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Ashilynn Senn'raethi [Blood Elf Blood Mage; Noble]
'''Player:''' Scout

'''Character Full Name:''' Ashilynn Senn’raethi

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Ashilynn

'''Nickname(s):''' -none-

'''Association(s):''' House Senn’raethi, Silvermoon, the Horde

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Warlock|Blood Mage]]

'''Age:''' 1,151

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Weight:''' 174 lb

'''Height:''' 6' 1" (1.06 scale)

Ashilynn is a striking woman, partly for her height and partly for the simple manner that she presents herself. She is pale of complexion and wears white garments, giving her an almost ghostly appearance at times. She keeps her white hair long, down to the small of her back, with a fringe in the front that parts on the side, sweeping around her forehead in opposite arcs. Her hair is mostly straight, but it curls at the tips.

Her build is curvaceous, not so slender as many elves, and she has wide hips. She almost always wears intricate, elaborate makeup on her face, with bold black eyeliner, red eyeshadow to complement her eyes, and even going so far as to mark herself with immaculately applied, subtle red face paint on her cheeks that curves down like thorns.

She has an extensive wardrobe, almost all in white, but occasionally she chooses to wear other clothing of more color. Her preferred garments are dresses, even in combat, where she wears skirts slit all the way up to the thigh for ease of mobility. She more often fights with a sword and wand than a staff.

Ashilynn comes across as a pleasant and charming woman, if somewhat eccentric. She almost always wears a smile on her face, and has a loose, fluid method of movement, content even to skip from place to place at times. She’s rather affectionate, and isn’t afraid to hug those she knows or is even vaguely familiar with. Her base nature is very curious, and she investigates new findings with fervor.

Despite her general manner of behavior, there is always an underlying sense of elegant composure to her actions and speech, as though painstakingly calculated in advance. In conversation, she speaks with absolute conviction. Her voice can easily rise to a piercing and powerful level, in which her role as the house matriarch becomes starkly apparent, as she commands her presence with great force.

There is an occasional predatory edge to her playful nature, where her games and affection become less harmless and more a show of dominance. She is a cunning, intelligent, and manipulative individual, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Ashilynn was born long ago, the first child of her family. From a young age, her mother stressed the importance of the duties that she had to uphold, and guided her through the etiquette and training expected of the heir to a noble house. Even from a young age, Ashilynn grew to understand the burdens and responsibilities of the station she was expected to inherit. While she was nervous at first, her mother cut no corners in ensuring that she was fully prepared. By the time she was mature enough to begin learning on her own, she was confident in her future.

Ashilynn was only ten years old by the time her mother had a second child, whom she named Cailien. Cailien was hardly afforded the same attention that Ashilynn had in her upbringing, and while she didn’t quite understand at first, feelings of resent slowly grew in Cailien as she watched Ashilynn groomed for inheriting the family. It seemed as though she would never shine as much as Ashilynn.

Ashilynn was a natural and intuitive learner of arcane magic, and took to it swiftly under the tutelage of her mother and other teachers in her estate. Generations of pure breeding had facilitated that her training went swiftly and smoothly, and before long, she was a competent arcanist. She often helped Cailien with her own learning, and Cailien soon took to it as swiftly as Ashilynn.

Before long, it was time for Ashilynn to participate in one of the major traditions of her family: fighting in battle among the Fin’alah, the house’s honor guard and military company. Before they embarked to join the proper armies of Quel’thalas, she learned the art of swordplay, and how to hold her concentration in a fight so that she could cast spells effectively even under pressure.

The Fin’alah had been people Ashilynn had known of, and she’d often seen them on the grounds of the estate, gathered around bonfires or training on the mock battlefield. Having spent time with them defending against the Amani, though, she learned of how tight-knit they were. They were a close group, held together by the bonds of blood and the resolve of fighting together on the field of battle. By the time she had returned, they were more than simple soldiers to her. They were like a second family.

There wasn’t much time for Ashilynn to get re-accustomed to her old life, however, as one night she stumbled across her parents violently murdered in her home. Confused and distraught, she called the guards. Cailien soon arrived on the scene, however, and she claimed that Ashilynn had been the one to murder their parents. While Ashilynn protested, several of the servants of the house backed up Cailien’s story, and before long, Ashilynn had been detained. She was thrown in a cell, pending a proper trial.

Cailien’s betrayal weighed heavily on Ashilynn’s mind before her trial. Her mother had cautioned her of those that might try to make attempts to exploit her power, but she hadn’t expected her sister to be one of them. She went to the trial spiteful and melancholy, with no real opportunity to mourn her parents having come to her. Just seeing Cailien’s face again made her anger surge up.

Fortunately for Ashilynn, many members of the Fin’alah came to her defense, providing testimony that she had been elsewhere than in the house at the time. Cailien and her allies in the servants fought back against her viciously, but soon enough, after examining the evidence, the conclusion was clear that Ashilynn hadn’t murdered her parents.

