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Astelan El'Zurias [Human Conjurer]
Player: Alpharius

Character Full Name: Astelan El'Zurias

Character In-Game Name: Astelan

Nickname(s): “Grandad” “Grampa” "The Half Heard"

Association(s): The Kingdom of Azeroth (former,) The Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Mage (Conjurer)

Skills and Abilities:
Elemental blast, a combination of an ice and fire spell
Rain of fire

Age: 75

Sex: Male

Hair: Balding, gray

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 170 lbs

Height: 5'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: A simple robe, a pointy hat, and a staff.

Other: He has a paddle carved from a chair strapped onto his belt at all times.

Personality: Having spent much of his time underground, it’s no wonder he has lost his touch with the outside world. While he is not crazy by medical standards, the fact is he seems to be “out of it.” He lives in the past, often referencing how his ways were better than today’s ways, and how things were different when he was younger.

He has been known to, accidentally, ruin everyone’s day, whether it be to lure a group of bandits over to him, set off a trip wire, or piss off a group of bears. While it may look like he is doing this on purpose, the reality is sometimes he doesn’t even realize what is going on half the time. He has often been known to confuse situations, such as randomly following a group of people and claiming he hired them for protection to a destination.

He is quick to put people in their place, letting them know he is their elder and he should be respected. He is also quick to take charge when no one asks for it and when no one wants it, referencing his days back in the Azeroth military.

He has been known to ramble and generally get himself into trouble with others, whether it be about how he found out how to rid the world of orcs, about how he met someone named Luther or Daniel or Ricahrd, his love for Azeroth and its King, the brave soldiers that once fought for the Kingdom of Azeroth, and how they are mighty men compared to the “sissy army” of today who “couldn’t even swat away some walking corpse,” or about “made up paladins” and their “strange sun magic,” or stirring trouble with the local Forsaken foot patrols who are telling him to just move along, and he is too busy arguing.

While he may seem noble, wise, and a bit senile, depending on whom you ask, it seems that he is a bit of an old lecher, with the famous phrase “I’m old and lost and scared! These people have kidnapped me and are holding me hostage, can you help?” This has yet to work on anyone of the opposite gender, yet he still tries.

Being that he has been underground for roughly 27 years, he has been known to freak out at the new races and monsters, be it Dryad, Ancient from Ashenvale, demons, ghosts, worgen, and other such new oddities.

Despite all of this, he is quite placid, taking most everything with a shrug. When he had found out how much time had passed, he simply gave a shrug. When he was told he would be joining a secret order, he gave a shrug.

When asked if he has been living under a rock, he corrects them and says “Mountain, actually.”


Astelan was born in Arathor, in the capital of Strom. He was raised by a group of aspiring magic users. It was through them he would first be exposed to magic. At first, he was being trained as a mage, but as time passed, he left Arathor and traveled to Stormwind. It was here he would learn about conjuring, and Conjurers, a strange new magic that was being learned through ancient texts and experimentation. Most of his life was devoted to learning conjuring magic and helping the Conjurers learn new magics. He was then recruited into the Stormwind army, as they believed they would be able to better defend their kingdom against invaders.

During this time, he would continue to improve his conjuring abilities and even find himself time to find a wife and have a few children. He prided himself on being the good family man, and teaching his children about nobility and about the great Kingdom of Azeroth and to always support their king. His children would grow up to be magic users and warriors in the service of Stormwind.

Then the orcs came. The green tide, they called it. He and his group of Conjurers would be there to turn them back. The orcish horde’s first attack upon Stormwind Keep failed utterly, as a combination of brave Azerothian warriors and Conjurers pushed them back easily. It seems the orcs underestimated the humans completely. Astelan was there during the fighting, easily slaying orcs with his waves of elementals. This victory would be short lived, and after a while the orcs grew smarter. They would destroy smaller towns all around the outlying Stormwind Keep. Attempts to defend them ended vainly, and finally the orcs pushed Stormwind Keep. The keep was defenseless, and it was completely destroyed.

After two years of fighting, Astelan realized the Kingdom of Azeroth would fall if he and his fellow Conjurers did not do something soon. He began to devise a plan with a few other Conjurers in secret. They did some small experiments at first, grabbing some captured orcs and performing rituals on them. Soon, the task grew too large for just a few Conjurers. They could not keep up with the difficulty of the task. Astelan had no choice but to go to the highest officers with their experiments. He offered to the Kingdom of Azeroth a way to rid them of the orcs, in exchange for many Conjurers at his disposal, supplies, and defense. The officers pondered this for a while, and they agreed to his experiments. They seemed desperate for any solution to this new menace.

They sent him off to an area of his choice. He chose to be far enough from the action, yet close to home, so he could work without worry: an underground laboratory in the Hillsbrad/Alterac area. Being far too focused for his own good, and possessing a gigantic one track mind, he spent 27 years underground. Even as he aged, as the days went by,; as the guards assigned to him abandoned their post, and he worked the Conjurers to frustration, or even to their deaths; and his magical powers declining in skill, he still spent his time down underground.

At first, it was just a simple task of experimentation and work. Messengers would come by and gather monthy reports. A few months went by and no messenger had arrived. Astelan had sent some of his own guard to seek them out. None ever returned. Astelan was too busy to take notice of such things, until an inspection of his laboratory turned out he has so few guards left! He sent a personal scouting team out, and they reported that their armies had moved. He instructed them to return to Stormwind and gather intelligence. They never returned.

One day he had found that he was almost entirely alone. He had gone into the area to look for himself. He found no human forces, but he had found roaming bands of orcs. They chased him down and he opted to hide in his laboratory for a while. He was beginning to run out of rations at this point. Hunting would not be an issue, but figuring out what was going on would be an issue. He resolved to wait for someone to come, and continued his work.

