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Arahaelon [Blood Elf Blood Mage]
This is the reprofile for Arahaelon to make the change from a Destruction Warlock to a full fledged Blood Mage as he was originally meant to be. Unfortunately I was talked out of going that path with my original profile but have since changed my mind and want to fix that error.
I was unable to find much detailed information on how one learns to use Blood Mage abilities, but I tried to work with what I could find.

Player: Morhana

Character Full Name: Arahaelon Erurion Amberdawn

Character In-Game Name: Arahaelon


Association(s): House Amberdawn, Magistry of Quel’thalas, The Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Blood Mage (Warlock)

Skills and Abilities:
Flamestrike - Arahaelon is able to conjure a pillar of flames to burn a target location.

Drain Mana - Arahaelon can siphon mana from his target.

Summon Phoenix - Arahaelon can summon a Phoenix for a period of time during combat.

Verdant Spheres - Arahaelon has multiple Verdant Spheres that empower his abilities. These can be seen orbiting his head at time.

Drain Demon Essence - Arahaelon can drain the life essence of a demon with his verdant spheres.

Expert Conditioning - Arahaelon is rather agile and strong, despite being a Blood Mage. This strength is due to his frequent personal exercise.

Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn - Arahaelon is extremely proficient with fel fire.

Age: 1250

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond, long, "Falcon" style

Eyes: Fel Green

Scale/Height: 1.13 (He is quite tall for a Blood Elf. This is a trait that runs in the Amberdawn family)

Weight: 225 lbs

Appearance: Arahaelon is an unusually tall Blood Elf. He keeps up a strict exercise routine, which attributes to his strong muscular features. His golden hair is always kept long and in a decorative style. Arahaelon wears gold and crimson robes with fel crystals laid into various sockets across his outfit. When needing to be more mobile, he would leave the robes and other clumsy garb for a tight-fitting red and gold sleeveless top and trousers. These expensive clothes are all carefully fitted to his body and are maintained very well. Arahaelon wears a small journal wrapped in crimson silk bound to his belt, along with a coin purse, and a few other pouches for whatever he may need to carry. He carries a golden staff with several fel crystals laid in the head as an implement for his magic.

Personality: Arahaelon was once happy. He was once friendly. This all changed when his wife, the love of his life, was murdered before his very eyes. Since the attack on the Sunwell, there are few people that Arahaelon likes. He has few friends, and fewer that he even trusts.

Arahaelon bends the knee to his niece, Nevael Amberdawn, but this is only because of her title. He cares little for his niece, believing that the title of Patron should belong to him. Besides Nevael, there are few in his family that would challenge Arahaelon’s word. His command is generally quickly heeded by those under his employ or command.

His deep voice is strong. He speaks loudly, his voice booming, when he feels the need to talk. His speech is very clear and consistent. He rarely changes tone or volume.

He is generally very suspicious of new people, acting with caution around those he meets. Very little emotion shows on Arahaelon at most times, and it takes a strong force to bring him out of his shell. There are many things that could cause Arahaelon to be harmful to others, but it would take a high frequency of these things to force his hand.

History: Arahaelon Erurion Amberdawn was born to parents Talawen and Ainion Amberdawn, just a short time after his brother, Lyron Laonon Amberdawn. From an early age it was clear that Arahaelon was going to grow to be of large stature, a feature that was very common in the Amberdawn family. For nearly a century the brothers lived under their parents with little responsibility or work other than a strict daily exercise schedule.

After reaching a suitable age, the brothers began being instructed on the use of magic. Arahaelon took a quick liking to fire magic, while Lyron had more of an affinity for the arcane. During his time in his schooling, Arahaelon met Araia Ealodiir, whom he quickly came to fall in love with and marry. Around the same time, Lyron had met and, in only a short span of time, married Talaien Faladel. Unfortunately, during this same time, Arahaelon's Grandparents, Raiia and Erurion Telethryl both died of natural causes. This time was cause for great tragedy in House Amberdawn as the Patron, Laonon Amberdawn, was also killed. The murderer was never found. This passing granted the title of Patron to Arahaelon's father, Ainion Amberdawn.

After some time, Arahaelon and Araia were blessed with a child, their first son. After his son reached adulthood, he was put on the same strict exercise schedule that he was put on as a child. Once his son was of an appropriate age, Arahaelon also enlisted the boy in the same schooling that he was put through. Several centuries passed and Arahaelon reached a point that he would accept as having mastered his control of magic, and he began learning the ways of politics to someday become a Magister like his father before him.

