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Another Idea for a Town
I saw Marius' post and wanted to share an idea that I had too.

I think it'd be really cool if sometime the Pyrewood Village in Silverpine, right by Shadowfang Keep, was emptied of the NPCs that are already there, and then throwing a few new ones in (ie. Innkeeper, Trainers, Vendors, and of course some sort of sexy barmaid, etc) and making a little town out of it. There is a plethora of empty and available housing in Pyrewood, and most houses simply require a bed to make it a perfect little home. If it ever came to pass, of course, I'd have a home there as well and would hope it would sort of become a place for my character to rebuild her House and bloodline, as well as an interesting place for other's characters to live and roleplay.

This post isn't meant to pit Marius' idea against mine, or anything. I just think that as the server grows and changes, a few little social hubs like this will end up being vital and extremely fun. I would love to see this idea come to pass in the future, and already have some ideas for the town that I think would work nicely.

I like the werewolves : O
Skalus - Bloodsail Pirate
Urisun - Scourge Lich
They don't turn to werewolves on this server anymore anyway >.>
Just creepy people.. that all look the same

WoOooOOoOOoooOoOoOo!!! *ghost noises*
I say we go ahead with this, provided Marius doesn't build hisin Pryewood, or whatever, if one gets built there it would rock ^^
The issue with having towns is there's so few people as it stands, and everyone wants their own town, that eventually the whole server looks like Horizons....the world as it is feels massive enough with so few people in, and roleplaying is already difficult to try and pinpoint places. Adding more towns and hubs to try and keep track of might make things more problematic rather than less. We've got abandoned, unused cities all over the place...would it make more sense to just be more active in places like Stormwind, Darnassus, and so on rather than taking rather out of the way areas and building them up?

I understand everyone wants to have something that is theirs...but I'd be more inclined to see what we've already got being used before creating anything further. There's already several different areas which we are/should be using, and unless those see more play, I wouldn't be inclined to want to add more. As far as being "neutral" goes....it seems everyone is pretty neutral anyway, with none of the factions really fighting anyone but themselves in rare occurences, so the need for a "neutral" ground seems moot. The entire world of Azeroth is neutral ground, for better or for worse. There's nothing to want to escape from as far as any allliance/horde factions because factions no longer exist.

Just my tuppence, ignore it as you will.
Live your own life; you die your own death
I agree with Maeven.

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