Ashilynn returned home as swiftly as possible, and Cailien was put on trial. However, she paid little attention to it, and was barely called to testimony. Instead, she focused on grieving and upon attending to her parents’ funeral, where their bodies were cremated. Cailien was eventually found guilty, and imprisoned for her crimes.

The duties of the head of house were suddenly thrust upon Ashilynn, though she was still fairly young at the time. Fortunately, her parents’ advisors were very willing to help her with what things she stumbled over, and as she recovered from the ordeal she had gone through, she regained her composure and solidly took control of the family. She rose up to meet the burden of leadership with a level head and a firm grasp of her duties, and over the years, she came into her own as an administrator.

Ashilynn married a man from the Fin’alah, a battlemage named Tylanis whom she had fought alongside previously. For a long time the two of them were simply content to coexist in marriage, both tending to the house and pursuing exploration and adventure. Eventually, the two of them decided to have a child, a girl whom they named Sinae. Ashilynn was quite insistent upon bringing up only one child at a time, and so she kept Sinae an only child for a while. It wasn’t until almost fifty years before the Second War that she raised another daughter, Ailis.

Ashilynn was reluctant to name a single heir for the time being, given the hostility that she had observed at the hands of Cailien. Rather than simply hesitating, she thought that it would be better for her children to prove their aptitude at leadership based on merit, rather than on basis of birth. She stressed to her children that they would both have hands in the running of the house once she named an heir, in an attempt to dissipate hostility between them. There was still some competition, but the children kept it civil enough for the most part.

When the Second War struck, all four Senn’raethis called to arms with the Fin’alah and lent their skills and experience to the fighting. The war was intense, but all of them survived, and they came home relieved. Ashilynn found herself desperate for another child in the wake of the fighting, so she and Tylanis had a third child, a girl named Saersha.

The Third War struck before Ashilynn was ready, however. For once, she couldn’t join in the fighting, as she needed to keep her youngest daughter safe. Saersha was barely thirteen at the time, and while she certainly wasn’t helpless, she was of no age to be left alone. Instead, Tylanis and her two other daughters went to ward off Arthas’s forces as they pushed toward Silvermoon. The fighting went poorly, however, and the force of Quel’thalas were shattered, dead or routing. Sinae and Ailis made it out alive, but Tylanis fell in battle. They scraped back to the estate, unable to even bring back his body with them, and Ashilynn knew that they needed to escape from Quel’thalas.

At the head of the Fin’alah, Ashilynn led her daughters and the other members of her house out of their doomed homeland, and they escaped into Lordaeron. Soon, they met with the forces of Kael’thas, already suffocating from the destruction of the Sunwell. It was from them that they learned to siphon fel magic, and then that Ashilynn began to learn the ways of the blood mage. She forbade her daughters from learning, but she herself embraced fel magic. She knew that she would be weak without it, and she knew that in order to protect herself and her family, she needed every advantage she could get.

Ashilynn and her family were performing other duties when Kael’thas and his forces were captured by Garithos and his lackeys. So unwilling to allow any more harm to come to her family as she was, Ashilynn ordered the Fin’alah to punch a hole through any humans that might stop them from trying to escape. As they were farther away from Garithos’s main operation, and more organized than many blood elf civilians, they managed to escape with ease, taking a number of refugees with them. From there, they decided to flee back to Silvermoon, the one place they might still be able to call home.

Ashilynn was surprised to find that other refugees had also gone to Silvermoon, and that repairs were already beginning. She lent the skills of her house to assisting in reconstruction, and as minions of Kael’thas returned to bring relief and hope to the blood elves, Ashilynn resumed her training as a proper blood mage. She and many others among the upper echelons of the magisters embraced such powers, and with their power, they soon rebuilt Silvermoon almost effortlessly.

The Senn’raethi estate had mostly been left intact, but much of the farmland that the family owned had wilted after the Scourge’s assault. The next few years were spent re-establishing the agriculture that the Senn’raithi family relied on so heavily. By the time the sin’dorei joined the Horde, Ashilynn and her family had mostly revitalized their business.

Ashilynn has since lent her skills and the skills of her family heavily to her allies in the Horde, attempting to form strong ties and trust between the sin’dorei and the other races. She has little love for the Alliance now, unwilling to forgive their betrayal. With Saersha old enough to fend for herself, she’s found herself with freedom, and she has once again taken the proactive approach that she preferred for her house--even since the Shattering.

==Skills and Abilities==
Ashilynn’s previous skill as a mage has given her a great understanding of the workings of fel magic, lending her insight into her role as a blood mage. The different fields of fel magic come to her easily, and she has swiftly mastered the spells in her new chosen field. However, she has little interest in the workings of demons themselves beyond a casual, scientific approach. She prefers to still see demons as her enemies.

