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Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! Combat On The High Seas
About a month ago, @FlyingSquirrel posted an excellent idea for a boat race combat system. After a month of thinking on it, I have derived a combat system to incorporate both ship vs. ship combat and potentially boarding combat. Comments and feedback are appreciated to help improve on it!

Part I: The Ship

Each ship has three sections: fore, mid, and aft. Each section has 5 hp and a cannon. If a section of the ship runs out of hp, the cannon for that section is also disabled. If all three sections run out of hp, then the ship loses. It is up to the players to decide if that means the ship has sunk or retreated (maybe a /roll 2 to decide).

Part II: Sail, Attack, or Board

Ships start out with a distance of 8 between each other. On each turn, ships can choose to either sail or attack.

Sail - If the ship chooses sail, they /roll 2, needing a 2 to move closer to the other ship.

Attack - If the ship chooses attack, they /roll 10 for each active cannon they have. Ships can 2 choices: either to target a specific section of the ship, or if no section is mentioned each cannon will automatically target the same section on the opposing vessel (aft for aft, etc). Accuracy is based on distance, so to land a shot, you must match or beat the distance. So if the distance is 5, you must match or beat a roll of 5 to hit.

Board - If the ships reach a distance of 0, then a ship can opt to board the opposing vessel with a /roll 2. If the ship gets a 2, boarding combat commences!

Part III: Boarding Combat

Once boarding combat starts, each player gets 3 hp. Combat rules are roll 50+ to hit, no crits or counters. Once all players on a side run out of hp, or a side yields, the opposing side wins. Players have the option to match sides (meaning add NPC combatants if one ship has fewer crew than another). This should be declared before any combat starts.

Part IV: To The Victor Goes The Spoils

RP can dictate what happens to the losing side, though a character warning should be declared before combat starts for death/maiming, and it is strongly suggested to note before the event if hostages may be taken. In most cases the purpose of the event (ie to retrieve a stolen item, etc) will be declared ahead of time. In any other case, measures should still be taken to maintain a common ground and rules of the server apply in all cases.
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Sounds Awesome let me know when you guys do this, and I will get my forsaken Pirate there!

One question is there a reload time for the cannons?
More of an outline for anyone to use! And I tried to keep things relatively simple, so no reload times.
I like it!
I'm up for testing this out, really. And that's me volunteering to be a guinea pig. It would be an awesome start of a system where players can get attached (both physically and emotionally) to their hard earned ships IC-wise, and we'd have famous ships or zepps with names on them that's heard in-game!
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Turic Carsten - Stormwind Regular

I could try to put something together. Either OOC or IC, just to see things like how long a battle takes, and maybe do some general effects like weather, which could encourage one form of combat or another (ship vs. ship or boarding). I'll make a post about it to schedule a test run!
Do so sometime either this sunday or next friday/saturday. My days are off then. And Agald needs to blow up some ships.

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