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Athelina [Forsaken]
Player: Nexi

Character Full Name: Athelina Byrne

Character In-Game Name: Athelina



Race: Forsaken

Class: Necromancer [[Mage]]

Skills and Abilities: Athelina's magical training from Dalaran was cut short, and so it remains somewhat bare bones, especially when her focus while in Dalaran was alchemy. But what she did learn was complimented by what the Necromancers of the Scourge managed to teach her, which consisted of:

Raise Dead: Athelina has the ability to raise an undead construct to serve her. The process is slow, with the corpse having to be built up from what body parts she can find if she's not so fortunate to find one already intact. The skill and time needed to raise one is proportional to the power of that construct. E.g. a rodent is far easier to raise into undeath than an abomination.

Control Undead: Athelina may temporarily wrestle control of any non-Forsaken/Death Knight undead construct. The time required and chance of success is dependent on the complexity of the targeted construct, with things such as rodents having the lowest chance of failure, while abominations have the highest by far.

Heal Undead: Self-explanatory.

Carrion Swarm: Owing to the fact that Athelina possesses no skill in most of the spells that help her avoid damage or make a getaway, ( Blink, Teleport, Portal, Mirror Image, Invisibility, etc ), she's come to rely on this spell as her only means of escape. It's simply a swarm of carrion beetles that bite and distract her targets, hopefully long enough for her to run off.

Cripple: This spell is really no different from the Mage's Slow spell.

Death and Decay: A Shadow version of a Mage's Flamestrike spell.

All other spells in her arsenal are taken directly from the Mage's Frost School.

Age: 18 at death, 27 currently.

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: None

Weight: 120lbs

Height: 5'4"

Usual Garments/Armor: Lightweight cloth and robes.

Other: Her old alchemist's goggles.

Alignment: Neutral.

Personality: In life, Athelina was the deathly quiet sort. A shut-in, she hardly ever spent time with anyone who wasn't her parent. Thus, she's somewhat awkward in how she deals with people. In undeath, little has changed. She still prefers solitude, and stands silently in the shadows during those times when she must be part of a group.

Like many Forsaken, her emotions are shadows of what she experienced in life. As such, her morality is questionable simply because her emotions don't have nearly as profound a role in her decision making, having been replaced almost exclusively with logic. But there are those times when emotion prevails, times when she's reminded of something or someone, and she reconsiders. But such moments are rare, as Athelina's dulled emotions require quite the touching moment to stir.

History: Athelina was born into wealth, her parents having been apothecaries, alchemists and embalmers in Lordaeron.

They taught her what they could, but neither had the time or training to be as effective a teacher as Athelina would've needed to become great at the craft, and so they eventually paid for her to attend school in Dalaran.

Athelina's family was strict when it came to her schooling and her life in general, and she was shy, distant, and just generally awkward socially as a result. One of her professors took notice and, concerned for her, sought to befriend her and serve as a mentor. Her fearful and sensitive nature was easy for him to manipulate, and he convinced her to attend a gathering of sorts in order to help her break out of her shell. Turns out the gathering was that of the Cult of the Damned and she, fearful of the consequences of refusing, drank the concoction that bound her will to to the Lich King.

As an agent to him, Athelina started to learn the art of Necromancy from her professor, his classes having been conducted at night and in strict seclusion along with some other familiar faces. And then she and the others of the Cult fled the city and regrouped with the Scourge forces not far off to partake in the assault, and it was during the battle that she fell. A corpse is a terrible thing to waste, and she re-awoke not long after her death to serve her Necromancer.

In the ensuing years, she slaughtered countless innocents at her master's command, men and women and children of all races and ages, it didn't matter, and the damage she took was tended to by the one she served. When the Lich King's hold on his forces began to wane, she was among those who found her will restored.

She remembered everything, all she had done, and while she didn't mean any of it, she didn't feel remorse either. She couldn't. It was a most peculiar experience knowing that what she had done was wrong, to put it lightly, but all her efforts to feel something about it came up empty. There just simply wasn't anything there.

Not knowing how to make sense of any of it, she went to her old home and looked through the ruins for her things, anything she could use to remember something good, and among the rubble she found what she sought, old photographs and paintings, toys from her childhood, jewelry and clothes... and she sat among the rubble for days, thinking, trying to feel, but nothing.

She set a fire to the building and stood a short distance away to watch it burn, and it wasn't until the fire died and her home was reduced to ash that she left that spot. She wasn't that Athelina anymore, and there's no use dwelling on what you can't change.

During the nine years since she's regained her freedom, Athelina's found a new purpose in serving the Dark Lady as an alchemist and necromancer.
(11-17-2011, 09:40 PM)Nexi Wrote: Class: Mage

Since she's a Necromancer, I think it might help to list it.

(11-17-2011, 09:40 PM)Nexi Wrote: Class: Necromancer (Mage)

Like so. :3



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