t work to hard, I´ve heard that it´s bad for your health. *sagenod*
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

If that was true, my school should be closed down.

But back to the point, we'll be here! :P Have a good one.
"I am more afraid of one hundred sheep led by a lion than one hundred lions led by a sheep."

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