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Attention Travellers!
I am hesitant to post this, because I am pretty sure it has been discussed before. But here it is (again), regardless.

Please consider the following scenario:

A dwarf is in Stormwind, where he reads a flyer saying "Large market in Ratchet on the 26th of April". The dwarf thinks "Well great, I can catch a boat" or something similar. So he takes a gryphon to Booty Bay, and boards the ship. Less than a minute after, he is in Ratchet, enjoying the market.

Did any of this seem odd to you? Well for one, Stormwind is supposed to have several thousand inhabitants, though the game can obviously not show the city in its full size. Likewise, the road to Goldshire would likely be several hours travel from the big city. With Redridge being at least a day and a half way. The game world is vastly shrunk compared to the "real" intended size of the continents and the oceans, which means that a week long travel route can be accomplished in a few minutes.

This also makes the game world seem tiny. Very very tiny. One of the reasons that so many Night Elves hang around Stormwind, and so many Blood Elves and Humans hang out in Ratchet is because it barely takes any time to get there, while realistically speaking, a ship voyage would take a long long time, and would be extremely dangerous as well. Navigating treacherous waters, avoiding the gigantic maelstrom, and steering clear of the incredibly sea monsters below the deep blue would be a very hard journey, and not something you could just do in a few minutes. And the exact same is true for the Deeprun tram. I've seen people say things like "Oh I can go to Ironforge, only takes a few minutes with the tram". And yes, the ride itself may only take a few minutes. But in the game world, the two nations are so far apart that you might have a full week of travel between the two kingdoms.

And it would have to be, why else would there be a dwarven quarter in the city if they could at any times just be home in a minute aboard the tram? Why would dwarves (and others) still express home-sickness if their respective lands are only a stonethrow away?

I know people might not want to consider the implications of all this, but personally I think we owe the world of Azeroth a bit more respect then we give it. Consider IC'ly that even a gryphon flight might take a long time, and that the only quick manner of transportation would be magical teleportation (something which many might object to).

So if you want, take a moment to think about how far away something would actually be in comparison to your character. I'm not suggesting that you put your character in offline "stasis" for days, just to give the effect of a long travel. I just want people to at least be mindful that the time spent travelling in the world is poorly represented through ingame mechanics. Hearing an in-character conversation going like this in Stormwind: "I'll meet you in Booty Bay" - "Alright, I'll be there in twenty minutes" makes me painfully aware of the game world around me, and kicks my immersion square in the breadbasket.

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