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[Achako Hornbluff - Tauren Priest]
Player: Andy7565

Character Full Name: Achako Hornbluff

Character In-Game Name: Achako

Nickname(s): None.

Association(s): Horde, Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar


Class: Priest

Age: 56

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Light Blue

Weight: 487 lbs

Height: 8'4

Usual Garments/Armor: Small pauldrons that match his robe and gloves. He doesn't wear shoes because he doesn't need them.

Alignment: Neutral

Personality: Achako is light spirited and kind hearted. He will rarely lose his temper, if he is ever furious he hides it. Whenever he feels the presence of anger, he meditates. Achako is kind to everyone he meets, usually making a great first impression. Although he is loyal to the Horde, he will still try his best to aid everyone, even if you are not apart of the Horde. Being a nomad he encounters many people around the world, he is in pretty good terms with Night Elves and Draenei. He'll probably be much more kinder to them rather than other races of the Alliance.

History: Achako was born a single child. He grew up with a group of nomadic tauren, his father dying from the axe of a centaur. Achako was still very young when this happened, so it did not affect him or his personality. He was always by his mother, he never let her go places alone. He never wanted her to have the same fate as his father, he loved her too much. When Achako became a teenager he began to learn the ways of shamanism, focusing on fire primarily. He would grow older to become a well respected shaman in his tribe. When he turned 46, the orcs arrived to Kalimdor. They met for the first time, and the orcs provided shelter and stability to his tribe, and many other tauren tribes.

With newfound allies, the tauren have grown stronger with the orcs. Achako being a shaman at the time, helped the orcs reconnect with the shamanistic roots. He participated in the Third War, he spared the lives of citizens though. He only fought those who were fully participating in the war, not innocents. When the war ended, Achako went home to Thunderbluff. He saw his mother once more there, embracing her.

Later on, he began to seek the power of the sun. He would begin to practice spells under the power of the Sun, or the Light. With a bit of training, he would drop his shamanistic ways of life to become a priest. He is most powerful under An'she the sun. He is an avid healer, and actively travels around Kalimdor. He is still a nomad at heart, his purpose in the world is to aid the sick and the wounded with the power of An'she.
Hey there, @Andy7565! It's great to see you churning out more profiles. Keep up the great work!

Quote:Weight: 455

Could you put a measurement after this? Some folks do their weight in kilograms, others in pounds, so we'd like to see which one you're using!

Quote:His mother is very elderly at the age of 73 so he appreciates his mother while he can.

We recognise tauren as being long-lived on this server, so 73 isn't very elderly. She would just begin to be pushing her middle ages.

Quote:he will rarely lose his temper, if he is ever furious he hides it.

Please capitalize this "h"!

Quote:He wears a cowl that harvests mana from the sun (An'she), which makes him powerful in the presence of the sun.

Sorry, man, but this is a no-go. I'd like to ask that you remove this cowl from existence.

Let us know when these changes are made!
Alright, all fixed!

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Quote:With few training, he would drop his shamanistic traits to become a priests.

"Few" would probably be best to be replaced with "a bit of", "traits" I'd suggest be changed to"way of life", and "priests" should just be "priest".

I'd also like to ask that you add another line or two into his personality. Additionally, is his low weight due to lack of muscle with his new lifestyle as a priest? I'd like to see at least thirty pounds added on if such is the case!

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