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Ascent Emulator
I've heard from friends that the Ascent emulator's lead developer has quit. What does this mean? The community is frozen at a certain patch, and will not see quel'danas, and those who still play WoW live will be forced to choose between CoTH or regurgitate 18gb of disc space for both private server and Live alike. How does the general community and admin team respond to this?
Well that sucks, http://www.ascentemu.com/ really is done, but hey, there are other emulators. I think Ascent was one of the better ones though.
It's rather old news. ;)
There's been another team, OpenAscent, that's essentially picked up where the lead dev of Ascent left off. They opened up near the beginning of the month, and it's what I've been using.

Where are you getting this stuff about having to choose and being unable to see Quel'danas? You can see it currently, and the server has been up-to-date for about a month and a half now. Or are you talking about mobs/proper spawning of the instance? That's a whole different issue.
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Burlex didn't actually quit, Argenaught; he's taking a break. He also said when/if he returns, his Ascent developments will be closed source.

OpenAscent might fully take his place, though.
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I've heard a couple things, and haven't been able to find much on the subject. A friend's server shut down because of it. OpenAscent? Haven't heard of it. *Browses to Google*

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