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Alternative clothing.
I don't know if this is possible here, but on a few of the MMO's I've played, it's possible to wear clothing for style purposes, but have the stats of more practical gear.

To explain: Say I wanted to RP in a high level area, like Northrend or Outland, but my RP gear is very low level so I wouldn't be able to hold my own against the enemies there. Well, with this feature, I can equip my RP gear AND my practical gear at the same time, and I can choose which set everyone sees, and be able to hold off my enemies while looking as if I belong in the start zone.

To quote the Everquest 2 wiki: "Starting at level 20, players can wear any clothing that's allowed by their class in "appearance slots", overriding the appearance of their functional gear."
We used to do that, but so many people wanted those items it just became counter productive, and all the GM's time was spent on doing that. There are a lot of vendors that offer some custom items, that don't have any stats.
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