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Ambient Mixer!
Just wanted to point out a pretty nice site. It's basically a tool for making ambient, looping atmospheres without having to go through lots of audio work yourself! It has a library of sounds (it is significantly lacking in some areas, but bountiful in others - depends on what you're trying to make) of which you can select up to eight into a template, where you can change the volume, left/right speaker balance, make it crossfade or not or have it occur at random intervals instead of just constantly looping.

I made a thing with it a few days ago which I think is a pretty good example of what can be done with it.


The pre-existing templates people have made alone could be pretty useful for setting the mood in RPs and more dependable than, say, just having mood music. At least to me!

Either way, just thought I'd point out its existence to anyone that might think it's cool.

Also, Merry Christmas everyone!
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