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After the sunwell
Okay, I been working on a Blood elf character and well I'm having a bit of trouble getting his history down from after the Sunwell was Corrupted by undead. I know what the prince did, and how he lead many to Outland and all that good stuff. Some survivors went to Kalimdor. Anyone care to help me with my back ground research and tell me what became of Bloodelves who didn't go to Outland, didn't go to Kalimdor and survived the attack on the Sunwell?

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I believe it was the survivors that stayed, and they rebuilt Quel'Thalas. You might wish to check out the lore on worldofwarcraft.com. There is practically everything you need to know about WoW, and all three WC games.
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Blood Elves who stayed behind rebuilt Quel'thalas, with the intention of rejoining prince Kael'thas in the promised land (Outlands, Netherstorm specifically), where magic was supposedly so thick you could drink it out of the air as if you had been drinking water from a river. But the Scryers brought to light Kael'thas's betrayal to the Burning Legion, who later attacks Silvermoon to abduct the Naaru held there and to use the Sunwell to summon Kil'jaeden.

He gets killed, the Sunwell gets restored by Velen using a shard of the fallen Naaru, it spits out holy energy and everybody is happy.
Thanks both of you. But what you said I already knew. I suppose theirs just a bit of a blind spot in that area of history. Just played though blood elf story and some of the night elves story on Warcraft 3. Relearned a little of what I have forgotten. Enough i can patch up a story that could work. XD

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The history however is only up to the spitting of holy energy, and Velen does believe that the Naaru's holy energy may divert that of the fel or tainted energy the blood elves have been taking in. Thus we may see the High Elves reborn, or at least their energy source restored. Velen mentioned something about the 'rebirth of a nation', so I assume it is this.
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