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Alliance Worgen vs. Feral Worgen
I made my first ever Worgen male... well, at least the first ever I even bothered to look at gear on. I was messing around with him and got him set up before I decided I was in love with how he looked, and deleted that version as it was named Geartest... yes, Gear test, and recreated him as Xyhul. I started to think of who he was and I decided on him being an old hunter. Not like the class, I mean like literally a hunter, kills animals for food and such. Perhaps a gatherer as well. But that ALSO got me thinking, how would the current Alliance Worgen react to feral Worgen, and how would the feral Worgen react to the Alliance Worgen?

I know that some feral groups follow the alpha and will follow that alpha in whatever he chooses to do. Like the Bloodfang pack, as far as I know it is a bunch of ferals from Silverpine. But what of the others, such as in Northrend, or Duskwood. As far as we know, their alphas are feral as well, leaving them as nothing but a wild pack of hungry wolves. So would the Alliance Worgen want to make these feral worgen like themselves? Would they want to try and get them help from the druids ? Or is it the other way... would Alliance Worgen kill feral Worgen that are not under the leadership of an Alliance alpha on sight, as you would expect the other races to do?

I understand that this would be different from one character to another, but what do you think the basic instinct would be for both sides? Personally it seems to me like the ferals would attack on sight as they do with anyone else, seeing as Alliance Worgen are different and carrying weapons and... not part of their pack thus a threat to their territory.

This once again got me thinking onto a deeper subject. Is it plausible to RP as a Feral Worgen Hunter? Specifically a Worgen that hunts down and kills the more dangerous feral Worgens that are a threat to others. I know this part seems more like it would belong in the ideas section, but for now I would just like to focus on the main part of how would Alliance Worgen react to dangerous Ferals such as in Duskwood and Northrend, as well as the other way around.

Xyhul for example, would most likely attack on sight seeing them as a threat to not only himself, but anyone who were to come near them. He would rely on his superior intellect over the beasts as well as armor and weaponry to hopefully take them down, as wolves never hunt alone and are always in a pack. It gave me the idea for a Feral Hunting party... Multiple like-minded Worgen wanting to kill off the dangerous ferals for a couple reaons. Firstly to get rid of the threat, and secondly to hopefully calm people down about the Worgen being part of the Alliance. Perhaps they could earn the respect of many people if it became known that they were hunting down the ferals that have plagued these areas for so long, for the safety of the Alliance people.
Why not? I mean, it's probably not the main focus of the Gilneans, but it sounds like a plausible focus for a character.
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I was under the assumption that 'feral' always meant the ones lacking apparent intellect. If so that'd be a bit odd, since you'd basically be playing a wolf in a wolfman's body.

EDIT: Okay. Wait. I think I'm misreading.

Actually it seems like some Gilneans are more interested in the prospect of 'try to cure, kill if it doesn't work' with ferals.
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I don't know, I wouldn't think e feral would care to reason. Ten again, I'll admit that I don't know much concerning the packs and the feral worgen technicalities. But mostimportantly, since ferals are hostile, wouldn't they be like Defias or the Scarlet Crusade where they're unplayable?

I think you should instead have a worgen that simply more in touch or embracing with his curse rather than flat out feral. But I dunno. A feral group or pack could be interesting, if properly done.
I think too many people are reading the first paragraph and not the rest. She's wondering if making a Worgen that hunts feral Worgen would make sense.
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(05-02-2013, 06:32 AM)Rigley Wrote: Actually it seems like some Gilneans are more interested in the prospect of 'try to cure, kill if it doesn't work' with ferals.

I might be tempted to throw this in the category of most, not just some. They know what it's like to walk down that path, even if it's only a little. I don't think many would be so willing to hunt and kill feral Worgen, unless they're too far down the path to be redeemed.
It would be interesting none the less. I do have a worgen that needs something to do, so count me in.
This was (is?) very popular in retail when I played (2-3 years back) and I can easily say I disliked the concept very much. One: As Rigley pointed out, most cursed Gilneans would probably sympathize with the ferals and try to cure, only putting them down when they're too far gone. If said Gilnean isn't cursed or is xenophobic, I won't have much protest against that, though. Two: Last I looked, Gilneans are fierce nationalists. Perhaps they may feel a bit of shame in killing a fellow countryman, even if (s)he is a cursed being? "What if I had cured him/her" may strike their minds, perhaps before slicing the throat or pulling the trigger.

Just my two cents on this issue.
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Then perhaps a group who's goal is to cure, and if unable, kill. Not Feral hunters, but a group of individuals that want to make the Worgen curse end, whether by healing those like them, or ending the ones that can't be saved.
On an interesting note regarding Gilnean's hunting the feral worgen, this sort of thing happens during one of the quest chains in duskwood, there's a (Unanmed admittedly) group of NPC's travelling around and trying to cure the feral worgen there, or killing them if they can't. At the end of the chain though, they only -just- get their first worgen that's managed to retain their mind, let alone become human again.

Check out 'The Yorgen Worgen' quest on Wowhead or something, it has the rest of the chain there.

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