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Aurelia Amberdawn [Blood Elf Noble] [Hunter]
Player: FlootsyGaz

Character Full Name: Aurelia Amberdawn

Character In-Game Name: Aurelia

Nickname(s): Aura

Association(s): House Amberdawn, SIlvermoon City, The Horde

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Skills and Abilities: Spear user - She uses a long spear in lieu of a sword or axe. It gives her the ability to keep her distance from her target, and strike quickly at the same time.

Hunter’s Knowledge - Due to spending a great amount of time outdoors, she’s acquired an extensive geographical knowledge of Quel’thalas and the surrounding area.

Cautious - She's constantly aware of her surroundings.

Age: 109

Sex: Female

Hair: Golden

Eyes: Fel-green

Scale/Height: 1.1

Weight: 152lb/69 kg

Usual Garments/Armor: At home Aurelia wears casual loose clothing, and is slightly unkempt. But at family functions, and formal events she takes great care on her image using fine clothes, and looking prim and proper. Lastly, when hunting she dons a set of red mail, with dark grey trimmings and a tabard of the family insignia. Her weapons of choice are a long, quick stabbing spear and an ornate bow.

Other: Despite her large height, her frame is rather small. It allows for quicker movement, and slightly more agility but she cannot take blows as well.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Aurelia is a proud and self-respecting woman, who prides her noble lineage. As such, an aura of confidence follows about her, and thus walks with her head high. But she remains humble, refusing to let herself become arrogant among her Sin’dorei peers. Conversely she does have Sin’dorei arrogance and views her race above others, especially against humans.

When one first meets Aurelia, she comes off as very kind and caring. Though it’s merely an act to feign interest, and make a good impression. Initially she’s guarded, often indirectly answering the question when faced with personal questions. After slowly getting to know her, her barriers slowly break down, Finally, if she trust and accepts you then she’s able to share her problems, and issues.

The experience of being a hunter has instilled an appreciation for hard work and patience in her. Because of this, she has a high work ethic, and self-discipline. Many hours of stalking prey has evolved into a high amount of patience for any situation. Still, she has her limits. When overly excited her patience can run out. As a result her decisions are rash and impulsive, at it’s worst she becomes anxiety stricken.

History: Aurelia was born into the Amberdawn house by Nevael and her husband. Growing up at the family’s manor she lived a life of ease and comfort. Due to this, she was afforded any luxury and grew up pampered. Early in her life she spent her days playing with her siblings and care free.

As her education into magic started, she had surprising trouble with it despite the Sin’dorei affinity for magic and soon lost interest in it. After dropping her magical studies, she took up hunting after witnessing a hunting party returning from an expedition. However her mother was opposed to this, as magic casting was a family tradition. Finally after several hours she finally relented, and agreed to pay for Aurelia’s hunting lessons.

Several decades passed and Aurelia became a proficient hunter. Thus spending many hours in the Eversong Woods with hunting parties much to the chagrin of her family and friends. Instead she chose to ignore them, keeping herself occupied with thoughts of the next catch. Life was easy for her, and she wanted nothing more.

But the Second War started; as the Horde pushed north it became clear that the High Elves would be sucked into the conflict. Hugging her mother and uncle, she watched with sorrow as they joined the fighting.Initially she spent the first few months of the war cooped up in the manner for safety, but eventually learned how to sneak out.

During a lone ride into the woods she was surprised by Amani scouts. It was only with luck, and a fast hawkstrider that she lived. By the time she got to the city, her clothes were soaked with blood. The savagery of the world stripped her of her innocence. And that night her family watched the outskirts of Quel’thalas burn.

The war came to an end and slowly life reverted to normal. But Aurelia was scarred by the attack. As a result she became hard to talk to, and at times distant. Whenever outside she brought numerous guards with her and was hyper alert for threats. People started to express concern for her, but she rebuffed them often changing the question.

As Arthas’s Scourge came down on Silvermoon City it was her paranoia that saved her. On a hunt out in the woods she sensed an ambush of sorts. Her hunting party rode around, obliterating the Scourge scouts laying a trap. Horrified at what they saw, they rode as fast as they could to Silvermoon to warn the others.

Just making it into the city, she rushed home to find her mother preparing to ride out and meet the undead. Once again, she hugged her tightly and could only watch as she went to join the defence. The evacuation to Sunstrider Isle was frantic, the lucky few that escaped now cut off. Surrounded on the Isle, close to extinction and the Sunwell destroyed she was all but certain she would die there.

The few weeks were a hell. Food was scarce and the symptoms of withdrawal were devastating. At one point, Aurelia was bed stricken with pains and shivers. It was in line waiting for food rations that she heard of Lor’themar rallying soldier to push out the Scourge that remained. She joined up immediately as a scout.

The campaign was cruel and grueling, and often she watched friends die. But her awareness and pre-caution kept her alive. As time went by, the Blood Elves reclaimed their land from the undead. Ironically Aurelia never was in any major fights. Due to the lack of resources to properly train her in combat, her job was to get in and get out quickly.

With the Magister’s return, and subsequently bringing Fel power with them, the Scourge was easily beaten back. Aurelia and her squad watched on the hill as the damned fell back south. For the first time in several horror filled months, she smiled as she raised her spear high into the air.

With fel magic rebuilding her city and home quickly, Aurelia could only watch in awe as they recovered quickly. Only making the moment sweeter was her mother returning. The family reunited, and was soon back at the manor. Despite all the lost and destruction, her people was making a come back. The day she rode out to hunt was the happiest in her life.
[Image: OTnr9.png]
Quote:Cautious - A body guard accompanies here where she goes, and she's very aware of her surroundings.

Keep in mind that while she can have a guard to follow her around, they should not be used in combat against other players.

Quote:It was only with luck, and a fast hawkstrider that lived

Do you mean to say 'that she lived'?

Quote:And that night he family watched the outskirts of Quel’thalas burn to the trolls.

Keep in mind that the woods burned during the second war to the red dragons under control of the Orcs, not the trolls.

Quote:The region was renamed Blackened Woods after the forest was burned down by red dragons during the Second War, and then by the blood elves after the Third War.

Quote:Lor’themar rallying soldier to retake their home

After they marched though Silvermoon, the scourge pretty much up and left from the city leaving the blood elves to pick up the mess. The remaining scourge were really just left overs under the control of Dar'Khan Drathir and pretty much remain in the dead scar. The only reason Arthas made a stop there was to use the Sunwell to bring back Kel'Thuzad, after that he and the undead forces kinda just left.
Quote:Cautious - A body guard accompanies here where she goes, and she's very aware of her surroundings.
Quote:Cautious - She's constantly aware of her surroundings.

Fixed the grammar mistake with the "hawstrider that lived" and edited out "to the trolls."

Quote:It was in line waiting for food rations that she heard of Lor’themar rallying soldier to push out the Scourge that remained. She joined up immediately as a scout.

That good?
[Image: OTnr9.png]
Looks good!

First approval (1/2)
Aww yeah!
[Image: OTnr9.png]
Second approval! (2/2)


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