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An Unexpected Wedding
[Image: Scandal_zpsdbff1c89.png]

Wednesday, September 25th, at 8:00PM Server Time

It has been a topic of conversation common amongst the gossip of Silvermoon. After all, chatter flows through the streets like blood through their veins. Merewen Sunfire was famous only for her mother- a magister and noble who had miraculously risen from the dead amongst thousands more after the Third War- though she was certainly was one to make sure of the limelight. Banquets, Bikinis, Bar Scenes, she was followed for them all, which made the news all the more crashing to those curious minds. Marriage was a concept foreign to her and the world, almost as foreign as her wife to-be: A young woman by the name of Camillia Firescribe.

The wedding was scheduled in the matter of mere days, or at the least that's what the public knew. By the time word hit the street it was quickly realized that the wedding was the next day of and was certainly to be a spectacular- not because of Reigen's reputation of hosting gaudily-dressed ceremonies, but because of the potential drama and horror that's to possibly arise. After all, it was a wedding between two women, publicly at that!

Of course for such a ceremony every socialite on the good side of Silvermoon will be in attendance with their best. No Weapons, no armor, just fine clothing and pretty faces.
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