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Hey all,

I'm looking for some RP circles to join to help get back into the flow of the server. Does anyone have any storylines that are joinable, or perhaps simply characters that you might like to RP with?

I have many characters-- my timezone is NA -- CST (GMT -6?)

-Afaratan Nethershriek: Disgraced/dishonored blood mage. All of the power, none of the responsibility. Alignment: Somewhere in the evil spectra.

-Aphetoros Zin-Anduth: Ancient Highborne Mage. Dedicated to restoring the noble name of his people and eradicating threats to Azeroth to atone for his involvement in the first Sundering of the world.

-Crescenthorn Spirithoof: Tauren Spirit Champion/Dragonsworn. He'd be really fun to RP, but I'm having trouble finding a place for him.

-Clazbolt: Goblin Slaver... of Elementals. Chaotic neutral/ignores alignment and boundaries for the sake of profit.

-Tydael: Blood Elf Young Adventurer/Rune-user. (Runemaster class, needs to be remade into a warrior, however.)

Claudd: Human Warlock enslaved by a Shivarra due to a contract gone sour.

Fisk: Laughing Skull hunter with a pet Ravager. Eccentric, but kind.

Olethrose: In life, he was an uncorrupted necromancer. He ended up working with the Scourge somehow, at some point, in hopes to prevent something terrible, but was betrayed and killed, later raised into a Death Knight.

Alun'fae: Zandalari Troll Mage. Stark believer in the voodoo, takes a great interest in troll history and preservation of troll culture.

Kash: Troll necromancer/corpse-watcher. He preserved corpses in his tribe and began to learn necromancy.

Ner'ova: Shadowmoon Orcish Shadowmage, astrologer and Dark Star Adherent.

Gul'dhar: 88 year old, Chaotic Evil Orc Stormreaver Warlock, part of the first generation of warlocks in the Horde. Seeks power for himself and power for the Horde. (See: Iron Horde but run by warlocks, would be his dream.)

I'm very versatile, especially within the Horde, but I'm also up for making new characters. I'm trying to find a new 'muse,' as it were.

Excited to RP with ya'll. :)

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  • Altaine
Aaaaareee youuuuu EU or NA? :3 Timezone, that is.
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Oh, NA -- Central Time.
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