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Ashlee Kordsin [Human]
Player: Rensin

Character Full Name: Ashlee T. Kordsin

Character In-Game Name:Kordsin

Nickname(s): Ash

Association(s): Alliance, loosely Steamwheedle Cartel

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Skills and Abilities: Ashlee is proficient with mechanics. She tends to sneak things in her armor, such as traps and other gadgets. Examples of this would be one use flame-throwers/net launchers, grappling hooks, and lights. This makes her armor more suited for exploring aside from just plain old protection, but also allows for a few points of failure... especially if someone hits the small fuel-tank for her one-use flamethrower JUST right.

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, tied back

Eyes: Light Green

Weight: 175 lbs (Mostly muscle mass)

Height: 6'1

Usual Garments/Armor: When not in her modified armor, Ash tends to wear very nice and well kept clothing. Not really the type to wear a dress or show much skin, she prefers fancy coats, that are a good length, with fine shirts and pants to match. At all times, she carries a sword, and usually a shield along her back or strapped to her wrist---even when un-armored. Very rarely does she break this pattern.

Personality: Stubborn, but business-like. She gets focused on goals and tries her best to attain them. Usually these goals revolve around her profiting from them, not often the type do be motivated to do things without there being some financial or other sort of gain behind them. The only exception to this is when it comes down to close friends, in which case she tries to do what she can to protect them.

While not particularly hot headed, she doesn't tolerate certain things too often, such as foolishness to the point where it detracts from whatever the matter is at hand. That's not to say she doesn't like to relax and let herself have fun, just that usually she carries herself rather seriously.

History: Kordsin was born around a time when her parents had to flee North for their lives, as the city of Stormwind fell. She grew up for a while in the city of Lorderon, before the city of New Stormwind was founded, and her parents moved back, trying to make a name for themselves. Sadly, Ash's parents both perished in a tragic accident involving their carriage running off the side of a bridge unexpectedly. It was suggested that bandits may have been to blame, but it was never proven.

Due to this, Ashlee had to grow up under the watchful eyes of the matrons in the orphanage. It was here that she learned that in order to survive, sometimes you had to just be physically strong in order to show the others that you could handle yourself.

Ashlee took it upon herself to build up her muscles, and become as athletic as she could, taking pride in the fact that she could take on the other kids without having to worry about getting too hurt herself, something that never really came up after one or two fights.

While in the orphanage, Ash was given a toy... a mechanical monkey that she cherished for a long while, till eventually it stopped moving. Broken-hearted, she tried to get the matrons to fix her toy, however, none of them knew how. That's when Ashlee took it upon herself to start trying to fix it on her own, at this point having already relied on herself quite a bit. Quickly she found out that the gears inside had worn down from all the playing she had done with the toy, and she saved up money to buy gears from one of the gnomes in the area to fix it.

Once she'd fixed it, she realized that besides fixing her favorite toy, she really enjoyed tinkering with it and discovering how it worked. It didn't take long for the young girl to start taking everything she could get her hands on apart, either mucking it up completely, or in some cases even improving on them.

Once she'd gotten older, she used this know how, along with her ability to fight to make herself into a traveler. She learned how to fight with a sword and shield, taking on more than a few teachers to show her the ways of combat, as well as learning how to become a better mechanic.

Eventually, she started to work with big machines. This lead to her working on a Goblin oil rig for the Cartel for about three years, fixing any problems that went one while helping get that precious, precious oil from the bottom of the sea floor. It was a dirty job, both mentally and physically exhausting to her, but the pay was good enough for her to start tinkering on her own when she completed the contract.

Recently, she's set up contacts with the Winters' family, offering to inspect their guns and to sell her wares through them, for the Alliance Army. She also is part of a two person group that searches ruins for treasure, in the hopes that she can one day find that valuable artifact that will make her rich, so she can sit back and worry about menial things, which is what in her mind what people with money do all day.
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