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Attack on Stormwind!
Roisana, while studying in the Cathedral, heard the commotion from the Square, and moved to help, only because of her obligation to the Church. Mug of ale in hand, she walked into the Trade District, and once she saw the hordes of zombies slaughtering innocent citizens, the mug dropped to the ground, and her hands clenched into fists as she prepared to slay as many as she could.

"Damn corpses! If'n yer dead, stay dead!"

Unfortunately for her, Roisana's offensive holy magics were not strong enough to combat the zombies alone, and she encountered a Draenai hunter, named Adolphus, and with his aide they fled Stormwind and the outlying Goldshire. Once in a safe location, they plotted to move towards Ironforge, which made the dwarven priestess uneasy. But, she helped Adolphus and his friend, Sly Rabbit (Syrenia) get to Darkshire in any case, and the hunter flew to Ironforge. Meanwhile, Syrenia and Roisana started their way further south, and have taken refuge in Booty Bay.
Roisana: Bitter dwarven priestess.
Mijiko: Orcish assassin with a shady background.
Xaalina: Draenei vindicator with a heart of gold.
Squeakilori: Gnomish technomage in training. Deceased, laid to rest in the Crater.
*moves to more appropriate thread?*

Thanks immensely for putting this event together, all. You GM's have done a great job, and the players involved have done a fantastic job with keeping things interesting! We're trying to move things ahead, but if you've got OOC or IC nudges, throw them out!
Adolphus is currently volunteering some of his less valuable swords from his collection.
((If you ICly need a 2-handed Sword, come find Adolphus! And I can buy a sword for you OOCly if you can't afford it))
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Cry Havoc! And let slip the Dogs of War!
Recent: Gage has traveled from Darkshire, after notifying them of the attack on Goldshire and Stormwind. He has moved nearby Lakeshire and confirmed there are no zombies attacking Lakeshire. (Orcs are still there ) Gage then traveled close to Goldshire, but not close enough for a view. He then moved to Northshire and notified them. He plans on requesting assistance from their Holy Order.
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
((Damn, this sounds like fun! I aughta get in on this...

From an RP standpoint, Sil'gin will most likely be gathering neccessary intel concerning the state of Stormwind and the surrounding areas for the time being, in order to cement his position within the anti-zombie forces. He'll be able to make his deput soon enough.))
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I am Shaman.

Proud operator of Sil'gin Murktusk, Troll that always goes where he shouldn't!
Sonuras came back to Stormwind to find it being attacked by undead. He decided to avoid Stormwind and took a gryphon to Ironforge, where he is now staying. He is willing to help out people who have been affected by the whole Stormwind incident.
Sonuras Starlight - Druid of the Claw
Not recent:

Arineme ran from Old Town in full battlegear to see what, exactly, was causing so many people to run screaming for the tram. She had just finished adjusting the strap on her shield when a wave of zombies reared up in front of her.
Her look of shock was quickly replaced with a grin. Her exact words were drowned out by roaring flames and panicking townsfolk, but suffice it to say, the Light was involved.

"Oh-hoh, screw this," Ktar stated as he opened the door to his room. A veritable stream of undead rushed past, and Ktar grimaced as he heard what must have been that city guard's spine snapping in half. "Ah, geez, that is just... Not nice. I'm sure he lived a full life, though. Probably had a wife. Maybe a hot wife... Correction, hot widow! Implying that she's singl-"
The gnashing teeth of a ghoul interrupted that train of thought, and sent the man into a hurried recitation of his verbal component to the 'Blink' spell.

Meanwhile, a blue Draenei ran up the streets of the city, giant sword in hand. A zombie decapitated here, cut in half there... By the manic smile on her face, it looked as though she were enjoying this miniature-apocalypse.
"Come, Bluey!" she calls back to her little moth companion, "You keep up, or not get apple tonight! Yes, you little pudgey moth! Flap wings, or..."
Suddenly, the girl looks back to the cobblestones behind her for any sign of her friend. "Bluey? Bluey?! No! Stinky, naked humans get Bluey?! No!"
The Draenei backpedals, losing momentum and falling back out of the Trade District with the other evacuees. She called out her pet's name all the way to the tram, completely crushed at the thought of Bluey's demise.

