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An Apology for 'thread Necromancy'
First and Foremost, I apologize for posting in a old topic as if trying to ressurect it. It was only after my third time doing so that I noticed, "oh look,...The posts are time-stamped in small font". I've been catching myself doing it more, and abort my posting, but I find interesting topics and, only finding after I've read most of the posts, that those topics have indeed Kicked the bucket.

One suggestion would be to display the day/time of the original post, but that is just a suggestion....

So,...I'm sorry to those who it would dismay, I'm sorry for unwittingly trying to rez posts, and I'm sorry for not letting the old stuff sink to the bottom...
When on the forum index you can (To the right of the screen) see when the last post was posted, I usually go by the dates. If it´s older than a week or so I leave it alone, (admittedly that is a struggle at times) except in some cases where it´s a relevant thread or similar.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!


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