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Argenaught's GM Application
Please, before making an opinion based post in regards to this topic, read the entire application. Thank you.

Let me start with introducing myself. My forum name is Argenaught, however my real life name is Kyle, and the name Argenaught came from a Warcraft III series of DoBRP roleplays, including two friends with whom I have lost contact with. I'm in High School at the moment, so I would only be able to play after school during weekdays, normally at night time, which is pretty much when everyone is most active anyway. I am a long-time roleplayer, etching back into Warcraft III, DoBRP, which was 4-5 years ago. From Warcraft III, I eventually moved on to Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy(JKA). From JKA, I've been skipping around areas, from SWG, to WoW live, and then to here. I have been playing here for about a week, maybe more, and take just about any chance I get to get on the server; I love this place.

I realize what I am requesting. I had been an admin on my old Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy(JKA) server for roughly 3 years before quitting(The community turned on the admins, seeing what they could get away with[we were a non power-mongering society], pressuring them, several admins quit and were replaced with less-than-worthy admins, and I left the server due to a number of bad decisions on their part. You'll need to take my word for this, I can't give you a website/forum url because they purged the old one, and I have lost sight of them since, but believe that they have fallen apart completely). I have past admin experience, and this server reminds me a great deal of the server when it first started out. While I am not familiar with World of Warcraft GM commands, but I am resourceful, learn quickly, and dedicated.

I believe that I have a decent amount of skills to contribute to this server. I have watched a similar server grow for three years, and could give you a number of suggestions and recommendations that were used and were successful for a server/community of elite roleplayers that stood for 3+ years strong. I am generally skilled at communicating(Well, once I get familiar with the community and make assessments of personalities) and on-server duties. I may have school, but during summertime, I will be here near-constantly. I know what I am asking, and know what I am getting myself into. I know that this may not be ‘fun,' as some people may believe, but I am willing to shoot for the stars, if you give me my rifle. :)

My reasons for this application are simple; the server is growing, and the admins are working harder to keep it running fluidly. I recall Dorgoth mentioning that the tickets were going off the page once due to such a vast amount of token requests. With the influx of newcomers to the server, it is in my belief that more admins are needed to keep the server under control. I believe that two, possibly three more admins would help the server work fluidly, and keep the token requests under a controlled, and more rapid completion rate. Having lived through it, I think2 an overly stressed admin will lead to eventually quitting his position, as it gets too much for him to handle. During my stay at this server, I have grown to love it, and its community, and do not want this to happen to its admins.

I hope that you take my application into careful consideration. I am experienced and in my belief, have a good amount I could contribute to the admin team. Dorgoth and Kretol both do an excellent job here, but I'm sure that they could use more help with the new, larger playerbase. I know, from experience, the responcibilities and general expectations of an Admin/GM. If anybody would like to speak with me on server, you can see the names of all my characters in my signature. You may also contact me via e-mail: <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected]</a><!-- e -->. Thank you for reading, and please post your opinion. :)

Even if this application is rejected, but still rallies more worthy GM applications, then it has accomplished what it was intended to do; Get more help to the Admin team.
Comments, Views, Concerns?
Alright. First off, this is ultimately Kretol's decision, not mine. But since you want an opinion, I'll give it.

First off, a GM position is not given lightly. While I believe that we do have room for more people up here (Kretol may agree or disagree,) we are going to have to be careful about who we give these positions to.

If it were up to me, a person who wants to be a GM has to meet certain requirements. He or she would have to have been on the server for some time, and shown that they do not cause problems on the server. If you are rejected, it would most likely be because you haven't been around long enough and we really don't know you that well yet.

However, it is obvious that you put a great deal of effort into writing this up, and I have to give you props for that.

I'll let Kretol answer more definitely when he returns.
May I add as a side:

This is not in reference to the application and only Chia's opinion, not reflective of the GMs. It's based on my observations as the new people influx.

How we can all help GMs~!

A) When creating new characters make sure they are well thought out and worth the time GMs need to put in to level them and gear them.

B) Be patient with housing and gear requests. Don't expect the GMs to drop what they are doing that moment. Discuss a beneficial time for such things.

C) Try to resolve personal issues privately and not in community chat as it causes unnecessary drama and headaches for the bosses.

D) If a GM is engaged in RP, be respectful to allow them the peace to finish their scene without being overly bothered unless it is an emergency.

These two guys do a great job for us and we want to do all we can to make their job easier. Spreading out the stress to another GM is fine, but let us non-GMs alleviate the stress on all of them as much as we are able.
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Bravo, Chia. Well put. I've seen a lot of impatience and squabbling that is just ridiculous, but I tend to try to stay as a neutral party. I'm glad you addressed it.

That said, I will say that this GM application is more feasible than the last one. *chuckles*
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Just a quick update here, but it was agreed that this would be held off for an amount of time until resurrected at a later date, when I have more experience with the server and community, and get to know people better. I'll bring it back up in a couple weeks.
Its nice to know this topic's still getting views. I put a lot of work into it... I don't envy it, by the way. I'm just sad that it didn't do what it was created to do. Before I disappeared it was at something of 60-70 views... 90 now. I won't be coming back any time soon. I've been contacted by friends, who need my help administrating other servers. To those who remember me, thank you for the roleplays.... they were great while they lasted. Good luck to you, Conquest of the Horde, I hope that I may some day return to see what beautiful community this humble server has flourished into. I'm tying up my loose ends here, thank you all for allowing me to play here.

And with a tip of a hat, and a brisk wave, he was off, disappearing into the fog as the galloping of hooves faded with the vision of the cloaked man. He was gone, but not lost.
Very Nice, what do you think you can do to help with common folk of the server? I have done everything you have Guild Wars, SWG, DoBRP for awhile.. not much going on there in WC3 RP.. somewhat poor, Neverwinter Nights has marvelous roleplay.. I've been there for 5 years, I have tons of experence with DMING, and I was a admin of two servers for 3 years, (Rise of Justice, and The Defense of Humanity) from my overall experence, (Been RPING 12 years) I'd say lets give you a shot as a AGM (Assistant Game Master) I have no say in the matter, but I'd like to give my advise on the matter anyways. good luck


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