Soon Arahaelon was told of the birth of his Niece, Nevael Amberdawn, daughter of Talaien and Lynon Amberdawn. Arahaelon was quick to aid Nevael in her use of magic, once she was enrolled in her schooling. Before long, his young niece was married. After over a century of studying and learning, Arahaelon was accepted among the ranks of the Magistry of Quel’thalas.

House Amberdawn was struck with tragedy once more as Ainion Amberdawn, Patron of the House, and father of Arahaelon and Lyron Amberdawn, was assassinated. It has been assumed that the murder was a political move but nothing was proven. Following the loss of Ainion Amberdawn the title of Patron was passed to Arahaelon’s elder brother, Lyron Laonon Amberdawn. House Amberdawn proceeded for many years of relative peace. Little was happening in Elven land.

Most elves were absent during the First War, as it was a war between the Orcs and Humans, and those of House Amberdawn were no different. The Second War was different, however. Among those aiding in the war were Arahaelon and his brother's family. During the war, House Amberdawn suffered the loss of their Patron once more. Lyron Laonon Amberdawn and his wife were slain by Orcs causing Nevael Amberdawn, daughter of Lyron Amberdawn, to earn the title of Matron. Following these events, those of House Amberdawn returned to their homeland and formally established Nevael as Matron.

In the following years, Arahaelon personally witnessed this wife, the love of his life, murdered before his eyes in his own home. The murderer snuck in through a window in their home and put a dagger through Araira’s heart. Arahaelon had entered the room just in time to witness the murder. He let out a pained shout as the assailant ran. He chased the assassin from his home and into the woods. After catching up to the Assassin, he promptly grabbed the shorter man and pinned him to a tree. Fury was all the assassin could see in Arahaelon’s eyes, and it was that fury that he witnessed in his last moments. With a furious cry, Arahaelon unleashed vicious flames upon the murderer. The flames lit up the dark woods for several moments, and as they died down they revealed only ash and charred remains where the assassin once stood. Days passed and following Araira’s funeral, Arahaelon turned to his cousin Melestia Celemirsel for comfort. Some time later, Melestia came to Arahaelon with a child. She claimed the young boy was the son of Arahaelon, but he grew angry and turned the two away. Most believe the child to be the son of Melestia’s husband, but few know the boy is truly Arahaelon’s son.

Nearly a decade of little importance to House Amberdawn had passed. Soon enough Arthas marched on Quel’thalas with his army of Scourge in tow. The corruption of the Sunwell struck Arahaelon hard. Despite the Matron of House Amberdawn fleeing to the Outlands with Kael’thas’ forces, Arahaelon remained in his homeland. He struggled, along with many others, to survive during this time of weakness. Arahaelon, being the son of a previous Patron, took leadership for his family remaining in Quel’thalas until the return of Nevael Amberdawn. Arahaelon grudgingly passed the title back to his niece, serving instead as an advisor to her now. With the return of Kael’thas and his forces, Arahaelon served alongside many others to rebuild the city with his newfound taste for Fel magic.

With much experimentation and study, Arahaelon came to enjoy using Fel fire and through much practice and study, even came to understand the use of verdant spheres and other Blood Mage abilities with the assistance of a colleague from the Magistry. Arahaelon cared little for the Sin’dorei joining the Horde. It was an unfortunate necessity and would likely serve as a suitable stepping stone for Quel’thalas to regain its former glory. The Sunwell was purified with the heart of a Naaru, but this did little for Arahaelon, as he was deeply rooted in the use of Fel magic by this point. He reacted similarly to others in his family after the rise of Deathwing and the Shattering, and since Quel’thalas was largely untouched by the cataclysm he thought little of it, though he was wary of the Destroyer and made sure to watch the skies for incoming dragon attacks. He spends most of his time recently aiding the family and doing his duties as a Magister of Quel’thalas.
First Approval (1/2)
As a quick side note:

Quote: After reaching a suitable age, the brothers began being instructed on the use of magic. Arahaelon took a quick liking to fire magic, while Lyron had more of an affinity for the arcane.

All magic that mages use is arcane. It's not direct elemental magic, like shaman use. It's arcane manipulated to be fire or ice or what have you. Just wanted to mention that!

[Image: anim_500.gif]

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