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Sorry I have been away so long guys. Chia's been sick so I've been kind've focusing most of my time both on her and on work (gotta love the need of overtime for christmas.)

Know that the Kenji plot is still up, I've just got to find a suitable time to actually log in and play it with you guys. I'm sorry!
Taking care of yourself and those whom you love always come first, so it is very understandable. Saying that, you are missed! Tell Chia we miss her too, and I hope she is well enough to join us soon.

If anything happens regarding the farm with my characters (Shade works there now, and Chayne should have some contact soon as she works for Tradewind too) I'll be sure to post it up in my bio so she can keep up with things.

Get well soon, happy holidays to both of you. :)

Shademoon - Human Priestess, Humanitarian
Chayne - Human Paladin, Tradewind Mercenary

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