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Aeronwy Driftwood [GW2][WIP]
I don't know Sylvari lore. Halp.

Player: Corzilla.7184 

Character Full Name: Aeronwy Driftwood

Character In-Game Name: Roux Driftwood (Paying for a name change when I have the gold)

Nickname(s): None yet

Association(s): The Grey Militia

Race: Sylvari

Class: Elementalist

Skills and Abilities: Though she can use all four elements, she feels most comfortable and has the most skill with water. Air is her second, followed by earth, then fire. She takes advantage of the conductivity of water by combining it with air's lightning.

She has some basic survival skills, having set off into the world.

Age: Three

Sex: Female

Hair: A summer growth sylvari, ferns and fronds resembling those of river and lake-side plants, interspersed with cattails. Mostly mossy greens, the middle of the large fronds glowing aqua.

Eyes: Glow a sunny yellow.

Scale/Height: (Scale range between 0.85-1.15. Height optional.)

Weight: (Optional)

Usual Garments/Armor: For her basic travel gear, Aeronwy dons basic leather and cloth in shades of blue, green, brown, and grey. Most of the time she carries a simple staff for channeling elementalism and use as a basic walking stick. She has a flowing dress in her race's style stashed away.

Other: Her skin is a watery blue with mossy green patches and the glow that emanates from the joints in her form is an aqua color. Her build is fairly thick for a Sylvari.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Having only been out of her pod for three years, and only having left the Grove some months ago she is very new to the world. As such, she is naive, but learning. Her head is, as yet, full of dreams of heroic glory. With her inexperience comes a lack of self-confidence: she regards new people with a higher standard than herself. For example, she's asked if two sylvari she's met on her travels were a seer and a valiant. Herself, she's just a wandering vague adventurer.

History: There was a river of mist flowing between banks of darkness. On the bank there see a man and a woman. Their hands were cupped and they reached down to drink mist from the river. Further down the river there was a girl, walking beside the man from before. He leaned down to capture mist from the river and gave it to her. In the distance there was a woman walking alongside the banks of the river. She resembled the man much more at this age. Her gilded armor gleamed brightly though no light shines. She looked down the river, though its course now seems shrouded in haze.

Such were the most prominent series of images from Aeronwy's Dream before she awoke during the Noon Cycle. 

Her life after she awoke for the following couple years were simple. She studied elementalism, discovering a love of using water, followed by air. She was enchanted by far off tales of valor, especially those of the Wyld Hunt Valiants. One in particular seemed to be an ideal, an aspiration to reach to

Something about Scarlet Briar's shenanigans? With the assault of Mordremoth on the Pale Tree, sending her Mother into a coma, Roux has left The Grove to seek answers and power to aid. 
Water washes all things away, and the flow may bring answers from far off places. Or, perhaps, the crashing of waves will render everything destroyed, sent from dark depths.
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