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Athalbaug Fitzwand[Gnome] [Pre-Approved]
Player: Pletious

Character Full Name: Athalbaug H. Fitzwand

Character In-Game Name: Athalbaug

Nickname(s): Athal, Mr. Gnome

Association(s): N/A

Race: Gnome

Class: Ley Walker

Age: 305 years

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald with a finely trimmed white beard.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 38 lbs. ( Underweight )

Height: 3' 1"

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Skill and Abilities: Athalbaug has a strong grasp on most of the schools of Arcane magic; Conjuration being his weakest. He is able to use the power of the Ley Lines to enhance and fuel his various spells, as well as use them to be able to teleport himself around Azeroth. Athalbaug has become very frail due to years of Arcane corruption, so he is very vulnerable in close-quarters combat.

Appearance: Athalbaug can be seen -always- with his almost shredded wizard hat perched upon his head. He also has a wide variety of robes that he will wear on certain occasions.

Personality: Athalbaug is an easy going Gnome who likes to laugh as much as the next guy, though, due to recent events, this has changed somewhat. After the horrific death of one of his closest friends, Athalbaug has begun to spiral down into depression.

Athalbaug has two passions in his life, which help to calm him during hard times. One would be the practice of the arcane arts. The other would be the interest he has with different cultures. These two pleasures keep him in his books most of the time, seldom going anywhere without them. Athalbaug is fascinated with the race of bovine which live fairly close to where he does; The Shu'halo. He has many Tauren comrades, as well as others of the Horde. Orcs, Trolls and even Blood Elves. Some might think of him as a traitor, but the thing is, he lives in the Goblin port of Ratchet. Far away from any Alliance civilization.


Early Years

Athalbaug Fitzwand. Adopted by the Bearfoot's, this Gnome was an outcast in Ironforge and to his new brother, Bjornfot. His brother despised him for being raised by Humans and refusing to drink his brew, or any brew for that matter. Athal's interest in magic began early on, before he was adopted by the Bearfoot's. His guardians before were two Human mages who lived in the Forests of Elwynn, outside the Human city of Stormwind. Being exposed to so much magic sparked an immediate interest in the subject. This drew him towards the Ironforge Library farther on. All of those books just waiting to be read. Along with studying the Arts, he managed to squeeze in time for great stories of fierce battles raging in places unknown. He loved this world reading gave him. He felt comfortable and protected while he read in the Library for days on end, coming home for a bite to eat before running off again.

The Clash Company

This group of people was run by an Orc by the name of Ognor, or the Mountain, as most people called him. This company was a group of people from all walks of life, who hosted a series of tournaments. Athalbaug joined this group of people solely for the money at first, so he could pay for his accommodations in Ratchet. Though, having spent a fair bit of time among this group, his interest began to grow. He began making friends for the first time in his life. Soon, Athalbaug rose higher and higher in the chain of command in this company. Then, disaster struck. After he arrived late to an unexpected tournament in Silithus, a squid-like beast erupted from the gray sands below, killing a few people in the attack. One of which, was Ognor. Athalbaug had created a strong friendship between the Orc and himself, seeing him as more of a brother then boss. Ognor's death shattered Athalbaug to the very core, sending him into a deep depression.

Ley Walker

Athalbaug grew quite tired of his use of the Arcane bringing him closer to death; the corruption of the magic setting in after years of use. He sought out an instructor in the mysterious arts of the Ley Walkers and began his studies.
A ley-walker would more be a mage than a priest, even OOCly.
Ignore the above, for I am derp. DWARVES CAN'T BE MAGI, REIGEN, HURR.

Could you list the skills he has with the 'Skills and Abilities' section?
I hate to say this, but unfortunately this concept would not fly.

We don't want cata Race/Class combos until we actually have cata, thus no dwarf magi, this includes Ley walkers.

Surely there are dwarf mages in lore, before Cata. I recall one in particular that used an elemental to power a ship of his. There's even an item called a dwarf (dwarven?) mage staff.
[Image: tumblr_nfm4t0FZcT1rtcd58o1_r1_500.gif]
We do realize that they do exist pre-cata, but for simplicity sake at the very least we ask you hold off till then for your race/class combinations.
I think before he was approved as a dwarf mage but that wasn't because of Cata, actually, it was because of alpha (it was an alpha race/class combo).

But now that they are confirmed for Cata, sounds like it may have to wait until then.
(09-25-2011, 04:29 AM)Wuvvums Wrote: I think before he was approved as a dwarf mage but that wasn't because of Cata, actually, it was because of alpha (it was an alpha race/class combo).

But now that they are confirmed for Cata, sounds like it may have to wait until then.

That. Dwarven magi are, unfortunately, no longer allowed.


Well, I have changed his race to Gnome. I made some minor changes throughout to go along with this change.
Skills and abilities section is missing.
Hm. Didn't see Reigen's post about it. Sorry 'bout that.


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