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To all I offended (Yes, I play Raian on the server), I am sorry. I don't care if anyone dislikes me, wants me dead, don't care to see me, don't want my apology, is angry at me, or whatever. All I care about is that you hear my apology. As I have said, I'm going through crap right now. Very, very stressful crap. However, as some have said, this is no excuse. Specifically, I'm sorry Momo. Anyone can reply to this thread, can insult me, can comfort, I don't care. After I type this, I'm turning my back to this thread. Thank you.
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Thank you very much for your apology. The residents of this server are not as quick to hate as it may be made out, we just prefer that the LFG channel be kept PG-13, and insulting words not be used casually. I am sorry that situation turned as volitile as it did, but as I said, thank you for your mature reaction of the apology.
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Well, umm... good game? It happens, - speaking to everyone - I see where the GM's are coming from so I won't contradict anything they say, but Varithos. Stop caring about it, I mean it's not that big of a deal... really.
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Apology accepted.

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