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Angelika [Human]
Player: Dotsy

Character Full Name: Angelika Kastos

Character In-Game Name: Angelika

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Strom, Stromgarde, Stormwind

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Skills and Abilities: Angelika is nowhere near average with her abilities as a rogue. Much of her life has been spent in training as a medic and it's left her with abilities, as a combatant, nearing horrible.

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 131 lbs.

Height: 5'4''

Usual Garments/Armour: Angelika is often found wearing comforting clothing.


A rather carefree example of a physician, Angelika is rather relaxed in situations she knows well. A creature of desire, Angelika is also often looking for ways of relaxing herself; most notably, this includes alcohol and medication drugs from time to time. To anyone she may meet, she often offers herself as a very helpful sort, eager to help others as much as she can. In the face of dire circumstances that she isn't used to, she can be rather fearful though.


Born in the city of Strom, Angelika was quickly exposed to her rather large family of seven children. Throughout her childhood, her brothers and sisters were most of what shaped her personality. Their parents were often away, tending to survivors from the South and soldiers returning home, and still managing to continue their crafts as well. The First War had taken its toll on the family and humans in general. For the children of the Kastos family, it soon meant working with their parents at an early age in their crafting.

Amongst all their customers, Angelika soon found one family rather interesting to her: a family that had taken refuge from the First War in Stormwind in Strom. An older child in the Azerothian family particularly took much of her interest. He was in training to become a physician, or at least that's all that Angelika had heard about him. Soon, the two grew a bit closer, Angelika soon finding out that he, in fact, already was a physician and was eager to help many of the other exiles from Stormwind. When the Kingdom of Azeroth was being rebuilt once more, he announced his plans to leave to help.

Angelika happily followed him and the others that left back to Stormwind. Upon arriving, she quickly began to serve under him as an assistant, or even a nurse. During this time, he taught her much of what she knows today in medicine. Overall, their team served a moderate size of people. They were just some of the many humans that were there through a lot of the reconstruction.

During the Third War, Angelika received news of the plague in the North. Naturally, she feared that Stromgarde was soon to fall as well. Not not being able to save Strom by herself, she soon became the one who was exiled herself. With Strom, or Stromgarde, well behind her, she now lived in Stormwind, and continued to support her childhood friend as a nurse for the few years to come before she would eventually begin to work on her own.

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