Fire magic augmented with fel energy has become Ashilynn’s new favored means of assault. She wields her verdant spheres to great effect, casting out pillars of flame and bolts of fire with deadly finesse. She’s quite proficient in curses and shadow magic as well, and does not hesitate to augment her combat techniques with techniques to bring down her foes as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Ashilynn is also a capable swordswoman that can hold her own in a melee confrontation, but she is still highly reliant on her magic under such circumstances. Without it, she would crumble, as she wears no significant armor and has no shield. She often channels her magic through her sword to augment her melee attacks and parries, utilizing previous training as a battlemage to do so.

[[Category:Character]] [[Category:Blood Elf]] [[Category:Warlock]] [[Category:Special]]


Head of House: Ashilynn Senn’raethi.

How did the family rise to nobility?
The ancient founder of House Senn’raethi was a highborne whose name has been lost to time. The house survived the Sundering and the subsequent exile from Kalimdor, and swiftly re-established its name in Quel’thalas by assisting in setting up important infrastructure for the fledgling society, particularly farms to ensure that it could be sustained. The family has since grown to become a significant force within Silvermoon politics.

How does the family sustain its wealth?
House Senn’raethi’s main source of trade is in agriculture. They own quite a lot of farmland in Eversong. Though they suffered a lot at the hands of the Scourge, they have recovered rather nicely, and crops are finally starting to flourish again. They also have a smaller, but notable revenue in the production of wands, magic staffs, and scrolls. Finally, they also offer the services of their well-trained house arcanists for those willing to pay.

What sort of assets does the family have?
House Senn’raethi could be said to have an absurdly massive amount of land, but by far most of it is farmland and therefore dedicated to very specific purposes. The remaining fraction mostly just consists of the estate, which is rather comfortable and has several significant components. There is a school for arcane magic there, which is more often than not simply used to train the members of the house internally, but from time to time they also accept students from other houses, or others who can afford to pay for tutelage. There are also grounds and a barracks for the training and housing of the Fin’alah, House Senn’raethi’s personal military force.

The Fin’alah is a mixed fighting force of battlemages and martial combatants, numbering around 150 strong, and divided into six platoons of around 25. They’re highly trained and practice constantly--additionally, many members of the Fin’alah are families which have been with the Senn’raethi family for generations, and as such they have a great deal of loyalty.

House Senn’raethi has an extensive library, including many impeccably maintained texts that date as far back as the fall of the Highborne. Other facilities on the estate include a laboratory, an arboretum, and an arcane observatory. Last, but certainly not least, there is a concert hall with a great pipe organ in it.

The family isn’t known for maritime trade, and as such maintains only a small number of vessels, almost all of which are built for speed and comfort, rather than trade. The notable exception to this is a ship called the Black Tree, which is equipped heavily for research and is well-armed. The Black Tree rarely stays in Quel’thalas, more often away on business.

In addition to all this, House Senn’raethi has invested heavily over the years, and as such has accrued much liquid wealth. An amount of that was lost after the Scourge attacked, as the family’s upkeep wasn’t backed up by substantial income, but the family is still very comfortable with the amount of money it sits on.

What is the family known for?
In addition to their deep connections and insider knowledge of the food trade in Quel’thalas, House Senn’raethi is well-known for a very pure bloodline of arcanists...and a strong inclination toward making use of their skills. They do not often sit idle, and many Senn’raethis have a reputation for exploration and adventuring, often bringing back new discoveries with them. Almost all Senn’raethis have also served personally in Silvermoon’s military. The Fin’alah is frequently contributed to assist the armies of Quel’thalas and, more recently, the Horde, often with a member of the family at its head. Additionally, the house has been predominantly matriarchal for quite some time, passing the line from mother to daughter.

How old is the family?
It’s difficult to say exactly how long the house has existed, but it has its roots in the highborne. The current matriarch, Ashilynn, has held her title for hundreds of years.

What can be obtained by creating a new family over joining one already in existence?
The main benefit to this family is the opportunity for more exploration RP, which seems to be something that not many people have actually pursued very heavily on the server for a while. It is intended to be a fairly open family, at least in terms of the interactions that can be had with others. The house will both provide quest hooks for others in exploration and magical findings, and also provide services with its own family members as they assist in military- and exploration-based goals.

We also don’t have any blood elf families specifically focused on agriculture, but that’s a much lesser reason.

Is the family open for members to join?
Yes. The family needs members to fill in Ashilynn’s daughters, guards, researchers, other family members, and servants. Anyone who’s interested can contact me on Skype or via PM.

Do you agree, accept and will abide by the above: Yes.
Well, that was a long read, but a good one. As I believe we confirmed that players can have verdant spheres, there's nothing I see here that opposes policy, lore, nor my own sensibilities.

I give my approval.
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I don't see any issues with this one either. Lore appears to me to check out, so take yourself a 2/2.
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