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An Unforgiving Task
(Really, this is just a way for me to do stuff with Ceredor that I don't do in-game. I may ask others to join in at some points, but until then, it is all closed so.. enjoy me talking to myself. <3)

The forests of Ashenvale, while sometimes seeming to be peaceful and quiet, was never completely so. There was always some threat, some terror.. plotting to bring harm to something. Whether it was the Orcs and their allies trying to gain more ground for their own reasons, the Naga attempting to push in from Azshara, or even a simple Nightsaber hunting its prey.. It was never truly peaceful.

Always something plotting, always something hunting. And not like the other natural hunters in the forests, this Hunter also needed to hunt. Ceredor spent much time walking back and forth along the road between Astranaar and the rest of the forests.. but once it was quiet and he was sure that it was safe, he headed to his hunting grounds.. Felfire Hill.

Stopping by his usual place, where he had hidden a stash of separate clothing, supplies, whatever he may need, and changing out of his usual shady attire to keep them clean, he was off to the Hunting Grounds.

The Night Elf wore little, only a pair of flexible pants(with several cuts in them) and carried just his weapon, the double-sided glaive. This allowed him maximum maneuverability. His body glowed softly from the bright green tattoos that seemed to trace down his entire body, in an odd, erratic pattern.

He was not as others knew him now. He was a predator, a hunter.. and he had a thirst that needed to be sated and a job that needed doing.

The Hunter finally reached his destination.. the ground and all around taking on a greenish glow, in his eyes. Or lack thereof. He kept himself hidden, watching his prey from afar, and carefully picked which would be the first.. But he had plenty of time to pick and choose.. The night was young.
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