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Ausica Everwoods - Returning =) / re-approval.
'Player:''' Ausica

'''Character Full Name:''' Ausica Everwoods

'''Character In-Game Name:''' Ausica

'''Nickname(s):''' N/A

'''Association(s):''' Silvermoon, Windrunner Village.

'''Race:''' [[Blood Elf|Blood elf]]

'''Class:''' [[Priest]]

'''Age:''' 80.

'''Sex:''' Female

'''Hair:''' Sunshine Blonde

'''Eyes:''' Emerald

'''Weight:''' 112lb

'''Height:''' 5"8

Ausica normally wears bright colourful robes, when she is not out in battlefields. She finds them to be light, beautiful and magical. Opposite of what she needs wears when she trains on the battle front.

Ausica is a very bubbly, overly friend elf. Well once you get to know her. She likes to interact with others as much as she can. She loves to go to events and celebrations and is the first one to offer assistance in setting one up.
Ausica does have a serious side to her, when topics of conversation hit home, she will stand up for what she believes in such as topics about her hometown, war and leaders.
Ausica does try to put all that side and aims to have some fun and peace. But be warned she can get emotional when hurt deeply.


Born in Windrunner Village, Ausica lived with her family:

*'''Kelros Everwoods -''' Her father, who was a farmers, he had no intention of learning or using magic at all. He was very strong hearted when it came to working and providing for his family. He would send most of his days out in the fields or training the animals, he had little time for his daughter, but yet he loved her extremely.

*'''Myi'cia Everwoods -''' Her mother, was like all the women of the village, excellent tailoring skills and knowledge of the world. She spent most of her day dealing with household jobs and sent the other part of the day teaching and raising her children. Myi'cia spent a lot of time with Ausica and their bond was unbreakable.

*'''Ronso Everwoods -''' Her older brother, who was like all teenage boys a hassle to live with. He would sneak off at time to practice his swords and other combat training with his friends. His father disapproved of this and said he needs to focus on the farm more than weapon training. Which lead to a confrontation and ended with him leaving their home to join the army..
Ronso's protected his little sister, ever since she was attacked by a wild dragonhawk, where he leaped in front of the beast and took the blow instead of his little sister.

Ausica still being young at the time where she lived in Windrunner Village, she did not have many responsibilities and task to do. She would watch what her mother did during the day and offer a helping hand if she could. But other than that Ausica would go out into the fields and play with her two closest friends. They would climb trees; pretend they were animals and all sorts of childish games.

Windrunner was looking at its most peaceful time period. There was no crime, no environmental dangers or any fights between the villagers of the town.
And then on one night, the scourge broke through the walls into the Eversong Forest.
The Scourge crawled their way towards Windrunner and crept into the homes of the villages and unleaded their worst nightmares to them.
Ausica at the time of this event hid in her dressing cupboard from waking from a sound she heard a moment before hand. Being scared she hid... hours past and the screams of the village slowly died off. Ausica stepped out of the cupboard to find that her family had been taken away. He friends gone... Her family gone... Her town gone..
All that remained was the ruins of what was once a peaceful village.

Ausica spent the next day living alone in the village, feeding off what was in storage and in the empty homes of the village. Until the Silvermoon army arrived... the solders walked around the village and were surprised to find a little girl sleeping in her father's workshop. She woke up screaming in fear, which slowly turned into tears. She was saved...
The soldiers took her back to Tranquillien where she was looked after at the shelter .

Ausica spent little time in Tranquillien, as the army of scourge controlled by Arthas was pushing through the forest at great speed, She barely had time to take a nap. Once again more screams could be heard as the last remaining town in Tranquillien was slowly falling to defeat. Ausica and the other civilians were quickly moved out, sitting in the back of a wagon, Ausica watched as her homeland turned into a blaze.
As the Scourge pushed through Eversong Woods, Ausica explored the great city of Silvermoon. Meeting new faces and learning about the cities regulations, Ausica enjoyed every aspect it had to offer.

