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Antares (Draenei Paladin)
Woo a profile that's not a repost.

Player: CappnRob

Character Full Name: Antares of Argus

Character In-Game Name: Antares

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): The Draenei, the Argent Crusade

Race: Draenei

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities:

Protector: Antares specializes in using the Light to protect himself and others.

Age: 27, 848

Sex: Male

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Glowing White

Scale: 1.03

Appearance: Standing slightly taller than the average Draenei, Antares' skin is grayed and wrinkled, particularly around the face. His body is well built and rough, the result of his multi-millenia long duty against the Legion. Besides that, he looks as usual as any other Draenei.

Other: N/A

Alignment: Lawful Good

Personality: Antares is as stalwart as he is reserved and respectful. A patient and humble soul, Antares has taken the loss of his family on Argus seriously and was forever changed by it. He knows that to strike at the enemy, one must be stern and determined to wait for the opportunity to show itself. Rarely expressing any emotion outwardly, he should not be mistaken for being stoic. Rather, he is very subtle in how he chooses to display his feelings.

History: Antares is one of the handful of surviving Draenei who calls the lost world of Argus his home, being born to a wealthy and privileged family in the majestic city of Mac'Aree. Life for him was easy going and enjoyable in the sacred capital, and it was as such for over two thousand years. However, towards the end of those years, Antares noticed his people starting to change. The spellweaving Eredar began to fall upon darker and more destructive arts, drawing magic from the Shadow and Fel. Eventually his own family fell into darkness, and they almost pulled him in, too. Fortunately, there was salvation at hand: one of the Triumvirate's leaders, Velen, had seen the truth of these dark powers from the Naaru K'ure. Gathering at the top of Argus's highest mountain with a pilgrimage of others, the Eredar exiles escaped Argus through an arcane vessel across the Twisting Nether: the Oshu'gun.

Having lost his family to darkness, Antares dedicated himself to the Naaru's divine will humbly and wholly. He was among the first vindicators and anchorites to form under the leadership of Velen, desiring to be a dutiful soldier against the Legion. As the millenia passed, Antares honed his styles and magic arts to perfection. Velen's teachings struck with him strongly, and he looked to the Prophet as a father figure for his whole people. Patience and tenacity were his core values, knowing that one day soon the Exiles day will come.

As a member of the Naaru's fellowship, Antares was dedicated to spreading their virtues to others of his people so long as they were aboard their vessel. One draenei he took fondly to was the reclusive and simply named Ce, who spent most of his time alone tending to various plantlife he gathered from the worlds the draenei visited for short duration. The two had much in common, being from Mac'Aree and they hit off a strong friendship which lasted until their arrival on Draenor.

When coming to Draenor, Antares and Ce went their separate ways. Antares traveled with a core collection of vindicators and anchorites to the east and constructed the sacred temple of Karabor. It was here the guardian would reside for his short thousand years on the red world, with the rare visits to Ce's own village being a break from his duty. Unfortunately, Ce frequently traveled and therefore the two friends rarely reunited for pleasure. At Karabor, Antares took to not only guarding the holy site from the dangers of Draenor, but also instructing pupils in the art of armed combat.

Antares' last lesson came on the eve of the orc's attack on his people. Standing valiantly against their blood craze, he none the less was unable to make safe the temple. Defeated, he escaped the battlefield with other survivors under the leadership of Anchorite Akama. As the party traveled to the marsh to reunite with the survivors of Shattrath and other communities. He restationed himself at Telredor, and kept himself busy as the overburdened community was strained to defend itself from the resident wildlife as well as keep the food stores supplied.

When the prophet Velen lead his people to the Exodar to escape to Azeroth, Antares was among the majority who followed. After the vessel collided on Azeroth, Antares first dedicated himself to the rescue of injured draenei and constructing settlements. He worked for a while with the Hand of Argus against the Sunfury agents who were encamped on Bloodmyst island, but after their expulsion and the safety of the Exodar secured, he embarked on a search for a new cause.

That cause was the Argent Dawn. For twenty-five thousand years Antares had followed Velen's words as if they were gospel, but he questioned the Prophet's choice to ally the draenei with the Alliance. While it was true the orcs massacred them some decades prior, and also true that it was the Alliance who assisted the draenei in their recovery, was not their calling to fight the forces of darkness as the Army of the Light? Taking a side in what seemed to be a boiling factional war seemed contrary... and so Antares came into the service of the Argents. Here he became acquainted with Krilari Dawnsend of the Brotherhood of the Light and served under his command several times against the Scourge and the Legion.

Now, with the Lich King dead, the Scourge are dwindling but still present. What's to come of the Crusade when they secure the plaguelands? With all out war exploding across the world, Antares feels uncertainty growing inside him, but for now he hides it behind a strong face and keeps to his duty. The day of the Light will come soon.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
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