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Attention Sin'sholai Rebels!
Same for me, I'll never see an event through, so I won't be going to them, seeing as its bad for the RP if someone dissappears. Sorry about this. Also, did a STRONG leader come out of yesterday, because we need one who goes on missions, and there needs to be a clear plan. Last night seemed to be unstructured if I'm honest. It was good, but I would have enjoyed it more if it was more organised ^^
Due to RL circumstances, I'll be delaying this. I'll post another news post when I'm ready to start the next stage...shouldn't be too long.
Have you hugged an orc today?
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Is there a rebel guild? If so, I have a character that is seeking to be involved.
Please tell me that we weren't forgotten. I think we'd have eaten through our supplies and such and our economy would have collapsed, as well as crime have run rampant after a few weeks of martial law.
Alakintra Blood Knight
Caediath Ebon Blade, Third War Survivor
The loyalists and loyal citizens are sure as hell getting fed. Hope you're one of those, eh? Also, Rommath will likely make sure criminals are annihilated where they stand if martial law is in effect. Imagine the entire city in a state of perilous fear and/or complete and joyous elation at the legality of Fel, and that's what it's like.

As a sidenote, there are probably daily raids for "subversives" throughout the city. I would bet that the Hand's Red Shirts are going block to block for dissenters now.
You guys weren't forgotten, I've just had a lot of stress on my plate right now, and I seem to be the one working on this plot. I'll try to work in an event for you guys soon, but I'm not sure when I can manage that.

It's been one bad circumstance after another. :?
Have you hugged an orc today?
- I am not tech support. Please do not contact me regarding technical issues. -

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