A loud tremor could be heard from the east side of the city, hurling boulders and glass flew through the air, raining down on the city. The guards were rushing towards the center of the city, people screamed as the rushed inside. Ausica stood on the streets, her eyes wide open and her jaw dropped, as half the city turn to ruins....

After the last of the scourge were defeated, the guards began to search through the rubble for survivors, Ausica offered her assistance and asked if she learn the way of the light, if she could not fight in the war yet, she thought she could at least do something.

She soon met up with some other other priests in Silvermoon and they asked her to join them in training. Each day Ausica trained with the High Priests to tend to the continuous incoming of injured warriors from the front. Slowly and surely she became better each day and was given great respect from the other priests for her fast learning.

Too busy attending to the injured elves of the war, Ausica never asked about what was happening on the front line, to worry not to offend or place more pain on the injured solders, she merely put it aside. Unaware of the change of alliance between the Horde.

Until one day, Ausica was asked to travel to Rachet, where she was asked to replenish medical supplies for her section of the healing ward. Off to Rachet she went. Taking a private ship from the coast of Silvermoon, she spent a numerous amount of days out to sea. Ausica at this point did not mind a little time off and was extremely excited to see new places and faces. The stories her mother told her when she was little about the Tauren, Ausica's face would light up about the magical beasts.
Arriving at Rachet, Ausica was nervous stepping out off the boat, the goblins were so different from what she was use to. With their green skins and their comical yet serious attitudes. Ausica was partly scared.

Walking alone the shops of Rachet, Ausica bumped into a Tauren, her eyes widened as she took in the moment of finally meeting such a creature..
The Tauren on the other hand looked at her and grunted. A blast of air came charging out of its nose. He simply pushed her aside and mumbled as she stomped off.
Ausica stood there blinking. What did she do? Why was he so rude? Are all Tauren like this?
Confused and scared she continued to walk along the shops. After collecting the supplies Ausica bumped into another Elf. She was so relieved at the sight of him. She asked him what she did wrong!? This is where she found out the truth. Ausica did not believe a word he said and stated she would head to ThunderBluff and see for herself, but first she had to head back to Silvermoon with the supplies.

Arriving back to Silvermoon, Ausica ran into some of her healing friends from training, she gave them a big smile and told them all about Rachet and the tauren. Ausica was so overly excited and happy, the other students asked her how can she have gone through so much sorrow and still wake up the next day with a smile on her face. Ausica turned to them and said quiet clearly "To loose all happyness and joy, to sit in the corner and feel sorry about the world and your problems. Why wake up the next morning? Enjoy each and every moment for what its worth and to never just give up on tomorrow. Because tomorrow is worth smiling about."

And this is where her story continues....
Returning, eh? Welcome back! :D

If you haven't already, take note that there are new age guidelines. I say this because I notice you used the human age for reference.

There's an issue with the coding at the top of the profile, with only one ' instead of three. But hey, you make a forum helper's heart flutter just by making our job a tiny bit easier, so it's alright. <3

I'd recommend reading it over again, as there's a few typos in the profile ("over friend" in the personality, and "search through the rubble for survives" for instance).

You mention she has a few opinions in her personality. It'd be nice to have some elaboration on what those opinions actually are. I also notice that each sentence begins with the character's name. Nothing big, though!

Oh, and by the way; In the link I gave you, you'll find a further link to the Weight guidelines. We require an accurate weight!

Otherwise, it looks good. :)
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
^_^ thanks, been 2 years since I was here. I forgot to remove the reference =/

And a girl never gives out her weight -_- just common knowledge LOL.
Always do what the doctor orders. :P

Please, make a post again when the edits have been made, so we can keep track!
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Oh like a re-post as in on this thread... or a new thread. Sorry bad at forums.
What I meant is that you can make the edits by clicking at the green flag down by the "quote" and "report" buttons. After you've done so, just make a new reply to this thread to give us a heads-up! :)
[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]
Updated =)

[Image: 6RpTZgI.gif]

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