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Azeroth First Initiative
<Either by a large eyecatching poster splayed across the walls of Stormwind or small human settlements, by the small pamphlets pressed into your hand by nondescript people or even by simple word of mouth, word of a protest reaches your ear>

Azeroth First!
There was once an isolated land, full of lush trees and green fields as far as the eye could see. On this land there lived two villages, seperated by a mountain range. Such was the beauty and simplicity of their lives that the villagers felt no need to expand past their own borders, and weren't even aware of the other villagers existance.

Over time, however, one of these villages grew restless. They started to fight and war against each other. The once peaceful and beautiful village was torn by war, destroying wildlife and soil and making it almost inhospitable. With their own village ruined, the remaining villagers were at a loss until they discovered the existance of the other village, still peaceful and beautiful.

They fell upon this village violently, fighting and killing its inhabitants and attempting to secure parts of it for themselves. But although they fought and fought, the invaders weren't able to conquer the village. As it is now they control parts of the village, defending them vigorously, while also claiming that it is their 'right' to have these parts.

What would you do? If invaders came into your town and killed your kin before 'settling' with a large portion of the town that they 'have a right to', even though they would not hesitate to continue killing your kin if they had the chance?

Now read this again, and replace the destroyed village with Draenor, the invaders with Orcs, and the other village with Azeroth.

The green-skinned brutes know only war. They were led here by evil forces, and they fought their way through a river of blood to destroy our cities and claim our country. Now here they stand, unaffected by the Burning Legion any longer, and they have the audacity to claim it is THEIR land? That they have a RIGHT to the lands they recklessly invaded? Even now they are not content with this, but continue trying to expand their borders and fuel their war effort.

Azeroth belongs to the humans, the dwarves, the elves... even the trolls. We were always here, and we always will be. For the greenskins to charge into our world, raze our cities and slay our kin, then to later claim that they 'wish now only for land to live in'...

Why should we tolerate these brutes in our world? What have they given us? Destroyed lands and ruined cities, decades of war, the wrath of the Burning Legion...

This is the legacy of the orc. And to these orcs we say, if you are truly no longer war machines of the Legion, then begone back to your own land! Azeroth for Azerothians!
"Do not be fooled if you hear laughter, or happen upon a smile. There is no happiness or merriment here."
Drena simply rips one such poster in Goldshire and....chews on it nonchalently. But Aretha and Alanthe nod solemny at these posters...

[Image: awesome-mario-gif.gif]

Have you hugged a dwarf today?

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