Arineme's shield was covered in gore, and the flames licking along the face of her weapon had begun to grow dark under layers of blood and bile. The woman had already been forced back to the Cathedral district, where she fought for as long as her arms could hold onto her prized weapon.
Then, her call rang above the sounds of pandemonium, and Arbiter appeared in a blast of heat and Light. The paladin quickly mounted the armored warhorse, which then bolted for the Dwarven District.
"Undead scum," she whispered breathlessly into the air, "You shall all burn..."


Khadras rubbed the palms of his leather gloves against his exposed biceps, though it did little to fight the chill of this place. He offered the Dwarven Guard an awkward smile, but received little more than a grunt from the stout warrior.
He had traveled for days to get from the Hillsbrad Foothills to Ironforge. And he would wait just as long, if it meant a chance (no matter how small) to rejoin those he had always seen as allies.

If there was ever a time, it was now.
"Well, I actively work to destroy all living things in the world, that doesn't make me a bad guy!"
"Actually, yes- By definition, it does!"
Narijiko, upon hearing the news of Stormwind's invasion quickly removes any sane thought about staying safety for the fear of her peoples' demise. The girl quickly tries to manage her way to Elwynn by finagling her way through the many dangers. She only manages to encounter a few zombies from her sneaky slinking which she dispatches rather easily through her violent holy magics gifted to her. The girl sees people still in dire need of help and evacuation, which is the reason why she can came back to the city, so obviously she uses all she has to protect, support and rally these poor, innocent folk to the safety of the Tram and help them flee with their lives. After doing all she could before being over ran by the hordes of undead, the girl, bruised, beaten, tired and sundered retreats to the Tram herself, she's done all she can for now with no rest. Narijiko, on entrance to Iron Forge helps out even more of the refugees by providing a makeshift nurse role and tending to the overly injured. God she sounds too much like a super-heroine now. Totally wiped out she just drops in Iron Forge, completely exausted and drained of almost all her energies. Narijiko awoke in the care of one of the refugees she helped and thanked them dearly for their aid, but took her leave as fast as she could to head back to Orgrimmar to try and spot Rakkezai for they had another 'fall-in' which needs patching, and is where she is currently located.
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Huh, I guess I am what my main is. o.O
Update (decided to give Dem a small, useful purpose in the event):

Realizing the vast influx of evacuees in Ironforge Demonassa has wordlessly volunteered to help administer first aid to as many as she can, silently flitting from one end of the ‘clinic' (wherever they're clumped together the most) to the other keeping herself busy. Her seven-year-old Vaelasa acts as something of an assistant, going wounded to wounded checking bandages and comforting the patients when she can. Both females occasionally leave to rest, but frequently return.

EDIT: Fixed a typo.
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Aran's dark robed figure glides into Stormwind. Flinging short spells of fire to hold the zombies back he wordlessly slips into the tram and goes off to Ironforge, not a second glance at the dying or wounded. Almost reaching the Tram a zombie jumps on him. He raises a gloved hand and a green glow comes from underneath the fabric. The zombie freezes and runs the other way. He grins and rides to Ironforge where he sits mostly in the library, studying tomes of necromancy, searching for a possible reason for this attack.
"Kill a man, and you are an assassin. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill everyone, and you are a god." - Beilby Porteus
((I´d just like to point out that I doubt there is much necromantic knowledge to find in Ironforge´s libraries, not that you could expect to find much in any city except Undercity, and even there I think the necromancers will hold on to it, hoard it for themselves and maybe some use by the higher echelons of the Apothecary.))
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

(( Where are the zombies now? Some people are writing they are stuck in the Trade District, others are finding them in Old-Town and in the Tram, and I'm not sure what the situation is.))
ಠ_ಠ : Like Fo Fi Cops.
((For some reason they stopped their march in the Trade district, however from time to time groups of them stir and lumbers over a bridge against the guards.
All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare!

((Could I maybe get a quick overview on what is and is not safe in Stormwind/surrounding area? As in, what has been liberated/protected?))
((To my knowledge the zombies are in the Trade District and surrounding canals, but they have spread no further than that. Elwynn is generally infested from Goldshire, the surrounding forest and the path between Goldshire and Stormwind. This includes the graveyard, so don't think it's safe there either.))

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