Around the middle of the second war, he had heard explosions and the sound of combat. Human forces! He scurried out of his laboratory, and found orcs and humans waging war on eachother. Unfortunately, the human forces were losing, and he was not able to get into contact with them. He merely went back into hiding, to wait it out once again, and focus on his work

Around the time of the third war, Astelan had begun hearing strange noises over the course of a few weeks. He emerged once again from his laboratory, only to find the area was swarming with strange, rotting, walking corpses. The day of reckoning had come! The end of days was at hand! He was not ready to face such horrors. However, as such a thought was occuring, the shuffling horrors faced him. He vainly fought a few of them back, but simply opted to hide again. This would not do, for the walking dead would pound at his door. He resolved to at least draw them away, and summon himself a water elemental to aid him in this task. This seemed to have worked, but for how long, Astelan thought? They would pound at his door many more times, but they never made it inside. It was a long two years for Astelan.

It was then relatively quiet for the next four years. After many failed experiments, many corpses of bears or even orcs, thrown outside of the cave, strange noises and explosions, and even strange moanings and smells, he finally found his solution, a magical solution to rid them of the orcs, and re-emerged, only to find that everything was completely different. Hillsbrad was now sharing its land with some rather sickly fellows, and it was on the brink of falling apart at the nails. After a short hike to the half destroyed Southshore, he found a group of humans. They would give him the bad news and a crash course on the last 27 years. There was some good and bad news to be had.

The good news was that they had survived the first war, and rebuilt the Stormwind Keep. The bad news was that they lost the first war. The good news was, they drove them back in the second war. The bad news was there would be many more wars, and many kingdoms had fallen. Lordaeron was under the weather, and In fact, there WAS no more Lordaeron. The town he grew up in, located in Arathi, was no longer under human control. Any and all notions of Conjurers were completely forgotten. He had found himself the Conjurer that Stormwind had forgotten.

He was then escorted to the new city of Stormwind, and reported his progress to the new king. He explained, in great, complex, and quite boring detail, how to get rid of orcs. The new king showed absolutely no interest, and seemed to feel that there was no need for such a complicated process. He was dismissed and told that if he really wished to serve The Alliance, he should get more training and report for duty. Astelan, at first, argued with this new pompous king, arguing that he worked very hard on this process, and sacrificed much for the Kingdom of Stormwind. After much bickering, and a threat of execution, Astelan could only shrug, and shuffled off in his usual placid attitude. He then wandered around to find some magic trainers, and began work right away with the same one track mind that wound him in a cave for 27 years. He has yet to find any evidence of his children or wife being alive, if he even remembers he had a wife and children.

It was said that Astelan was an amazing fighter: he was able to blast holes into orcs, burn groups of them at a time with his rain of fire, and assault some of the stronger ones with his small squad of water elementals. However it seems that time has forgotten him, and his history of battle seems to be remembered by those either in a gravestone, or living somewhere on a farm hidden from the public eye.
First, yay! Old character! I like the overall concept for him, and I hope I get the opportunity to run into this mountain kook.

However, I don't think we permit summonin' scorpions as that only showed up heeeya. Personally, due to his age (and subsequently his exposure to magic), I'd advise running it through PD to see if it can be worked out as it's beyond what is normally allowed for mages.
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Aren't elderly mages a pretty standard thing though? I could honestly see if this was a mostly physical class, but there's been plenty of examples where a mage has been old and still able to do what they do.

Sorry if this is a bit contradictory, but I've never heard a discussion where a mage is too old unless they are at their death bed.


Examples from lore would be Antonidas, Nielas, and Khadgar. Just to name a few.
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△Move along.△



Oh, Rensin, my dear friend. xD

(For everyone else: No, I wasn't saying he couldn't be 75. I was saying that the PD would be about summoning scorpions due to practicing magic for a long time, presumably. Not PD for old age x3 )
[Image: 0f084241-4e8f-4ebc-9f46-e942e4c544a8_zps7e42bd8f.jpg]
Ooooooh. Gotcha. Haha.
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△Move along.△


(04-27-2013, 03:30 PM)Caravan Wrote: I'd advise running it through PD to see if it can be worked out as it's beyond what is normally allowed for mages.

I would love to, but I have no idea what PD is. lol.

Also, if it makes any difference, what I've been doing is I'm using a durotar scorpion pet, and he's 'summoning' that in every literal sense, even in size. Dunno if that makes any difference or not.
PD is Private Discussion, basically to get more GM input on it.
Aha. Okay I can do that then.
Is there a verdict on the scorpion thing? It is technically lore supported, and I don't really see anything wrong with it besides just being... werid. But, weird is fun! And gotta love dem shoutouts to the older games.
Your stories will always remain...
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... as will your valiant hearts.
We're still in the middle of discussing it. Nothing of yet has been reached.

Actually could you post proof of that?
Proof of what? That it's lore supported? It appeared in WC1, and nothing since then has contradicted or outright said "no, this never happened", so for me it's legitimate (if obscure) lore.
Your stories will always remain...
[Image: nIapRMV.png?1]
... as will your valiant hearts.
Thank you!
This is a very close post to the last FH post, but, is the private discussion finished yet or not?

A note of my own: it seems a bit…strange to lose track of time enough to spend 27 years underground. It seems like he would have had some sort of contact with his superiors, at the very least, and losing touch with them seems like it should have tipped him off, at the very least.
maybe I could add he was also hiding as well or something? and he just kept himself busy with his work?
That works. Makes it seem like he didn't just survive the Scourge and the like through an ungodly amount of sheer dumb luck.
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