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Arwydd Cloudbolt [Dwarf Windrider]
Player: c0rzilla

Character Full Name: Arwydd (Ar-WYTH) Cloudbolt of Mullan

Character In-Game Name: Arvwdd

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): Wildhammer Clan

Race: Dwarf

Class: Windrider (hunter)

Skills and Abilities: Arwydd is just about one with her golden gryphon. Training, like most Wildhammer children, since after she could walk, she has had many years to practice maneuvers. She prefers the bow over a stormhammer, however.

Age: 67

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde, very long, kept in two long braids.

Eyes: Brown

Scale/Height: 1.00

Weight: Average

Usual Garments/Armor: Indigo feather leggings and shoulders. A leather harness holds her pants up and keeps her chest decent. Leather wraps guard her feet from stony ground. Feathered wristguards keep her bowstring from slicing off the flesh of her forearms.

Other: Her bow is hand carved from yew. She keeps a pair of axes at her hips as well, as one cannot put their gryphon eggs all in one roost.

She also bears the blue tattoos of her kind on her body, with a blue band across her eyes to her temples.

Personality: A typical Wildhammer lass. Gung ho to a dangerous extreme, especially since she does most of her adventuring on the back of a gryphon. Like other Windwarriors, freedom is key to her. While she is quite willing to help the Wildhammer, especially in the times of the Cataclysm, she will refuse to establish herself in any kind of regimented rank. Even so, she'll respect the word or thought of an elder.

Should she ever lose her gryphon, she would be a mess. The giant beast is key to her sense of freedom and wrecklessness. Trapped on the ground, she'd be a bitter mess. As well, with the option to fly away from her personal problems, she takes advantage of it. Were an argument to get heated or personal, she would levy a strong curse against her opponent, then hop on the back of her beast and fly away.

History: Arwydd was born in a fairly quiet time (a relative term for a Wildhammer) in the Highlands. She grew like any other Wildhammer child, introduced to gryphons at an early age. Though most (if not all) Wildhammers take to gryphons easily, she would be found a number of times curled up asleep in her village's aerie, hard to distinguish from the hay due to her mess of blonde hair.
Life was normal, with plenty of tussles, and stupidly dangerous dares that nearly got herself and friends killed. Like in any healthy family dynamic, she was yelled at for such, and then it was demanded she regale family members with the tale at a village feast.

When she was somewhat past coming of age, she went out to find her own gryphon. Harness in hand, she waited, flattened in the tall grasses of an overlook. After what seemed both forever, and hardly a moment she watched a golden specimen make his way back and forth over a few days. Finally, she struck—by leaping off the overlook, smacking into the beast's back. Hanging on with arms, leg, nails, and teeth she resisted its bucking as she struggled to get the harness on. She succeeded! She also succeeded getting her long, unbound blonde hair caught in the harness. A painful experience, but it saved her from being totally knocked off, as she climbed back up with its length.

When both gryphon and dwarf were exhausted, the gryphon decided Arwydd might be worth hanging around with. Acknowledging that she did not, and never really would tame the beast, she offered the name Sheridan to it—meaning untamed. He seemed to appreciate it.

A couple decades or so passed, and the Second War rolled around. While not a master gryphon rider, or high ranking in any kind of military, she could shoot a bow from her gryphon's back well enough to be part of a defensive team. And so she was, raining down shafts on greenskins on the back of Sheridan, partaking in raids on goblin zepplins. She never saw a battle with a red dragon, that left to the elder fighters and their stormhammers.

Arwydd did not participate in the Third War, at least not to the extent of travelling to Lordaeron or Dalaran or Northrend. She remained in the Highlands, interrupting any remaining Dragonmaw operations or trade routes.

After the Third War, Arwydd took to the skies to wander freely around the Eastern Kingdoms for the years until the Cataclysm. Mercenary might be a word for her work, as she took on any opportunity to screw over the Horde, though she never officially signed onto a regiment. As before, interrupting trade routes on the back of her gryphon were a favored specialty.

The Cataclysm would bring her home, but not before being knocked off her gryphon, and separated for weeks by an elemental assault. This short time was the most frightening for her. She could not stand being on the ground, and so kept to the trees of whatever area she might be in as she searched for Sheridan. She would find him again not unlike she did the first time. By falling on him from an overlook, and having an ensuing tussle.

Whole again, she made her way northward to the (newly dubbed Twilight) Highlands. There, she would rain terror down on Dragonmaw and Twilight alike, taking their stashes of obsidion for new, black arrowheads.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
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Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.

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